Conditionals 3


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Conditionals 3

  1. 1. Conditionals 3
  2. 2. First conditional (1) Future real /possible situations If I become President I will invest in an infrastructure for civic renewal - not just roads, but schools, playgrounds, parks, health clinics, libraries. Second conditional (2) Present/Future imaginary situations If I became President, I would reduce working week to 20 hours. A lazy man A candidate in an election Third conditional (3) Unreal past situations If I had become president, I would have lowered taxes. A man who almost became president
  3. 3. CONDITIONALS First conditional (1) Future real /possible situations Second conditional (2) Third conditional (3) Unreal past situations Present/Future imaginary situations If + present , will + infinitive If + past perfect, would have + past participle If we had played chess, I would have won. If we play chess, I’ll win. If + past , would + infinitive If we played chess, I would win.
  4. 4. Present Simple Past Perfect + I, we, you, they He, she, it I, you, we, they make He, she, it makes I, we, you, they He, she, it I, you, we, they don’t make He, she, it doesn’t make Do I, you, we, they make? Does he, she, it make? Had + Irregular verbs (make, do, go…) I, you, we, they He, she, it _ I, we, you, they He, she, it Infinitive be made did went didn’t cook didn’t want didn’t walk didn’t make didn’t do didn’t go ? Did I, we, you, they made? He, she, it Irregular verbs Past Simple I, you, we, they He, she, it hadn’t made ? ? cooked wanted walked had made _ _ Regular verbs (cook, want, walk..) + I, you, we, they cook, want, walk, make, do, go ? He, she, it Past simple was, were Past participle been come came come eat ate eaten find found found give gave given have had had put put put read read read see saw seen speak spoke spoken spend spent spent take took taken think thought thought understand understood understood
  5. 5. 1. Read this situation and answer the question: Peter got into a taxi. On the seat there was a wallet. He picked the wallet up, looked inside, and found $1,000 in cash. There was no identification in the wallet, so he decided to keep the cash for himself. If you had been John, what would you have done? Why? Example: A: If I had been John, I would have kept the money too. B: Why? A: If I had kept the money, I could have bought something I needed.