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Topic Maps: Theory & Practice


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Presentation to IBERSID 2007-10-03.

Published in: Technology
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Topic Maps: Theory & Practice

  1. 1. XML Topic Maps (XTM): Theory & Practice Bob Bater InfoPlex Associates, Bristol UK Topic Maps: Theory & Practice “ Topic maps are a new ISO standard for describing knowledge structures and associating them with information resources.” {Steve Pepper. The TAO of Topic Maps:}
  2. 2. XTM 1.0 XTM 1.0 is an open, high-level framework … … for representing relationships among connected information objects <topic id=“livingthing”> <baseName> <baseNameString>Living Thing</baseNameString> <baseName> </topic> <topic id=“animal”> <baseName> <baseNameString>Animal</baseNameString> <baseName> </topic> <association id=“animalIsA”> <instanceOf> <topicRef xlink:href=“#isA”/> </instanceOf> <member> <topicRef xlink:href=“#animal”/> </member> <member> <topicRef xlink:href=“#livingthing”/> </member>
  3. 3. Madama Butterfly, 70-71, 234-236, 326 Puccini, Giacomo, 69-71 soprano, 41-42, 337 Tosca, 26, 70, 274-276, 326 Topic Maps: Indexing in 3D Puccini Tosca Madame Butterfly composed by composed by Lucca born in
  4. 4. Topic Topic Maps Key Concepts: Topic, Association & Occurrence Living Thing Animal Mammal Bird Human instance of instance of instance of instance of occurrence of psittacines occurrence of instance of association association
  5. 5. Topic Maps Key Concepts: Association time flies like an arrow … fruit flies like a banana XTM RDF time an arrow flies like fruit flies a banana like topic association topic topic topic association time an arrow flies like fruit flies a banana like subject predicate object subject predicate object
  6. 6. Topic Maps Key Concepts : Role & Scope Topic + Association + Role + Scope = precision The nature of a subject’s participation in an association Role Scope Scope provides … a context in which topics are related through associations {XML Topic Maps. Jack Park} William Shakespeare Macbeth [written work] [author] {XML Topic Maps. Jack Park} author of United States États Unis {Scope: French} {Scope: English}
  7. 7. Topic Maps: A Topic Map for ISO 13250 capabilities/sgml/sc34/ document/0322_files/ iso13250-2nd-ed-v2.pdf has occurrence [instance] [occurrence] ISO sponsor of Standard JTC1 ISO 13250 SC34 committee of instance of author of sub-committee of [publication] [sponsor] [publication] [instance] [author] [written work] [organization] [organization] [sub-organization] [sub-organization]
  8. 8. Topic Maps in Practice: Competence Mapping ROLE COMPETENCE PERSON SKEB (Skills, Knowledge, Experience, Behaviour) ACTIVITY How can we define what competence is required for a specific role? How can we represent this competence so that it can be transferred? TRAINING/MENTORING/ EXPERIENCE performs requires comprises acquired through transferred to assigned to
  9. 9. Topic Maps in Practice: Activity System Ontology
  10. 10. Topic Maps in Practice: Competence Ontology
  11. 11. Topic Maps in Practice: Knowledge Map Access via an information object
  12. 12. Topic Maps in Practice: Knowledge Map Access via an activity
  13. 13. BS 8723-2 RT (attribute) | (attribute of) = “objects or materials and their defining properties” RT (operation) | (operation on) = “an action and its patient or target” RT (ancillary) | (ancillary of) = ‘concepts linked by causal dependence’ Topic Maps in Practice: Resource Discovery Input Target system <- Operation Configuration RT (operation on) Junctionwork Junctionwork RT (operation) Configuration Speed Restriction RT (operation on) Track Track RT (operation) Speed Restriction Target system <- Attribute Condition (state) RT (attribute of) Track Curvature RT (attribute of) Track Track RT (attribute) Condition (state) Track RT (attribute) Curvature Target system <- Ancillary Lubricators RT (ancillary of) Track Performance Criteria RT (ancillary of) Track Track RT (ancillary) Lubricators Track RT (ancillary) Performance Criteria Tamping USE On-track Tamping Track UF Permanent Way BT Track Assets NT (component) Conductor Rail Crossing Rails Junctionwork Rail Running Rail Track Support NT (type) Plain Line Single Line RT (ancillary) Design Criteria Lubricators Track Plant RT (attribute) Buckling Condition (state) Curvature Gradient RT (operation) Speed Restrictions Track Support NT (elements) Ballast Ballast Mat RT (operations) On-track Tamping
  14. 14. Topic Maps in Practice: Resource Discovery Output
  15. 15. Topic Maps in Practice: Resource Discovery Visualization
  16. 16. Topic Maps in Practice: Resource Discovery Visualization
  17. 17. References ISO/IEC 13250:2002 Topic Maps. Le Grand, Bénédicte. Topic Maps Visualization. Mapas Conceptuales (Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). Mondeca. Moresophy. NetworkedPlanet. Ontopia. Park, Jack (ed.). XML Topic Maps. Boston: Addison-Wesley, 2003. Pepper, Steve. The TAO of Topic Maps. Techquila. Topic Maps for Java.