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B Labs / Mobile Virtualization for the ARM Architecture


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Introduces how our low footprint hypervisor can benefit Semiconductor Vendors gain competitive advantage in SoC development and rich user experiences by enabling multiple virtualized operating systems.

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B Labs / Mobile Virtualization for the ARM Architecture

  1. 1. B LABSMobile Virtualization for ARM Processors Bahadir Balban Founder, B Labs
  2. 2. So Much Software for SoC Validation
  3. 3. CODEZERO® Brings Them All Together  Combine baremetal tests to increase test coverage  Save effort by reusing SoC abstraction code  Combine baremetal drivers with Linux to benefit from Linux driver layers  Establish common grounds between Linux and hardware groups  Reduce complexity in SoC testing and save time in development
  4. 4. Save time in ARM SoC Development Enable Richer Mobile Experiences.
  5. 5. A Hypervisor is the Ultimate Software Mixer Lets you combine components in a single runtime Empowers engineers to adjust level of complexity Offers an incremental path that simplifies SoC  Enables rich development designs and user experiences
  6. 6. CODEZERO® Embedded Hypervisor  Microkernel with virtualization capabilities.  Glues everything from baremetal to full operating systems  Saves time and improves the SoC development process
  7. 7. Semiconductor Vendors Roadmap I. Improve testing efficiency of new SoC using CODEZERO® TEST, EVALUATE. II.Demonstrate power of SoC with multiple runtimes III. Deploy multiple systems in the production device Gain competitive DEPLOY. advantage at all stages
  8. 8. Key Members  Founded in 2008  Mission to redefine operating systems technology  Technically strong in OS architecture, Virtualization, ARM Architecture, Linux  Capable team who delivered a complex product
  9. 9. Thank you. Bahadır Balban Founder, CEO B