Creating Value in Healthcare through Disruptive Social and Mobile Innovation


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On March 6 2012 we hosted an Innovation Session in our South San Francisco Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) center, to explore the topic of “creating value in healthcare through disruptive innovation” (see video here or at the end of the post). The conference was co-sponsored by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR), the French American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) and the German American Business Association (GABA). Among others, we invited Intel Capital, Sony Mobile Communications and Happtique to give their perspective on how social and mobile innovation can help improve quality of care and contain costs.

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Creating Value in Healthcare through Disruptive Social and Mobile Innovation

  1. Social Media and Mobile HealthCreating ValueMarch 6, 2012
  2. Many Thanks to the Event Organizers and Sponsors!  Anita Melikian (WSGR and FACCSF, LS Committee co-Chair)  Benoit Berthoux (Capgemini Consulting)  Brynhild Dumas (FACCSF, Executive Director)  Caroline Raynaud (GABA, Executive Director)  Edda Mihaescu (GABA, LS Committee co-Chair)  Gabriel Paulino (FACCSF, LS Committee co-Chair)  Marie Bayaut (FACCSF)  Morgan Desvignes (FACCSF)  Stefanie Bastian (GABA)  Thomas Celerier (Capgemini Consulting and FACCSF)  Ulrike Ruppelt (GABA, LS Committee co-Chair)  … and the entire GABA and FACCSF Teams! Social Media and Mobile Health - Creating value 2 © Copyright Capgemini 2012 All Rights Reserved
  3. Agenda  Introduction  Keynote speakers: – Vibhor Rastogi, Investment Director, Intel Capital – Peter Kacandes, Senior BD Manager, Sony Mobile Communications – Paul Nerger, CTO, Happtique Inc – Nick Hayes, President, Influencer50  Panel Discussion / Q&As  Wrap-up Social Media and Mobile Health - Creating value 3 © Copyright Capgemini 2012 All Rights Reserved
  4. US Health Care costs have been rising over the past 50 years, currently increasing at 2-3 times the rate of inflation… Total US Health Spending Life expectancy and its Percent Share of GDP and Health Spending per Capita 3000 20% 17.60% 16.60% 18% 16% 2500 16% 13.80% Healthcare spend in Billions Spend as a % share of GDP 12.50% 14% 2000 12% 9.20% 1500 10% 7.20% 8% 1000 5.20% 6% 4% 500 2% 0 0%Source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Office of the Actuary Source: Economic Policy Institute, 2007 …Without translating into superior Quality of Care when compared with international benchmarks Social Media and Mobile Health - Creating value 4 © Copyright Capgemini 2012 All Rights Reserved
  5. Disruptive Health Care Health Care Ecosystem Disruptive DigitalTrends InnovationRising costs / SocialHealth Care Platforms,Reform Patients CommunitiesScientific ElectronicInnovation / Health RecordsPatent Cliff Research HCPs Smart phones,Patients Tablets, Apps,Empowerment Quality Cost Telemedicine Govern- Channels ment SmartConsolidation Packaging, RFID Public /Growth in LS Private Cloud-basedEmerging Industry Payers InfrastructureMarkets How can Digital Innovation Help Create Value in a Complex and Evolving Health Care Ecosystem? Social Media and Mobile Health - Creating value 5 © Copyright Capgemini 2012 All Rights Reserved
  6. #1 60%81 25% Social Media and Mobile Health - Creating value 6 © Copyright Capgemini 2012 All Rights Reserved
  7. Improving Quality and Cost of Care through Digital Innovation Vision Execution  What unmet needs are we trying to answer?  How to align incentives to drive technology – Disease prevention and adherence adoption? – Product integrity  How to overcome current technical feasibility – Clinical decision making support challenges? – ….  What is the current level of maturity of these  How to protect privacy and confidentiality of technologies? Patient personal health data?  Should the vision be regional or global?  What are successful case studies?  …  … Their Perspective Social Media and Mobile Health - Creating value 7 © Copyright Capgemini 2012 All Rights Reserved
  8. Benoit BerthouxHead of Life SciencesWest Coast Practice4000 Shoreline Court, Suite 210South San Francisco, CA 94080Mob.: +1 415 200 8
  9. Investing inGlobal Innovation Mar 05, 2012
  10. Intel Capital MissionEnhance Intel’s Strategic Objectives By Making and Managing Financially Attractive Investments STRATEGIC FINANCIAL A Stage Agnostic and Long-Term Investor
  11. Investing In a World of Possibilities Enterprise Servers, Networking & Storage Manageability & Virtualization and Cloud Data Centers & Cloud Services Software AppUp Center™ Cloud Computing & Security and Services Visual Computing & Open Source Ultrabooks Mobility Tablets Smart Phones Consumer e-Commerce Social Media & Mobile Web Internet Enabling PlatformsDigital Media & Content Delivery/Services Gaming & EducationEntertainment Advertising Intelligent Digital Signage Connected Car & IVI Systems Home Energy Management Cleantech Grid Infrastructure Smart Commercial Buildings Greentech Microgrids & CommunitiesManufacturing Semiconductor Process Memory EDA Tools & IP Non-Volatile Memory
  12. Intel Capital’s Investment CriteriaWhen making investments, we look for:● Innovative technology and usage models● Strategic interest to Intel● Strong management teams● Addresses rapidly growing and sizable markets● Exit opportunity
  13. Intel Capital Investments 2011 51% Outside 158 New Deals N. America 6 IPOs $526M 74 International 28 Acquisitions Investments Historical 36% Outside 1,212 Deals N. America 194 IPOs $10.4 Billion 51 Countries 289 Acquisitions
  14. 2011 Investments
  15. 2011 Intel Capital Exits 34 Portfolio Company Exits: 28 M&A and 6 IPOsUSA Taiwan: GTSM Taiwan: TSEC China: NYSEChina India Netherlands China: NASDAQ China: GTSMIsrael Japan UK France Poland: GPW *Other marks and brands are property of their respective owners
  16. Intel Capital Global PresenceInvested $10.4+ Billion in 51 Countries Intel Capital Offices in 26 countries Investments in 51 Countries Intel Capital Invested Intel Offices
  17. Successful InvestmentsHelping to Support Successful Global Businesses Since 1991 *Other marks and brands are property of their respective owners
  18. Global Investment SyndicateWorldwide Co-investors Providing Ready Access to GrowthCapital, Global Market Reach, Board Members and Advisors *Other marks and brands are property of their respective owners
  19. Intel Capital Technology DaysShortcuts the Corporate Technology Evaluation Cycle by Directly Connecting Portfolio Companies with Industry ExecutivesDelivering value for customers and portfolio companies *Other marks and brands are property of their respective owners Ver. Dec 2011
  20. Intel Capital’s Unique Advantages● One of the largest technology venture capital organizations worldwide● Invests at all stages in private and public companies● Leads investment rounds, takes larger stakes, actively participates on boards● Speed and agility to make quick decisions● Global brand recognition● Committed to portfolio company success
  21. Provider and Payer Technologies • Pay for Quality vs. Pay for Volume driving adoption of risk based entities such as ACOs • Cloud based Ambulatory and Hospital EMRs lowering cost of adoption of clinical technologies and digitizing the HC ecosystem • Big data for Clinical decision support an interesting new trend • Payers trying to become more consumer focused in anticipation of rollout of HC reform in 2014 Representative PortfolioSource: Oppenheimer, Frost and Sullivan, CMS,Morgan Keegan
  22. Remote Patient management • Aging populations: 65+ expected to reach 53M by 2020 and 80M by 2050 in the US. This long term demographic trend a key driver for the remote patient monitoring market • In place aging – There is greater desire on part of individuals and families to age in place. Remote patient management provides this flexibility • Treatment of Costly diseases - Chronic heart failure (CHF) one of the most common causes of hospitalization for elderly Americans, and is also one of the nation’s most costly conditions to treat. Remote patient management effective in preventive treatment of patients Representative PortfolioSource: ABI Research
  23. Consumer and Mobile Health • Smartphone adoption • Hundreds of million smart phones have the potential to be used for sensing and transmitting HC data • Mobile PHR adoption accelerated by EHR adoption and potential for integration via standard data interfaces • Increasing consumerism • Twice as many Gen-X and Gen-Y consumers want to access and maintain their PHRs using a mobile device than do Baby Boomers and Seniors • 50% of consumers in a recent study want a personal monitoring device to alert and guide them to make improvements in their health or treat a condition Representative PortfolioSource: PWC
  24. Bioinformatics and GenomicsKey Focus areas • Genomics • Proteomics • Bioinformatics and bioanalytic portals • Molecular modeling • Computational chemistryRepresentative Portfolio
  25. Investing in Global Innovation
  26. Mobile Health - Sony Mobile CommunicationsPeter Kacandes, Sr. Business Development Mgr.2012CONFIDENTIAL 26
  27. Who we areCONFIDENTIAL
  28. Making people smileThe Communication Entertainment brand
  29.  Founded in1946  Global company with headquarter in Tokyo  Worlds leading electronics and entertainment company  Chairman, CEO and President: Sir Howard Stringer (also Chairman of the Board for Sony Ericsson )  36.8B USD market cap as of Feb 28, 2011  169,900 employees as of Dec.31, 2010  1979 - First “Walkman” launch  1982 - World’s first CD player launch  1988 - CBS Records (later SME) acquired  1989 - Columbia Pictures (later SPE) acquired  1994 - First PlayStation® launch  1996 - Digital camera “Cyber-shot” launchCONFIDENTIAL
  30. The new generation Xperia™ 30
  31. DifferentiateSony’s expertise inside without with 31
  32. IntegrateBeautiful and easy-to-use smartphones 32
  33. Key Technologies for Mobile Health/Medicine/FitnessThe Quantized Self• Communications • ANT+ • NFC• Wearable Computing • Sensors • Devices• Connectivity • Backend Services in the Cloud • SocialCONFIDENTIAL
  34. ANT +Key Features• Compact (small stacksize)• Scalable (supports complex network topologies) • ANT+ Interoperable Product Examples • Wrist-mounted instrumentation• Flexible (supports ad hoc network reconfiguration) • Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM)• Focused (not a standard development organization) • Speed and Distance Monitoring (SDM)• Proven (millions of nodes delivered) • Bike computers• Continua use case requirements for Body Area Networks (BAN) including: • Health and wellness monitoring devices • Proven Ultra-low Power • Industrial sensors • Co-existence with nearby networks • Low data-rate communications • Small memory size • Active RFID • Support Range and data transmission rates • Location-based services • Number of devices on network • Utilities wireless Automated Meter Reading (AMR) • Mobility • Smart toys • Ad hoc capability • Automotive instruments • Frequency agility • Remote Control • Central control of power devicesCONFIDENTIAL
  35. ANT+ Topologies ANT+ / DevZoneCONFIDENTIAL User nam e Pass word Lost Password? Register (Restrictio ns apply)
  36. Example: Continuous Blood Glucose MonitorDexcom• ANT+ Transdermal Sensor and Android recording/reporting application (FDA approved)• FDA approval for app expected in March• Studies show up to $40K savings per year through better controlCONFIDENTIAL
  37. NFC – Near Field Communications, Sony Dynamic TagHealth Sensors, too. Not Just Commerce• The Spirit System is a complete technology system that includes:• (1) Hardware• (2) Software• (3) Project-based, progressive cross-curricular and nutrition curriculum• (5) Ongoing support• The system integrates into already established learning techniques and efforts for school physical education programs, corporate wellness, individual and group training. The results of using the system lead to better and more effective utilization and integration for all individuals involved in the program.• We offer ala carte’ or bundled solutions, which allows simple implementation of our software with other technologies, along with training and a state- standard aligned, project-based curriculum and numerous resources for long-term success.CONFIDENTIAL
  38. The Quantized SelfGathering and analysing data about their everyday activitiesto help them improve their lives• If you want to change or improve something, then you have to measure it and track it• Adapting methodologies of Six Sigma and TQM to the self• Simplified and made mass accessible by mobile tech (phones/apps/services/sensors)CONFIDENTIAL
  39. Key Issues for Successful Mobile Health Apps• Interoperability • Predictive• Integration • Preventative• Intelligence • Personalized• Outcomes • Participatory• Socialization,• EngagementCONFIDENTIAL
  40. Opportunities for Mobile in Health and Medicine• Patient/User Driven/Centered Care • A Mobile handset is the most personal device and the most likely to always have with them• Immediacy • The mobile handset makes it possible for the user to have immediate feedback information about their issues/condition• Action • Allows the user to take action quickly• Control • Helps user to keep tighter control of metrics has huge impact on outcomes and potential for cost reductionCONFIDENTIAL
  41. Xperia NFC SmartTagsCONFIDENTIAL
  42. Xperia NFC SmartTags• "All the new [Xperia] devices come equipped with NFC and to help connectivity across mobile devices and in the home [Sony] has also launched smart-tags," Informa principal analyst Dave McQueen said in a statement.• "Based on NFC and offered in packs of three, users can set up profiles via the smartphone for individual smart-tags depending on a requirement, such as connectivity in-car or with a music system. These take a shortcut to the benefits of near-field connectivity, offering a much more practical and easier proposition to the end user."CONFIDENTIAL
  43. mHealth App Stores for Hospitals,Clinicians, and Patients
  44. Mobile Health Market is Taking Off Now$718 Million in 2011 11% Increase in pharma mobile projects since ’06 (E&Y)Generated by health apps andmobile health devices 30% US Physicians w/ and iPad (Manhattan Research)(research2guidance) 31% Medical Device patents that include63% of physicians are using wireless (CC)mobile health solutions that are not 35% US adults with a smartphone (Pew)connected to their practice orhospital (PWC) $84M 2010 sales for medical apps (Kalorama)85% of patients want to 600M 2012 (Pyramid) health apps downloaded inreceive their mHealth apps fromtheir healthcare providers and theclinicians that they trust (PWC) How will you tap into your staff’s and patient’s mobile devices? 44
  45. Happtique’s Mission  Become the go-to destination for healthcare professionals for learning about and purchasing mobile Health (mHealth) apps, devices, and solutions  Help the worldwide medical community lower the cost of healthcare while simultaneously improving the quality of care and the quality of life through the use of mobile technologies  Provide a simple yet effective means of prescribing mHealth technology to patients by their care providers that will improve their conditionWe are here to help providers with an mHealth Strategy
  46. 4 Problems Poor Health App Categorization Can’t Provide and Manage Apps & Devices for Staff Don’t Know the Quality of Apps Providers Can’t Provide Apps to Patients 46
  47. 1 SolutionLeadership in cost reduction and achievement of outcomes are vital mHealth is a pathway to this Leadership 47
  48. 3 Products - 3 Markets Served Enterprise Edition Professional Edition Patient Edition Empower healthcare Provide access to Enable patients to enterprises to leverage mHealth technology for help manage their mHealth technology to individual healthcare own health using improve the quality of professionals mHealth technology care while reducing in partnership with costs their healthcare providers
  49. Hospital Substore Your own Hospital Branding Private Catalog
  50. mRx – Prescribing Health Apps  Buttons on menu bar to mRx share and prescribe an app  Sends a mobile app prescription to the patient after confirming physician’s license details and signature via email  Patient includes insurance and co-payment details  Automatic app payment via co-pay, credit card and insurance reimbursement  Patient receives email with app link 50
  51. iTunes Curating and Indexing Apple App Store and Android Happtique Professional Catalog Marketplac 150+ Clinical Topics 150+ Professional Audiences 35,000+ Apps 10,00+ AppsMedical Health & Fitness
  52. App Certification Program Blue Ribbon Panel Physician-Nurse-mHealth Technologist-Patient Advocate Set Standards for App Certification App Certification Review Board Implement Program and Oversee Reviewers Review Apps 52
  53. Happtique Vision Execution We provide cloud services that enable healthcare providers to tap into the mHealth eco-system to:  quickly deploy your mHealth strategy  connect your staff, patients, and payers through the cloud  provide you with the catalog of quality off-the-shelf apps that you can leverage  project you as a leading-edge Healthcare provider 53
  54. Happtique in the Market Our Customers
  55. Paul Nerger CTO, Happtique, 55