Statement of work


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Statement of work

  1. 1. STATEMENTS OF WORKGuidance for submitting SOWs through Teamlink SWEPRS Statement of Work Electronic Proposal Review System US Army Corps of Engineers BUILDING STRONG®
  2. 2. Homepage Visit SWEPRS BUILDING STRONG®
  3. 3. New SOW Tab Visit BUILDING STRONG®
  4. 4. Template for New SOW Click on “Download Template” in New SOW tab; this template is a Microsoft Word file that will be filled out for a specific project BUILDING STRONG®
  5. 5. Dashboard Tab Visit BUILDING STRONG®
  6. 6. Viewing SOW From the Dashboard tab, select “View SOW” to see details BUILDING STRONG®
  7. 7. Editing SOW After selecting “View SOW” in the Dashboard tab, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Edit Proposal” to make changes after the SOW has been submitted BUILDING STRONG®
  8. 8. Search Tab Visit The search tab allows you to look for SOWs stored in the SWEPRS database BUILDING STRONG®