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Proposal clear

  1. 1. CHAPTER I1.1.Background and Reason Choosing the TitleIn daily life human being must do activity called communication. Withouthuman communication as a social creature would have knocked out and left behind inthe community. Whatever profession and his work, whether a teacher, a politician, ajournalist, poet, translator, and as with respect to any language as a means ofcommunication, it will face linguistic problems.Language is the most important tool in human’s life, so it seems obvious thatthe human language can convey his heart to each other or can also expressthemselves. Language is used in all human life, whether for communication,publication or cultural development of the nation as a tool to make the language as akey to improve human’s knowledge. So the language is very important in theactivities of science.Fabricate is a whole series of activities a person expressing an idea and presentit to the public through written language readers to understand. Writing ability is theability to convey thoughts or orders to others in the written language.To produce a good essay, and meaningful, authors must be a master oflanguage. word is the smallest unit after phrases and clauses in the syntactic units.The word is also one of the important elements in forming a sentence. Efficient use ofthe word is related to the provision choose to express an idea, thing or things to bemandated and compliance in the use of words that have been selected.
  2. 2. Therefore, according to the language skills sufficient the grammar. Wealth ofa persons skill of grammar also determine the quality of the speaking and alsowriting appearances. To have a rich grammar’s skill student must understanding thegrammar and be a master of the meaning of these words. it can be said that a studentsability to fabricate obviously depends on the quality and quantity of its vocabulary.Increasingly rich vocabulary has, the greater the likelihood that a person is able tofabricate.Grammar also has a big role definition of language, because grammar is usedto express some case ,or some expression to be meaningful for understanding. As weseen, every language has its own particular ways of making the words be understood.So, when we say that English grammar is different from French grammar or Germanygrammar, but there is simply another way to saying that the behavior of words in theEnglish is so different from the behavior words in many language grammar.The most element that we have meet in every sentences is noun, becausenoun has many function to express something or things depend of the speaker need touse it, it can be concrete noun, and also it can be abstract noun. This case is thebackground for the analyst for choosing to be researched, in this paper.The Analyst want to use the once of many method of teaching it’s calledComputer assisted method, this method is a blending between technology andhuman’s skill, because the student must listen the audio that was recorded before it tobe played for the student and then the student must fill the assessment form from theteacher.
  3. 3. 1.2.Statement Of the ProblemThrough this paper The Analyst want to use once of many method ofteaching it’s called Computer assisted method, this method is a blending betweentechnology and human’s skill, because the student must listen the audio that wasrecorded before it to be played for the student and then the student must fill theassessment form from the teacher.1.3.Scope Of The ProblemThis paper limits its discussion on analysing the analyzing of computer assistedteaching method for teaching a types of noun and also the function in their eachsentences for the students of junior high school for the ninth grade.1.4. Method and Procedures of the AnalysisThis paper uses descriptive qualitative method. The technique of collectingthe necessary data and ground theory are through library research. The analyst startsfrom indentifying the noun and also their function in each sentences and the computerassisted program. By using the ground theory about noun and its function, each datais then explained thoroughly. The last procedure taking assessment from the studentwhile to check their understanding of this method.
  4. 4. CHAPTER II2.1. Noun Description and Types of NounNoun is a word to indicate a person, a place, or a thing. A thing in thisdescription can be a physical entity or it can be an abstract idea. A noun may be usedas a subject of a sentence, as a direct object, as an indirect object, or it may be used asthe object of a preposition. Some additional noun applications are addressed below.Some examples of noun usage appear in the following sentencesFor the first, Noun has many types such as Common Noun, Proper Noun,Collective Noun, Abstract Noun, Compound Noun, Count Noun, and the last Massnoun. From these types of noun, we can know that noun is has many function andalso many type as we discuss below. So there are seven types of noun that we use toconvey the meaning. So ,There are seven types of noun.2.1.1. Common NounCommon noun is the noun that used to refer to a general class of person,place, or thing. For the example: boy, girl, zoo, and rock. These words refer to acategory of noun, rather than to the special title of the specific noun.2.1.2. Proper NounProper noun is the noun to express some names that refer specifically toidentity of certain special noun. Proper noun include the names of people (Obama),Geographical names (Indonesia), names of brand (Coffee Bean), institutional names
  5. 5. (Bina Sarana Informatika) as well as titles of film, literature and artwork (Iron Man).Proper nouns are always by capitalized.2.1.3. Collective NounCollective noun is used to refer to a group or collection of noun with oneword. Consider for example the first word in each of the following phrases: flock ofgeese, pack of cigarettes, crowd of people, and bundle of sticks.2.1.4. Abstract NounAbstract noun is the noun to use to refer the concept that we objectify in ourthought and our speech but we don’t have the material form. Example: hope, desire,fear, anguish. From these examples, we can know that these words are unique, for wemay treat them as an object in the sentences, while they do not exist as object in thephysical thing, as do other noun.2.1.5. Compound NounCompound noun is the noun that consist for two or more words combined.Some compound nouns are hyphenated or linked by a line. Example(jack-in-the-box).Other consist of separate of words. Example(board of trustees). And some compoundnouns are two or more words combined without hyphen or linked without a line(manslaughter).
  6. 6. 2.1.6. Count NounCount noun is the noun that may be counted in numbers, for example: twoeggs, three cars, four birds. Count noun is used to show plurality, there may add an“s” to the end of the word, but in some case we must add “es”: bushes, dishes,brushes.2.1.7. Mass nounMass Noun is the noun that called non-count noun, or it means the noun maybe not counted, such as milk, water and sunlight. These nouns may be quantified bycertain constants. Example (jar of milk, rays of sunlight), but we may not give the thenumber in the standard plural fashion such as in this example (three milks, twosunlights).According to (cf Bunt 1985, 44-47)The fact that mass extensions are non atomic expresses the intuition thatthe meaning of words like water and ice does not specify minimal parts (cf.Bunt 1985, 44–47)2.2. The Functions of NounAfter we know about the types of noun, we can know that noun has someusefulness in their each function. Noun is not only a part of things but it has manyfunctions.Various theories have been proposed to explain the constructions andinterpretations of this type of combination (Lisa Paulson: 2012, 1)
  7. 7. 2.2.1. Noun as a SubjectExample: Mr. Rojali drive a car into the parking placeAsmat is the famous dyak in BorneoIf it were Saturday, Mrs. Szalinsky would be hereFrom these examples we can know that Mr. Rojali is the subject of the firstsentence. Asmat is the subject of the second sentence. Asmat is the name of somenative ethnic group of Borneo. A noun that represents the name of a person or aspecific place is a proper noun. Some other nouns are also proper nouns, e.g.,September, Easter, Holocaust. A proper noun is capitalized regardless of its positionin the sentence. Mrs.Szalinsky is the subject of the third sentence.2.2.2. Noun as Direct ObjectExample: Mr. John washed the carThe Lecture commended AliFrom these examples we can identify the direct by asking whom or what?, forthe first sentence, we can use the question tag “what”, what did Mr. John wash?;Answer: a car. So, the car is the direct object of the verb washed. And for the secondsentence, we can use the question tag “whom”, The Lecture commended whom?;Answer: Ali. So, Ali is the direct object of the verb commended.2.2.3. Noun as Indirect ObjectExample: I gave Stephanie a roseHe bought the dog a chain
  8. 8. To indicate the indirect object we can use the question tag “to what?” or “forwhat?”, and “to whom?” or “for whom?”. For the first sentence, I gave a rose towhom?, Answer: Stephanie, So, Stephanie is the indirect object of the verb gave. Andfor the second sentence, He bought a chain to what?, Answer: the dog.2.2.4. Noun as Object of PrepositionExample: He drive the car into the garageFor her perspective, the meeting was a successFor the first sentence, the preposition word is to. So, the object of prepositionis the garage. And for the second, the preposition word is from. So, the object ofpreposition is perspective.2.2.5. Noun Functioning as Predicate of NounIn this case the intransitive verb cannot accept an object. A noun that followsan intransitive verb and completes the meaning of a sentence is called a complement.The word complement means to complete. A sentence has a subject and a predicate.Predicate also has a generic term that includes those parts of the sentence that explainthe subject of the sentence. The noun that follows an intransitive verb and completesthe predicate it may also called a predicate of noun or predicate nominative.Example: Mr. John is a DentistI am a policemanFor the first sentence, the subject is Mr. John and Dentist is the predicatenoun. So, the predicate of Mr. John is a Dentist. And for the second sentence the
  9. 9. subject is I, and policeman is the predicate noun of I. So, the predicate of I is apoliceman.2.2.6. Noun Functioning as Appositive nounThe appositive noun means near. In English grammar an appositive is a nounor pronoun located near another noun or pronoun, and the appositive enhances ourunderstanding of the original noun or pronoun.Example: My brother, Azhar, is in town for the reunion.Miguel, the American, will deliver the commencement orationIn that sentence, my brother is the subject, and Azhar is the appositive. Miguel is thesubject of the second sentence, and American is the appositive.2.2.7. Noun as Possessive ModifierThe noun as possessive modifier it means the noun can be used to modifyanother noun. So, the noun functions as an adjective or adverb, and also convey asense of possession. Consider the following example.Example: The town’s water supply is in jeopardyThe word town is a noun. In the sentence above the word towns identifies whichwater supply is in jeopardy. Towns is possessive case. The town possesses the watersupply
  10. 10. 2.2.8. Noun Functioning as an AdjectiveExample: The water pump is brokenThe word water is a noun, but in this example it functions an an adjective to describesthe kind of pump.2.2.9. The Noun Functioning as an AdverbExample: I walked home.The word home in this sentence is a noun, but in this example it functions as anadverb that defines where I walked.There are many function of noun, but it can’t be used for teaching in seniorjunior high school for the ninth grade, it will be continue in the syllabus of seniorhigh school for the next.2.3. The Computer Tutorial ProgramThe computer tutorial program is the new way to teach in the country whichuse English language for the second language, this method was taken as a self accesscomputer assisted. It can also use to be more interactive for the student and theteacher, because the computer linked from the teacher’s computer as a server toanother student’s computer. In this country it may be called computer’s laboratory orlanguage laboratory.
  11. 11. According to (Hartoyo,M.A., Ph.D. 2006:57) :“The tutorial program was installed in the hard disk and in the floppy disk forsome handy use of the computer available in laboratory to enable the studentto use it anytime....”So the students and teacher can talk to each other directly without wasting atime for walking or playing, but it also must under teacher’s surveillance. Because thecomputer is thing that need more protected than a book.The computer tutorial program is consist of five units and each units containstwo sections(material presentation and exercises). The material presentation presentedfirstly in every section of each unit. The explanation must be related with the topicthat given in the form of pop up which appear whenever the students click it in sometable or the hot words that linked with the pop up windows.This program is non-sequential or the program is not only a trial, because ifthe program sequential or only for trial, the teacher cannot get the full access in thatprogram. The program which use in this method must designed by using multimediaauthoring software, Asymetrix Multimedia Toolbook, to enable the students tochoose any topic or information which they want.