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Slideshare Triaing


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Slideshare Triaing

  1. 1. Your NameTraining and Development
  2. 2. · Design Classroom Presentations· Develop Instructional Materials· Develop Teaching Aids, Incl. Technological &Visual· Mentor Co-Workers In School/EducationalSetting· Organize Educational Material/Ideas· Develop & Coordinate Educational Material &Content
  3. 3. · Analyze/Resolve Worker & ManagementConflicts/Problems· Delegate Appropriate Administrative SupportActivities· Evaluate Office Operations & Programs· Organize Office Processes· Prepare Business Correspondence
  4. 4. · Apply Business Management Concepts· Transcribe Handwritten Information As PartOf Administrative Support· Perform Misc. Management Support
  5. 5. Conduct Market Research· Conduct Performance Test· Transcribe Handwritten Information As Part Of AdministrativeSupport