Beasley pp presentation John Bunyan


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English Comp 2, T2, Professor Owens

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Beasley pp presentation John Bunyan

  1. 1. How his views of Christianity were reflected in his writings.
  2. 2. Bunyan’s Beginning  Born 1628 in Elstow, Bedfordshire, England Father was a mender of pots and kettles, Bunyan was to follow in his footsteps but was more of a “Tinker” Mother passed away when he was sixteen Enlisted shortly after passing, fought for almost three years Married at age twenty Christian Conversion began
  3. 3.  Bunyan was imprisoned for preaching without a license He remained in prison for 12 years where he wrote his first 15 books Prison for Preaching Pardoned by King Charles II Pastors Bedfordshire Church
  4. 4. Bunyan’s Most Famous Works “The Pilgrim’s Progress” “Grace abounding to the Chief of Sinners”
  5. 5. John Bunyan’s Work  Some Gospel Truths opened  The Holy City A Vindication of “Some Gospel  The Resurrection of the Dead and Truths opened” Eternal Judgment A few Sighs from Hell  Defense of the Doctrine of The Doctrine of the Law and justification by Faith Grace unfolded  Confession of Faith Profitable Meditations, fitted to  Difference of Judgment about man’s different Conditions. In Water Baptism no bar to nine particulars. Communion I will pray with the Spirit and  Peaceable Principles and True with the Understanding also  Light for them that sit in Christian Behaviour; being the Darkness Fruits of True Christianity  Instruction for the Ignorant The Four Last Things  Saved by Grace Ebal and Gerizim  The Strait Gate Prison Meditations
  6. 6. John Bunyan’s Work continued A Treatise of the Fear of God   Questions about the Nature and The Life and Death or Mr. Perpetuity of the Seventh-day Badman Sabbath The Holy War  The Pharisee and the Publican The Barren Fig Tree  A Book for Boys and Girls The Greatness of the Soul  The Jerusalem Sinner saved A Case of Conscience resolved  The Work of Jesus Christ as an Seasonable Counsel or Advice to Advocate Sufferers  Discourse of the Building, A Holy Life the Beauty of Nature, Excellency, and Christianity Government of the House of God A Caution to stir up to Watch  The Water of Life against Sin  Solomon’s Temple spiritualized The second part of Pilgrim’s  The Acceptable Sacrifice Progress  Last Sermon
  7. 7. John Bunyan’s Work Continued  An Exposition of the Ten  The Saint’s Knowledge of first Chapters of Genesis Christ’s Love and part of the Eleventh Paul’s Departure and  The House of the Forest Crown of Lebanon Israel’s Hope encouraged  Antichrist and her Ruin The Desires of the  The Heavenly Footman Righteous granted The Saint’s Privilege and  The Relation of his Profit Imprisonment Christ a Complete  The Pocket Concordance Saviour  The Scriptural Poems
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