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Jude Kuwait

  1. 1. By Jude
  2. 2. The name of the country that I'm searching is Kuwait and The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait. The official language is Arabic and it is located on the Persian Gulf in the continent of Asia.
  3. 3. The southwestern corner rises to almost 1,000 feet above sea level. Kuwait has nine islands that lie off its northwestern coast. In the northern of Kuwait there are small hills such as Al-maru and Al-afry, are scattered through the northern part of the country. Most of Kuwait is an entirely flat and dry barren desert of sandy plains. Al-hamra tower- Kuwait towers-Grand Mosque-Kuwait 200.The major cities are Al-Ahmadi, Hawalli, Kuwait city. Al-Ahmadi was found in 1946 with the discovery of oil there. Hawalli is located in the state of Kuwait. Kuwait has the population of 2.38 million in the metropolitan area.
  4. 4. Kuwait joins the Arab League. In 1990 August 2,Iraq invaded Kuwait and the town of Kuwait was found by Arabs. In 1999 the emir of Kuwait gave his command to let Kuwaiti women vote. Kuwait's first ruler was called, Emir Abdallah alSalim al-Sabah. On August 1990,Kuwait was invaded by Iraqi troops. In April 1991 United Nations Security Council came up with resolution 687,to cease-fire terms between the two countries. Kuwait became a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council. In 1897 Kuwait was made a British protectorate.
  5. 5. Kuwait men wear a dishdasha, a robe with a centre opening. As of women wear a full-length long-sleeved black abaya. Kuwait music was made popular in the 1970s. Nawal al Kuwaiti, Nabil Shoali and Abdallah al Roawaished are the most popular preformers in Kuwait. The most two important holidays in Kuwait are National Day which is celebrated on February 25th and Liberation Day which is celebrated on February 26th. The national dish of Kuwait is called Biryani. It is a rice-based dish made with spices, rice and you can add either fish, chicken or vegetables. A kuwait meal is never complete unless it is served with dates and a hot plane tea.
  6. 6. Kuwait ended 2012 with the population of 3,250,496 and the male population is 1,943,348 representing 59.79% of the total. The women population is 1,307,148 or 40.21% women. The most common modes of transportation are busses and taxis. The flag of Kuwait was adopted on September 7,1961. White means deeds, black means battles, red means swords and green means lands. Before 1961 the flag was red and white with the word Kuwait in the middle but in Arabic.
  7. 7. I would love to go to Kuwait because during all the research the I have done I have learned so many good things about Kuwait. My friend used to live in Kuwait and told me that it is so nice and that he enjoyed living in Kuwait. That is why I want to go to Kuwait as a vacation. If I ever go to Kuwait I am going to take a speedboat to Failaka island to explore ancient Greek ruins and I will visit Sadhu house an art gallery filled with hundreds of years of Bedouin arts and crafts. I might also go visit the shark tank which is one of the largest shark tanks in the Middle East.
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