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Esto ltd ganbold


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Esto ltd ganbold

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  5. 5. WHAT IS QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM(QMS)?* ISO 9001:2008* QMS is set of several actions , instructions and their management aimed to continuously improve efficiency of entity ”.* Action based QMS is process approach used in monitoring the management of quality policy goals and its implementation in real term. Action based QMS is a network of closely related processes and it created with aim to satisfy customer’s expectations and needs.* When the customers become more prudent and knowledgeable then their anticipations and expectations grow. The only decision that any company can make in competing business sector to meet the customer’s expectations is to upgrade or improve the quality or service level. In order to strengthen their future the small, medium and large companies would be advised to adopting the QMS ISO 9001:2008.
  6. 6. WHAT IS ISO 9001:2008?*ISO 9001 is an international standard for business entity’s quality management system. Where it:*It creates the control system to oversee product manufacturing or delivery of services;*It creates a system for monitoring own activities whether they are meeting the requirements and expectations of customers, users and clients
  7. 7. * BENEFITS OBSERVED AFTER IMPLEMENTATION OF ISO 9001 : 2008;* Itgives more improved planning, implementation and control of company activities where the customers are having a chance to receive high quality products, services on constant basis* Improvedreputation to company and incresed satisfaction to customers and clients;* Givesgood chances be competitive on global market with our product and higher potentials to participate in international projects and bids,* Reduced data of quality failure, deficiency or noncompliance of products and services* By having low rate of quality decline, failure or noncompliance company results cost reduction year after year
  8. 8. Policy and goals will set by “Highadministration”* At management level or among the company’s managers we having a concrete principal of having a target policy which will have following key areas such as to esteem our customers, quality will be our prime goal where we will be protecting the environment at most. Will concentrate on understanding customer’sexpectations to provide better satisfaction to clients* We following the principle of “Customer is king” and the level of satisfaction of customers, road users will be studied on different studies with questioner from contractors or consultants with aim to know company’s weak or strong points in performance.
  9. 9. Uninterruptable improvement will be apart of company’s culture* With above mentioned studies or as a result of company’s internal auditing unannounced control processes we can reveal the bad performances, but we not hunting for a guilty person instead we aiming to solve the issues right on work site having a extended consultation among our staff and some of unsolvable issues are reported to higher administration for follow up decisions. These measures are becoming a normal habit to company.
  10. 10. Increased efficiency* The built up road is final product or service of a road company. By setting detailed work sequences in each of industrial line processes and making them as standard requirements we saving a lot of time and manpower thus company’s industrial efficiency is been increasing year by year .
  11. 11. ACTION PLAN *CHECK DO Was introduced by Edward Demeng in 1950
  12. 12. Reduced waste* Having standard to most of industrial processes the amount of waste are gradually decreasing. In relation to that costs to clear off the work site or transportation needs for removal of waste are becoming less and less. Key industrial activities are regularly monitored* The key industrial line processes such as quarry utilization, asphalt or concrete preparation and actual road works been regularly controlled in terms of compliance to standard or time needed for each of processes can be standardized thus the project leaders, road or site engineers can monitor their implementation on regular basis. After all of this works we now having standard for highly performed technological processes
  13. 13. Continious improvement of Quality management system of ESTO Satisfaction of customers and clients ManagementExpectation of customers and clients roles Measurement, analisys,improvement Resource of road construction managemen works t Product or road work Process of road construction work
  14. 14. Improved management control* In order to provide regular monitoring of company’s industrial activity all the project Leaders draw a control budget and work schedule with needed funding and manpower which is subject to be approved by managerial meeting and all of these schedules placed on ESTOPROJECT.MN domain using primavera software. And project leaders can report daily works connecting to this domain where each of the project leaders provided their individual passwords using which their can make changes in schedule but the authority to release the right to monitor projects maintained only for management team. This way we currently monitoring the day to day processes of each of projects same time we can provide instructions and guidelines in short time
  15. 15. Better utilization of time and resource* In these days one can be connected easily to administration team on internet or phone to report on daily work progresses and receive instructions which enable better utilization of time and cuts cost on company. Also equal disbursement of sources to necessary locations are giving conditions to provide uninterruptable work flow and achieving the plans on timely basis.* The roles and responsibility and authority of all staff will be clearly defined
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  17. 17. Ability to understand company’s procedure*After introduction of quality management system we the higher administration side of company have openly been introducing all the projects with their estimated control budgets to our staff and this gives very clear insight to our staff in terms of knowing how much profit company will make and how much of that will be used towards making the better social conditions to employees thus the open discussion of above giving an improved internal believe and confident to both a road worker or administration where we benefiting higher commitment from all of us.
  18. 18. It improves the domestic and externalrelations*After implementing the Quality management system we having a drastic changes in domestic and external relations of the company where we have established extensive foreign relations to such organizations such as Sumitomo corporation, Iwata chizaki company of Japan, Sinohydro company, construction company of Zhejiang county of China and KM international company of USA and we about commencing mutually beneficial cooperation to above mentioned companies.