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Aya Iran


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Students created a PowerPoint to share the information they learned about a Middle Eastern country of their choice. This is not teacher edited; additional instruction will be retaught for standard English conventions and age appropriate bibliography.

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Aya Iran

  1. 1. Iran By Aya – 4D
  2. 2. Introduction Iran is a big country it is surrounded by eight countries. The capital city of Iran is Tehran. The national language spoken is Persian and the continent it’s on is Asia.
  3. 3. Culture The following holidays that Iran celebrates are, Revolution day, Republic Day, Ashura for ten days they cannot play music or sing, and Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims they fast the hole month and they pray day and night to god. The Iranians eat a lot of healthy diet food and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. They also eat lamb and beef they forbid eating pork and ham.
  4. 4. Economy One thing that Iran is good at selling is the oil. They make a lot of money selling it. The money is called the Rial. Iran has exported the spice saffron for a long time. Iran produces one of the best dates in the world. Many people from Iran make traditional carpets it is important export.
  5. 5. Climate Iran contrasts climates. In the summer time it’s very hot, dry, and sunny in the mountains in the winter it is it gets freezing cold. In Iran faces natural floods, dust storms, earthquakes. The weather In Iran is mostly either semiarid or arid.
  6. 6. Geography The bodies of water are the Caspian Sea in the north of the country and the Arabian Sea south of the country. There are desserts in the middle of the country and east mountains in the north and west north green lowland with rich soil. Iran’s only volcano, Mount Damavand it is the highest mountain in the Western Asia and in the north and west there is a high plain it is covered mostly with brown sand and gravel or by a crust of salt.
  7. 7. History Earliest people in Iran were hunters, farmers, and traders. Iraq invaded Iran in 1980 and that was when the Iran Iraq war began, it ended in 1988. During the war more than a million people were killed or injured.
  8. 8. Facts Iran is famous for it’s Persian carpets. Iran has rich oil fields in the southwest.
  9. 9. Sources Iran by Elma Schemenawer Exploring Countries Iran by Walter Simmons Countries Around the world Iran Richard Spilsbury Countries of the World Leon Gray Country Reports Britannica Iran the Land of Peacock Throne William Spencer Images: