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Dress code


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Presentation of Dress Code for intermediate English learners

Published in: Education
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Dress code

  1. 1. - Let’s get dressed! - Ok, but what’s the dress code?
  2. 2. You have absolutely no idea why I asked you into my office? I’m not disputing that you have a lot of power around the office. I’m just saying you need to follow the dress code. Yes, I was homeschooled. How did you know? Match the cartoons with captions. What is dress code?
  3. 3. What style of clothing would you wear for: Grandmother’s birthday party, shopping, rock concert, job interview, theater, business lunch with a partner you know well, bowling, meeting with friends in a café Casual Punky Business Smart casual Evening wear Business casual
  4. 4. Which pictures would illustrate the following dress codes? What do some elements of this clothing styles mean? A wide-brimmed hat and riding boots with no lacing head-scarves and loose- fitting coats floor-length, bell shaped skirts with short sleeves warrior outfit, covered in clay and headmasks Victorian ball (mid 19th century Welcoming ceremony in Papua New Guinea Modern school for girls in Iran At a rancho in Texas
  5. 5. Choose an event and tell your partner what to wear but don’t mention where you are going to go. Let your partner guess. Ex. I’m going to an event. Join me. Please, wear a headmask. A play in the theatre A service in an Orthodox church A birthday party on a beach A 19th century ball A meeting in the School Principal’s office A hospital to entertain sick children A cowboy rancho in Texas Your grandmother’s birthday A wedding of your relative A wide-brimmed hat swimsuit Swimming trunks bell shaped skirt with short sleeves Tuxedo suit headscarf jumpsuit cardigan shirtJacket
  6. 6. Everyone should be allowed to wear exactly what they want. School uniform is a good idea. Nobody should have to wear a uniform at school or at work. People should be free to choose their own hairstyle. Tattoos are a good way to express your personality. Express your agreement or disagreement with these statements. Give reasons. Expressing opinions, giving reasons and examples: In my opinion….. Personally, I think/I don’t think………. It seems to me that……….. In my view…………..
  7. 7. A school in France bans wearing headscarves. A few students were suspended for refusing to take off their hijabs. Read the arguments for and against the ban. Which argument is in favor of the ban and which is against the ban? for against It is discrimination against Muslims Wearing religious symbols leads to conflicts between people of different religions A head scarf ban violates the right to freedom of religion and expression Wearing the Hijab does no do anything bad to other individuals School dress code should be equal to students of religions Head scarves are not an essential element of the Islamic faith
  8. 8. Work in pairs. Read the information for your role and then have the conversation with your partner. A: You are a school principal. You have a dress code in school. You think that female students hijabs should not wear hijabs in school. It is against the dress code restrictions of the school. You call to your office a student who came in hijab. Explain to her why she should remove it. B: You are a female student. You are Muslim by faith. It is true to your religious beliefs to wear a headscarf. You meet the principal and explain why you don’t want to remove your headscarf.