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We didn't watch tv

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We didn't watch tv

  1. 1. Star complex English 2.Unit 7.Lesson 4.We didn’t watch TV.English teacher: Baysgalan.
  2. 2. New words play the guitar tennis computer gamesShe played They played He playedthe guitar. computer the tennis. games.
  3. 3. New words watchwatch TV watch a video watch a film My brother Children My friends didn’t didn’t watch awatched TV. watch a video. film yesterday.
  4. 4. New words listen tolisten to CDs listen to news listen to musicShe listened Her grandma His dad didn’t to CDs. listened to the listen to music. news.
  5. 5. New words wash wash clothes wash dishes My mother didn’t wash my clothes . SheHe washed dishes. washed her clothes.
  6. 6. New words study study languages study books She didn’t study manyThey studied many languages . She speaks books this year. only 2 languages.
  7. 7. Look and Remember Simple Past-Жирийн өнгөрсөн цаг Negative form- Үгүйсгэх хэлбэрIYou play basketball yesterday.HeShe did notIt (didn’t)WeYou ride a horse last summer.They
  8. 8. Complete the sentences .Use the verbs above with past time expressions.1.My grandfather … Maths last year.2.I … CDs last night.3.My dad … the news …4.He … computer games…5.My mum … my clothes…6.My brother … tennis…7.She… the dishes…8.He … the guitar…
  9. 9. Check your answers.1.Studied2.Listened3.Listened the news on the radio4.Played the computer games on the computer5.Washed6.Played7.Washed the dishes8.Played the guitar
  10. 10. Read the letter and complete with these verbs. /walked , watch ,played ,start ,washed , arrived/Dear Ms . Jones,I am writing to excuse my son, Ben from school. He is staying hometoday because he isn’t well . This is probably because he … football yesterday afternoon. As you know, it rained a lot yesterday . Wedidn’t … TV .We listened to the radio but we didn’t hear theweather forecast . I arrived home late because my car did not …and so I … Ben waited for me at the football ground . By the time I …, he was very wet . Then in the evening he … his hair in coldwater because we didn’t have water . Now he has a terrible cold . Iam talking him to the doctor’s this afternoon . I hope he can returnto school tomorrow .Thank you for your understanding.Ms. Simpson (Ben Simpson’s mother)
  11. 11. Check your answers.1.Played2.Watch3.Start4.Walked5.Arrived6.Washed
  12. 12. Read the letter and choose a , b or c?1.Who is writing the letter? a.Ben b . Ben’s mum c. Ben’s granny2.Who does she write it to? a. Ben’s granny b. Ben’s friend c. Ben’s teacher
  13. 13. Check your answers.1.b Ben’s mum. Ben’s mother is writing the letter2.c Ben’s teacher. Ben’s mother is writing the letter to Ben’s teacher.
  14. 14. Read again and answer True or False . Then correct the false sentences.1.Ben played tennis yesterday./F/2.It snowed a lot yesterday.3.Ben and his family watched TV.4.They listened to the radio.5.Ben’s mum arrived home early.6.In the evening Ben washed his in hot water.
  15. 15. Well done!
  16. 16. Check your answers. 1.False 2.False 3.False 4.True 5.False 6.False
  17. 17. Look at the pictures and make negative sentences. They didn’t visit theHe didn’t watch TV. shopping centre. She didn’t cook dinner. Her parents cooked dinner. She didn’t wash her hair .John didn’t wash his clothes. Her mom washed her hair.
  18. 18. Homework :activity book exercise1-4, page 28 and make 10 negative sentences using Simple past tense. What didn’t you do last week?