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How to make power point slides ( business fellows )


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In this tutorial you will learn how to make Powerpoint Slides for your projects and assignments..
Follow couple of steps to make power point presentations...

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How to make power point slides ( business fellows )

  1. 1. To get more tutorials, visit us @ In this tutorial we would let you know how to make yourPowerpoints Presentations more attractive and what points to be considered in mind before making powerpoint slides.Some people take it as just copy and paste procedure but to present your powerpoint presentations in more easy and attractivemanner is more important. So first let discuss what points to be considered while making Slides.Note :- Do not use default white color , using the default white background is hard on the viewer’s eyes. You can easily add a design style or a color to the background.1 ) Choose the Template first according to your presentation material. Do notuse dark background templates as they are hard to view.2 ) If you choose light background template than you have to use dark textcolor to make your text more prominent and easy to view.3 ) Font size must be large enough to be easily read. Size 28 to 34 with a boldfont is recommended.4 ) Select sans-serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica. Avoid serif fonts such asTimes New Roman or Palatino as they are sometimes more difficult to read.5 ) If you use charts, Charts need to be clearly labeled. You can make moreinteresting charts by adding elements from the drawing toolbar.Business Fellows Page 1
  2. 2. To get more tutorials, visit us @ www.businessfellows.biz6 ) Do not need to write essay , you have to mention some key points which help the readerwhich is being presented.7 ) Change the text into bold or colored it, which you feel important.8 ) Do not use multiple templates in your Powerpoint Slides.9 ) Be specific, to the point, your each sentence should make an image in reader mind about relevant topic.10 ) Do not use too much graphics, however you can use some pictures to make it more easy and understandable.11 ) Keep follow the rule of 6 * 7 in your slides. 6-7 lines in each slide and 7 words in one line.Note :- To temporarily clear the screen press W or B during the presentation. Press Enter to resume the presentation.So I think these points are sufficient to make power point slides  now we will implementpractically these points in our tutorial with the help of screen shots ..Business Fellows Page 2
  3. 3. To get more tutorials, visit us @ www.businessfellows.bizStep 1 :-You have to download some powerpoint templates in your PC, you can searchthem at Google Search Engine, however some of the websites are being sharedbelow .. Download free templates from the links given below :   websites are just for reference, if you do not like any template fromwebsites given above, It does not hurt to give it a search on Google for moretemplates Step 2 :-After downloading, Go to the folder to open templates. Suppose I downloaded atemplate from Google named as “” RHYTHM “” and it is downloaded at Desktop.I opened the folder and click on icon ( Please keep in mind that click on same icon as shown ). You will see a newwindow as showing belowBusiness Fellows Page 3
  4. 4. To get more tutorials, visit us @ www.businessfellows.bizStep 3 :-Here one thing to be noticed that if you want to move text box up and down,have your cursor at the border line of text box and you will see an image likethis . Keep hold left click button of your mouse and move the text box tothe suitable place.Step 4 :-Now it,s the time to keep in mind all those points which I have discussedearlier. Normally 2-4 slides are present in one file ( In this template 3 slides arebeing shown at left side). Choose first slide as your front page and mentionyour Presentation Subject and your Group members, like this picture :Business Fellows Page 4
  5. 5. To get more tutorials, visit us @ www.businessfellows.bizStep 5:-Use the options from menu bar to adjust your text and make changesaccording to your taste.Business Fellows Page 5
  6. 6. To get more tutorials, visit us @ www.businessfellows.bizStep 6 :-As your front page has been made, now click on slide number 2 to continueyour work. Write the title at the top of slide and rest of the data would bewritten under that title. Please keep the relevant heading at the top of eachslide so that viewers can understand your topic at anytime while you arepresenting .Just like shown in given figure ( Here my heading shows “Independent Variables “ so viewers can understand that how many variables Ihave to present ? )Step 7:-As one slide has been filled and now we have to make new slide to continue ourtopic, for this purpose Right Click on Slide number 2 and choose “ New Slide ”.You will see a new slide at the left , like in the picture given below you canBusiness Fellows Page 6
  7. 7. To get more tutorials, visit us @ www.businessfellows.bizeasily see :- Do follow the same procedure as far as how many slides you needfor your work. Everytime right click on slide and choose “” New Slide “” to getempty slide and continue your work.Step 8 :-If one heading has been covered, just mention the next heading on one slideand than continue relevant data at another slide, By this way viewers canunderstand easily that your 1 or 2 headings have been covered and now youwill discuss a new one. For this purpose write your heading in this way :Business Fellows Page 7
  8. 8. To get more tutorials, visit us @ www.businessfellows.bizIn above picture you can see that all slides which are ready showing at leftside…. In this slide it shows that I will present Introduction portion now , somy next slide would contains data regarding Introduction .Business Fellows Page 8
  9. 9. To get more tutorials, visit us @ www.businessfellows.bizStep 9 :-As I discussed earlier that do mention important points in color or make itBold, so viewers can understand and differentiate them, just like shown infigure below :-In this slide I have mentioned the important points in orange color, so you maymark them according to your taste .Step 10 :-You people can better make the powerpoint presenation after considering thesesteps. These slides are as easy to make if you have 11 points in your mindwhich I discussed at start Business Fellows Page 9
  10. 10. To get more tutorials, visit us @ www.businessfellows.bizConclusion :-By changing the templates and different ideas in your mind, you can makeyour powerpoint slides more attractive as much as you can and once againkeep in mind that please do not use too much data in slides and write 6-7 linesmaximum at one slide.If you have any query ragarding this tutorial, please forward your questions OR visit our web Contact : noumanawan@gawab.comBusiness Fellows Page 10
  11. 11. To get more tutorials, visit us @ www.businessfellows.bizBusiness Fellows Page 11