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Of omsk fall 2013


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Of omsk fall 2013

  1. 1.   Oral  Fluency  Sample   Omsk  Universities/Various   Fall,  2013  (Start  of  Semester)       This  is  a  testing  instrument  designed  to  assess  your  developing  abilities  with   English  at  the  start  of  the  Fall,  2013  Semester.         You  will  draw  on  English  language,  culture,  and  civilization  skills,  knowledge,   and  themes  developed  in  your  work  this  semester.     As  outlined  by  your  instructor,  make  a  digital  audio  recording,    reading  aloud   the  following  text.         Do  not  prepare  or  rehearse  this  text;  use  several  moments  to  orient  yourself   with  the  text,  and  then  begin  reading.         It  is  not  expected  that  you  will  read  the  presented  text  materials  perfectly;  do   not  “agonize”  over  word  elements  you  do  not  know  or  repeat  words  or   phrase—one  measure  of  your  oral  fluency  is  the  total  time  taken  to  complete   the  reading.     Refer  any  questions  or  concerns  to  your  faculty  instructor.     At  the  conclusion  of  your  readings:    in  your  own  words,  describe  yourself   as  a  language  and  culture  learner.    Speak  freely  about  your  language   learning  process  and  goals  as  a  language  and  culture  learner.      
  2. 2. 1.           Thursday  night,  at  the  Democratic  National  Convention,  President  Barack   Obama  accepted  his  party's  nomination  for  a  second  term.       President  Obama  noted  that  "If  you  believe  in  a  country  where  everyone  gets   a  fair  shot  and  everyone  does  their  fair  share  and  everybody  plays  by  the   same  rules,  then  I  need  your  vote  in  November!"       Mr.  Obama  said  he  supports  the  middle  class  while  Republican  nominee  Mitt   Romney  favors  the  wealthy.  He  said  the  differences  between  them  give  voters   "the  clearest  choice  of  any  time  in  a  generation."       "Over  the  next  few  years,"  he  said,  "big  decisions  will  be  made  in  Washington   on  jobs,  the  economy,  taxes  and  deficits,  energy,  education,  war  and  peace."   And  he  added,  those  decisions  "will  have  a  huge  impact  on  our  lives  and  on   our  children's  lives  for  decades  to  come."       Mr.  Obama  told  the  convention  in  Charlotte,  North  Carolina,  that  he  was   mindful  of  his  "failings."       "But  know  this,  America.  Our  problems  can  be  solved.  Our  challenges  can  be   met.  The  path  we  offer  may  be  harder,  but  it  leads  to  a  better  place.  And  I'm   asking  you  to  choose  that  future."        
  3. 3.   2.     Now,  at  the  conclusion  of  your  reading:    in  your  own  words,  describe   yourself  as  a  language  and  culture  learner.         Say  as  much  as  you  can,  speaking  for  at  least  one  to  two  minutes.     How  much  speaking  and  listening  practice  in  English  do  you  have?         How  comfortable  are  you  in  speaking  English  and  understanding  native   speakers?       What  are  your  goals  in  language  and  culture  learning?       Which  language  learning  activities  or  classes  do  you  enjoy  the  most?       Which  activities  do  you  learn  the  most  from?         Be  as  specific  and  detailed  as  you  can.