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Onestival pres


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The Onestival calls for Youth Empowerment through Creative Learning and Online Competition through Art and Filmmaking and ultimately leads to a Film and Visual Media Festival.

Stemming from the essence of the Egyptian Revolution, the Onestival beats through the heart of Social Media in a creative, artistic and passionate infinite ripple.

The Onestival leads, aligns and integrates all efforts at the individual and institutional levels towards the reconstruction of Egypt with a solid commitment that will, once again, inspire the world.

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Onestival pres

  1. 1. Presents
  2. 2. nestival LET THERE BE LIGHT
  3. 3. Economic Inertia Job Creation Unemployment Political ChaosHuge Communication Gaps Problems Ineffective Education Lack of Political Awareness
  4. 4. Raise Value of Egyptian Youth Capital New S&MEs and Entrepreneurship New Job Creation Political Awareness Building Effective Communication Bridges Creative Learning SolutionsInnovationPowerful Social Media Creativity
  5. 5. The Pioneering Project that unifies all efforts, ideas and passions for Egypt’s Revolution for Development under One umbrella. .
  6. 6. The Onestival calls for Youth Empowerment through Creative Learning and Online Competition through Art and Filmmaking and ultimately leads to a Film and Visual Media Festival. Stemming from the essence of the Egyptian Revolution, the Onestival beats through the heart of Social Media in a creative, artistic and passionate infinite ripple.The Onestival leads, aligns and integrates all efforts at the individual and institutional levels towards the reconstruction of Egypt with a solid commitment that will, once again, inspire the world.
  7. 7. Just as the world paused in awe at the power of our youth, we hereby call the world’s attention to the revolution of renaissance that will light the torch forthe awakening of a nation that used to be the source of all awakening. A Festival that will illuminate the rippleimpact of the Egyptian Revolution as the new light house for the new age that redefines Freedom, Peace, Integrity ,Democracy and all other key concepts all over the world.
  8. 8. The Egyptian Impact‘And forevermore it will remind us of the Egyptianpeople -of what they did, of the things that they stood for, and howthey changed their country, and in doing so changedthe world ,’Obama
  9. 9. “We saw a new generation emerge — a generation that uses their owncreativity talent and andtechnology to call for a government thatrepresented their hopes and not their fears; a government that isresponsive to their boundless aspirations. ”Obama
  10. 10. Why has the EgyptianRevolution been getting all this attention
  11. 11. Celebrating the Transcending all Success of the Urgent Need for Boundaries and Egyptian Revolution Building Egypt. Limitations and Beyond. Through Creativity. Exposing theInvestments and Locating the “New Keeping the Competitive Edge of Economic Egypt” on the World Momentum of the The Egyptian Youth Development Map Revolution. Capital Capitalizing on Redefining Key Crossing Boarders What Proved to Concepts like on a Global Level “Work” ; Youth, New Job Creation Freedom, Democracy, Through Social Citizenship andSocial Media, and Media Others. Innovation.
  12. 12. • Honor the Art of the Revolution, with the objective of documenting, asserting and strengthening the soul of the Revolution• Capitalize on the learnings, tools, messages from the revolution and take them to the next level to foster a culture of dialogue and help take the emerging new society to the next level.• Integrate interactive creative learning sessions all over Egypt, on-line learning, Television program, recognition program and award ceremonies for every stage• Obtain a strategic engagement of political policy makers at a local and regional levels to enforce democratic principles and maintain an open dialogue with citizens• Engage investors, policy makers and corporate leaders at a strategic level around new opportunities and initiatives
  13. 13. • Offer a platform to learn, discover and interact with businessmen, artists, activists, policy makers and development workers to create a culture of open dialogue• Eradicate barriers and stereotypes that have been curtailing international synergy• Transcend time and other blocks through creativity and innovation• Pioneer the Renaissance of the Arab world
  14. 14. How can WeRebuildEgypt
  15. 15. A series of online competitionsthrough iEgypt ’s 7 stagesA Campaign to raise awarenessabout key topics through iLearn face to face and online creativelearning sessionsConstant interaction andcommunication through iVote withonline viewers and youthparticipantsThese three ripples are the core ofthe Onestival Project!
  16. 16. These three ripples will be implemented through activities such as: On-Line Learning Face to face interactiveincluding Videos and Creative Learning Sessions all over Egypt Materials extrapolating in each of the seven stages of iEgyptTV program Interviews and live streamed events Bi-Monthly awards, Prizes Ceremonies Incubating panels that mentor and develop winning projects.
  17. 17. iBuild Egypt Political awareness campaign training Song manuals Online Material forCreative Learning Political Awareness Manuals Campaign Training of Social Media ‘sTrainers Manuals Onestival pagesYoutube Onestival Digital Video Film Channel Making Guidelines
  18. 18. Commit, Think, develop, grow, succeed, lead, communicate and foremost share! The Onestival encourages everyone to get onboard and follow thatsequence of actions and learn about key topics that are critical for our society as a whole.The Onestival’s formula is a full circle composed of several ripples that are taking place synchronously and in synergy.
  19. 19. iLearniVote
  20. 20. iEgypt represents the first ripple which reasserts the people’s commitment towards Egypt’s Development. Together they will form part of the iEgypt’s charter, sharing the same principles and objectives.Capitalizing on the Power and influence of Online Social Networking as well as its heroic role in the Revolution, the Onestival project through “iEgypt”orchestrates a breakthrough strategy that sings a song of powerful Oneness for the stage of Egypt’s Evolution.
  21. 21. Through the iEgypt online Competition participants will be able to upload their iEgypt Projects and ideas in an artistic visual video that transcends boundaries of communication and gains followership. Winning Projects and Ideas will be chosen according to followership, interaction, creativity and overall impact.The winning projects will be recognized in the Awards Ceremonies after two weeks of the official launch of the competition. Panels will be formed to take the competitors’ projects up toimplementation stages. Panel members will come from the private and public sectors and will commit to the second ripple of the Onestival project in which projects are geared towards effective growth and development.
  22. 22. These themes will be the base for the political awareness campaign as well as the key societal topics that the youth will use in their projects for the online competition. They will be introduced throughout the project in that sequence below. Political Democratic Women Inter-Cultural Environmental New Job Systems & Social Media Principles Empowerment Dialogue awareness creationSocial Justice
  23. 23. • Signing Up iEgypt • Commit to The CharteriCommit • Present Your Idea iBuild • Prove Success of Your ProjectiSucceed • Coach and Mentor Others iLead
  24. 24. Name :Commitment to Self :Commitment to Family : This is a commitment that individual and entities will signCommitment to Society : to commit themselves toCommitment to Profession : rebuilding Egypt and uphold to certain principles and objectivesCommitment to Organization :Commitment to Egyptians:Commitment to Government :Commitment to Egypt:Other Commitment(s) :Signature :
  25. 25. iBuild iBuild will be the first commitment to be steered into action. How do you see it happening? What is Your Plan ? Make a creative presentation video to convince others about your idea Upload and join the competition
  26. 26. iSucceed How do you sustain the development of your project? How are you being creative in developing new thresholds of success? Make a video Upload and make it spread
  27. 27. iLead Now that your project is working, how will you help others make their dreams come true Choose among the submitted ideas Coach and Mentor the participants through the steps to make their project reach iLead Make Videos Upload and Make it spread
  28. 28. Share your comments Vote for iEgypt ideas and interact by helping and projects through ideas become solidthe iEgypt Competition successful projects
  29. 29. The best productions related to the Egyptian Revolution: Best Video Clip/Best Feature Film Best Short Film Best Documentary Best Experimental Song Best Television Best Advertising Best Television Best Television Best Writers Commercial Campaigns Coverage Reporter Best Figures and Best Comedy Best Stand up Best Social Media Role Models who Best Poem Shows Comedy Campaign have inspired freedom (global)
  30. 30. iLearn and iEgypt will take place simultaneously to create a ripple effect of social creative virtual learning communities across Egypt,integrating Culture, Arts, Development, Education and Social Media into one holistic unit. To have a nation with a strong democratic system you begin with the individual! The themes for iBuild will be used for iLearnDemocracy, Citizenship, Women Empowerment, Education, New Job Creation, Brain Gain and others.
  31. 31. Individual SocialOrganizations Economic Political
  32. 32. 21st Century Skills Entrepreneurship Creative LearningMentorship Virtual Learning Social Networking Gaming
  33. 33. The One FestivalThe One Festival will take place July 27th 2011 in Cairo over 3 days. The Festival will celebrate the revolution and the end of the initial phase of the Onestival Project in Egypt.Documentaries and films about the theme of the revolution will be screened while panel discussions will take place on the topics addressed during the Onestival project. A panel of judges will select the best video uploaded during the i-Egypt competition and the winners of the bi-weekly challenges will be presented to the audience.
  34. 34. Potential Associates
  35. 35. • The UK Film Council• The Tribeca Film Festival• LA Film Festival• Cinema For Peace Foundation• London Film Academy• Doha Film Festival• Dubai Film Festival• The Royal Film Commission Jordan
  36. 36. • Follow up on winning initiatives• Replicate the Onestival Project and the festival in other countries• Maintain dialogue, debates on the key topics of the Onestival project and the One Festival• Document key debates, questions and solutions suggested during the Onestival project and the Festival• Continue to raise awareness through online and face to face creative sessions• Target another segment of society• Develop and expand the network of leaders and mentors around the world
  37. 37. One International is an Egyptian based company composed of a multi-cultural team that has combined its multi-sectorial expertise togetherTo present the Onestival Project and the One Festival.www.One-intl.comIn Partnership with:SELA Advisory Group, an consulting firm in international
  38. 38. We Look forward to further cooperation and to launching the Onestival Project Ripples in Egypt and around the world!