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Human Resource Development


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Human Resource Development

  1. 1. Methods Used In Training Needs Assessment Group Or Organizational Analysis Individual Analysis Organizational goals and objectives Personnel/skills inventories Organizational climate indices Efficiency indices Exit interviews MBO or work planning systems Quality circles Customer survey/satisfaction data Consideration of current and projected changes Performance appraisal Work sampling Interviews Questionnaires Attitude survey Training progress Rating scales Observation of behavior
  2. 2. Training MethodsTraining Methods Training Methods On-The-Job Methods →Job rotation →Coaching →Job instruction →Training through step-by- step →Committee assignments →Internships Off-The-Job Methods →Vestibule training →Role playing →Lecture methods →Conference or discussion →Programmed instruction
  3. 3. Example Of On The Job Training Example Of Job Rotation
  4. 4. Example Of Coaching Example Of Job Instruction
  5. 5. Example Of Committee Assignments
  6. 6. Example Of Vestibule Training
  7. 7. Example Of Lecture Method Example Of Role Playing
  8. 8. Example Of Confernce or Discussion Example Of Programmed Instruction
  9. 9. Increased Productivity
  10. 10. The Trainer Knows To Teach Trainee On Computer Well The Trainee Is Prepared To Enter An Office By Knocking While Training
  11. 11. Job Behaviour Evaluation