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Elmeedan Network Presentation


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Elmeedan - Where Dreams Come True

The First Social Network for Starting, Backing, Funding and Growing Projects.

In Elmeedan everyone UNITES to develop ideas into projects:

Celebrities become Ambassadors

Professionals become Mentors and Coaches

Help becomes online learning courses and live creative learning sessions

YOU can have backers for your project as volunteers, or as partners

Instead of waiting for one or a few entities to fund your project you can have everyone funding your project through crowd funding.

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Elmeedan Network Presentation

  1. 1. The First Social Network for Starting, Backing , Growing and Funding Projects. Join Now
  2. 2. Contents Elmeedan Introduction Elmeedan Social Network Elmeedan Workshops Elmeedan Events Elmeedan Television Program Elmeedan Festival/ Conference Elmeedan Ripple
  3. 3. Elmeedan
  4. 4. What is Elmeedan ? Elmeedan is an innovative Public Private Partnership Project that unifies all efforts, ideas and passions for the Revolution of Evolution under One umbrella. Elmeedan Project calls for youth empowerment through creativity and innovation and equips them with the tools for entrepreneurship across all sectors.
  5. 5. Elmeedan Description In Elmeedan everyone Unites - Celebrities become Ambassadors and Mentors - Professionals become Coaches - Help becomes online learning courses and live creative learning sessions - you can have backers for your project as volunteers, or as partners - Instead of waiting for one or a few entities to fund your project you can have everyone funding your project through crowd funding.
  6. 6. Elmeedan’s Purpose Just as the world paused in awe at the power of our youth, we hereby call the world’s attention to the revolution of renaissance that will light the torch for the awakening of a nation that used to be the source of all awakening. Elmeedan will illuminate the ripple impact of the Egyptian Revolution as the new light house for the new age that redefines Freedom, Peace, Integrity , Democracy and all other key concepts all over the world.
  7. 7. Why Elmeedan Project ? Urgent Need for Building Transcending Limitations Investments and Economic Egypt. Through Creativity. Development. Exposing the Competitive Capitalizing on What Proved Locating the “New Egypt” on Edge of The Egyptian Youth to “Work” ; Youth, Social the World Map Capital Media, and Innovation. Redefining Key Concepts like Crossing Boarders on a Freedom of Freedom, Democracy, Global Level Entrepreneurship Citizenship and Others.
  8. 8. How ? Elmeedan Elmeedan Social Ripple Network Elmeedan Elmeedan Festival/ Workshops Conference Elmeedan Elmeedan Television Events Program
  9. 9. Elmeedan Social Network
  10. 10. Elmeedan Main Actions
  11. 11. Elmeedan Social Network Social Learning Networking Management System (LMS) Entrepreneurship Full integration Start Ups Platform with Facebook Alternate Reality Crowd Funding Gaming (ARG)
  12. 12. Elmeedan Tools Online Multi Profiles Webinars Coaching, Voting Mentoring Polls Petitions Blogging Testimonials Online Certifications Medals Project Videos Funding Others
  13. 13. Elmeedan Profiles Participant Ambassador Group Mentor Coach
  14. 14. Elmeedan Info-Graph Elmeedan Info-Graph
  15. 15. Elmeedan Project Types Elmeedan Project Types
  16. 16. Starting Starting
  17. 17. Ambassadors, Mentors & Coaches
  18. 18. Elmeedan University
  19. 19. Elmeedan Crowd Funding
  20. 20. Elmeedan Script Sign Up Develop Project Grow Project Have a mentor Sign Commitment Become a Coach On Line Learning Courses Have Coaches Launch Profile Project Open for Volunteering Become a Mentor Project Open for Partnering Project Open for Funding Launch Project Profile Become an Ambassador Have and Ambassador
  21. 21. Elmeedan Workshops Elmeedan Creative Learning Mentoring & Coaching Seminars & Forums Sessions Programs • Universities • Sponsor Partners • Ambassador Seminars & • Schools • NGO Partners Forums • Student Bodies • Community Partners • Weekend Events • Clubs • Professional Association • Live Transmition • Cultural Centers Partners • Elmeedan Partners • Public Entity Partners • Over 30,000 • Media Partners Participants All Over • Technical Partners Egypt • Others
  22. 22. Elmeedan Events Monthly Elmeedan Tedx Elmeedan Tweet Ups Live Interviews Awards Events Kiosks
  23. 23. Elmeedan Television Program Elmeedan Television Program (Weekly Episodes) Television Coverage on all Major Television Channels, Melody, ONTV, OTV, Nile and Others
  24. 24. Elmeedan Conference and Film Festival The Elmeedan Festival will take place after the completion of the Competition in Cairo over 2days. The Festival will celebrate the revolution and the end of the initial phase of the Elmeedan Project in Egypt. Documentaries and films about the theme of the revolution will be screened while panel discussions will take place on the topics addressed on Elmeedan Network Elmeedan Conference will host an elite panel of speakers and judges on an international scale. Live webcast will be airing the Elmeedan Conference/ Festival.
  25. 25. Potential Partners
  26. 26. Elmeedan Ripple Replicate the Elmeedan Project and the festival in other countries Document key debates, questions and solutions suggested during the Elmeedan project and the Festival Develop and expand the network of leaders and mentors around the world Elmeedan continues growth and continuity sustainably.
  27. 27. Elmeedan Alliance
  28. 28. Thank YouFor More Information Please Don’t Hesitate to Contact us at any timeBayan Waleed Bayan@elmeedan.comFadi Taher Fadi@elmeedan.comLandline - 02- 2378 4882Website