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December Pages of Insight SKN


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INSIGHT December 2009 focus on the SKN elections

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December Pages of Insight SKN

  1. 1. FR EE December 2009 Vote Seasons Greetings from the Friends of St. Kitts and Nevis Vote PM DOUGLAS ON MANAGING CHANGE THE PRIME MINISTER SPEAKS OUT LABOUR now ON WHAT’S IN STORE FOR ROLLING OUT ST . KITTS & NEVIS IN THE YEARS AHEAD the WINDS OF MANIFESTO CHANGE? FOR CHANGE No more than a blast of hot air 10 REASONS from the TO VOTE CHICKEN LITTLE LABOUR gang! LABOUR looks back - and goes FOWARD es P ea IS en N iti HI U oy m T I O u n R S TO p l C A m m N E Em U C o W ED tter D O lth M t Be A N L H R
  2. 2. 2 BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555 WINDS OF CHANGE Surely the winds of change are blowing right into the faces of Chicken Little Let the jackasses bray, but and his Lieutenants. PAM and Brantley have to get an ‘A’ for trying - They are asking They themselves Justice Belle for another injunc- tion on spurious grounds. summoned Brantley realises that the those winds so they can’t complain now Boundaries Commission can op- erate without his two men and that they are feeling the force. Shawn wants more time. For what? People are already fed up of their time-wasting. Even the INSIGHT EDITORIAL Judge is reluctant to grant an- other injunction. So what’s left? A green card for Brantley too? Maybe the three Mosquitoes will In many countries of the world, on the global information super- While we exercise charity and rich and poor alike, this Christmas highway. fellowship to our Caribbean brothers move on to try their sting op- is going to be bleak. Right next and sisters, and pray for their situation door to us, several of our Caribbean These positive developments have not to improve, we must give thanks to erations where people are more neighbours are seeing a massive drop happened by chance. When the winds God for the tide of prosperity that is in both cruise ship arrivals and hotel of change blow with hurricane force now improving the fortunes of our gullible? occupancy. The mainstay of their they topple any structure that does Federation. We are quickly moving economies, tourism, has become a not stand on a firm foundation. Had from one University graduate in every If they can’t organise a march victim of the global recession. the ship of state not been properly household to several. We are seeing secured, had its moorings not been the possibility that our children will properly, how can they manage Our country, the Federation of St Kitts sturdy enough to withstand the fury have their own plot of land on which to and Nevis, has surpassed previous all of the global gale, this country would build, farm and live. a government especially during previous totals for cruise ship tourism. have been like Iceland – bankrupt and Our hotels are doing well considering battered. This is not the time to sacrifice our a global financial crisis? PAM the situation in the other countries. country’s future to the arbitrary power Our economy is on an upswing. More What has saved us is good governance. of the winds of change. This is not the called a march and got a hand- airlines will be coming to this country What has helped us through this period time to change horses – we are still in and others, like British Airways, are of despondency and depression is midstream and can easily drown in the ful not hundreds. Their promise expanding their flight schedules. foresight backed by superb judgment. deep economic currents from which we have not yet completely emerged. to shake Church Street like an The Labour Government has What will take us through this storm introduced new programmes to intact and best prepared for the new This is the time to value safety, earthquake never materialised. facilitate youth self-employment and world that will emerge, is the ability of stability and sustainability. This is create more opportunities for tertiary the present government to maximize its when we need to take stock of our The Richter Scale registered it as education and scholarships. resources and seize the opportunities national situation and cling to those that inevitably lie in the heart of crisis. who have secured us against those a minus ten. So it’s the CHICKEN The process of land redistribution winds from the outside which have and opportunities for small farmers to Visitors from the other Caribbean already done more damage to the LITTLE gang quaking now contribute to the increasing demand countries invariably comment on Caribbean than Hurricane Ivan did to for local food products are part of a the prosperity of the Federation Grenada. massive focus on agriculture and food compared with its neighbours. security. The level and pace of activities in My countrymen, this is decision- tourism, construction, agriculture and time. Will you hurl yourselves, your The Federation of St Kitts and Nevis infrastructure absolutely astonish them families, your future and that of future has been able to improve its social when compared with the sluggish generations into the merciless and services to the youth and the elderly. It and declining economies of their own uncaring hands of the winds of change? has put additional resources into better countries. Or do you stay in the calm, clear waters health facilities and services. in which your ship of state is berthed, They tell their Kittitian friends that testing the waters and staying far from Additionally, it has improved we have a lot here in our country to the chaos and confusion that come both physical and electronic be thankful for. I understand that with change that is unplanned and communications as part of creating some Kittitians are even helping their unmanaged? the infrastructure that will open up families in the United States who are V VOTE WISELY. the country in many directions and without jobs, making up for those times V VOTE LABOUR. dimensions - for agriculture and when many of our people depended V VOTE FOR DR. DENZIL housing development, for improved solely on remittances from abroad to DOUGLAS TO CONTINUE TO financial services and for positioning keep body and soul together. LEAD US INTO THE FUTURE this country securely and successfully
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