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Coffee GarzóN

  1. 1. <strong>SPECIAL COFFEE (Pital)</strong><br /><strong>The municipality of Pital is of indigenous Paez origin. The name of the old domain of Cacique Pitalo or Pitayò comes from the abundance of Pital plants that grew formerly in the area. Located in the south western part of the Department, its coffee farming takes place between 1,300 to 1,700 meters above sea level on the ramp of Cordillera Central Massif within the buffer zone and the Colombian National Park Natural Puracè.<br />The cultivation of coffee provides an economical base for people feeling a passion for agriculture. The coffee from this county has also recieved the UTZ certificates and Rainforest Alliance, who ensure its unique quality, its traceability and respect for the environment.<br />The COOCENTRAL Pital coffee is grown in the fertile and imposing mountains of the Andean area blessed with many beautiful ecosystems, which allow the production of a delicious coffee bean; it's a combination of floral notes, of a fine acidity and of a complex flavor that might even remind of chocolate and caramel. The great body of this drink makes the taste endure in the mouth.</strong><br /><strong><br />SPECIAL COFFEE (Tarqui)</strong><br /><strong>Tarqui is recognized because of the silhouette of three green mountains always visible on the horizon. The name of the town originates from the " Battle of Tarqui" that took place between Colombian troops and Peruvian forces. from 1,300 to 1,900 meters above sea level coffee is grown in the South-western part of the Cordillera Central and on the left bank of the Magdalena River between numerous creeks that give life to their mountainous lands.<br />Tarqui bases its economy on livestock and coffee; 2,500 hectares are cultivated with coffee, giving coffee a big regional economical importance.<br />The coffee town of Tarqui was provided with certificates from the UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance to ensure is unique quality, traceability and environmental compliance.<br />The coffee of this region is a high quality, with a delicious note of citrus flavors, a complex body, a balanced acidity and a chocolaty flavor, which persists in the mouth after drinking</strong><br /><strong>SPECIAL COFFEE (Guadalupe)<br />The municipality of Guadalupe owes its name to the Virgin of Guadalupe in México.The coffee grows between 1,300 to 1,800 meters above sea level in the southwest of the cordillera Oriental, where there are only few flat areas close by the " Suaza" and the smaller " Viciosa" river.<br />Guadalupe is a predominantly agricultural town, because its mild climate and fertile land permit so; their main product is coffee grown by families of coffee tradition, who with respect and love for the environment create and cultivate one of the most popular gourmet coffees in the world.<br />Guadalupe Coffee is certified by UTZ certificates and Rainforest Alliance, who guarantee its unique quality, the traceability of the product and the respect for the environment.<br />Its sophisticated and vibrant coffe present a perfect balance between a thin. bright acidity, an intense floral aroma and a sweet taste of caramel.</strong><br /><strong><br />SPECIAL COFFEE (Agrado)<br />The name of the town Agrado is due to the abundant and crystaline waters that surround it and make its climate and atmosphere truly pleasant. The town is also called " The agraduno garden" or in other terms it is considered as the " Cradle of Cacique Yalcones" .<br />Their crops of coffee rise above 1,300 and 1,800 meters. The region is divided into two parts: the eastern half, mainly flat or slight undulating; and the western, mountainous half.<br />Agrado produces 870 hectares of coffee and is still developing, agriculture is its most important economic activity.<br />This coffee was awarded certificates as the UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance, both ensuring their quality, traceability, sustainability and respect for the environment.<br />Their coffee is internationally highly desired and is characterized by its slight acidity, dense body, pronounced aroma and pleasant flavor.</strong><br /><strong>SPECIAL COFFEE (Gigante)<br />The coffee produced by the municipality of Gigante grows between 1,300 and 1,600 meters above sea level. Situated of the western slopes of the Cordillera Oriental and on the backbone of the Magdalena River; the large environmental supply and the ideal climatic conditions allow the production of high quality coffee beans. The " Ceiba of El Gigante" is its symbol, also known as" the tree of Liberty, which was planted on may 21 in 1851, when the law abolishing slavery was signed by the president of Colombia José Hilario López.<br />For generations the peasant farmers of coffee and cocoa have acquired knowledge and respect for the cultivation of coffee and the beautiful rural tradition keeps living on in the municipality of Gigante.<br />Gigante's coffee has been selected as a Nespresso coffee AAA Sustainable Quality, the highest rating for specialty coffee in the world, which ensures that coffee is produced according to the highest quality standards. Also, do certificates as the UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance ensure its outstanding quality and its production conditions.<br />Gigante's COOCENTRAL coffee is characterized by a fine and clear acidity with a smooth, balanced body and a strong aroma, that, when savored, leaves around and provocative taste in the palate.</strong><br /><strong></strong><br /><strong>SPECIAL COFFEE (Garzón)<br />The municipality of Garzón is named after a bird species from the family of herons called " Garzón" because of their large size and is also known as the " Diocesan capital" of huila. Here the coffee grows between 1,300 and 1,900 meters above sea level, southeast of the department of Huila, on the foothills of the western slopes of the Cordillera Oriental. The region is green, fertile and privileged; the river Suaza and La Magdalena, the latter being a source of life in Colombia, flow through its mountains and valleys.<br />Garzón is a town of friendly and religious people where the livestock sector and coffee are economically most important.<br />Starbucks Coffee, with over 15,000 seats the largest store in the world for coffee drinks, has selected COOCENTRAL and its coffee product Garzón as its supplier.<br />Under the premise " Offer coffee products of the highest quality in the world" Garzón coffee was chosen, because of the quality of the coffee bean production and its distinctive profile.<br />Certificates as the UTZ certificate and Rainforest Alliance guarantee the unique quality, the traceability of the product and respect for the environment.<br />COOCENTRAL Garzón Coffee is a high quality product; composed by a perfect and balanced combination of high and elegant fragances, a pronounced, sweet flavor and a fine and complex acidity.</strong><br /><strong></strong><br /><strong>UTZ CERTIFIED<br />The certificate UTZ is one of the biggest and demanding coffee certification programs on the world.<br />UTZ creates opportunity for farmers to improve business practices and find marketing expectations. Also, UTZ is a credible firm of confidence for brands; in addition, it supports its customers' expectations in terms of social and environmental responsibility.<br />The introduction of COOCENTRAL and associates to the promotion of Good Agricultural Practices and stamps Responsible Coffee. happens in a framework of enormous efforts of the Cooperative, to promote the quality of its brand's Huilense's coffee in the world.<br />UTZ stamp of coffee responsible, ensures traceability (tracking) of Coocentral's coffee in any market in the world; this fact creates more demanding productive; at the same time, it becomes aware of specialized seller or consumer that the coffee which is acquiring or consuming is fit, inoffensive, hygienically processed under unique quality standards that contribute to the protection of invironment and allow good social conditions of workers in the community.</strong><br /><strong>ILLY COFFEE<br />" An unique concept to achieve a perfect express" Respect for the environment an quality of production: a binomial that aims to get perfection.<br />Enterprise was established in 1933, is the global benchmark on the culture of coffee.<br />Today, it is marketed in 140 countries, 5 continents and is drunk in more than 50,000 shops. Illy in the world means 6 millions of cups a day served at home, in the office and in the best 50,000 restaurants, bars and hotels in 140 countries.<br />Illy coffe, loves the well-cultivated soil, carefully, it chooses plantations many places around the world which do not damage the environment, with protects it. It works together with the coffee farmers to a healthy and fair gathered, with a biodiversity protected, because the land belongs to everyone.<br />These principles are the basis of " sustainability" of Illy: economic, social and environmental, that means start by seeds selecting, the plant caring, until the coffee will be serves in the cup.<br />Under this quality concept, coocentral, trading under the work of the National Federation of Coffee growers of Colombia leads the best Huila's coffee directly to the most selected world's consumers.</strong><br /><strong></strong><br /><strong>NESPRESSO<br />To Nespresso the AAA quality sustain (which are creators) sums up the quest, to ensure the used coffee, is produced under the highest standards of quality, which balances the creation of social and economic value to the farmers and their communities, as well as preserving the environment.<br />Over coffee grown in the world only 10% is categorized es special or gourmet coffee, denoting the quality much higher than usual. And only 10 to 20% find the specific taste and the aroma standard for Nespresso.<br />Nespresso actively looks for regions and localities where gourmet coffee is grown, for this reason Huila preferred de Guadalupe Coffee, Coocentral brand, as its supplier; because it provides a current availability of 95,000 bags of special coffee characterized by an unique combination and benign soil type, perfect altitude and climatic conditions. In mountainous areas often grown by peasant families who prefer traditional and organic processes to produce grain the best Colombian Coffee, for the most demanding international coffee firms.<br />Based on this concept, Coocentral under the work marketer of export SKN Caribbean Cafe, carries a selected huilense's coffee to the most select word's consumers. </strong><br /><strong></strong><br /><strong>RAINFOREST ALLIANCE<br />...working to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustianable livelihoods by transforming the land use practices, the business practices and the consumer behavior...<br />As stimulus Rainforest Alliance certifies to farm and cooperatives; based on the execution over 200 criterion on social, environmental and economic fields, develop by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN,for its acronym in English) a coalition of nonprofit organization that promote sustainable agriculture.<br />COOCENTRAL coffee certified by rainforest Alliance is a coffee which is notable for its consistency of taste, it half acidity and its intensed aroma, is grown on farms where forests are protected and rivers, soil and wildlife are conserved ; beside workers are treated with respect; They receive decent wages, and they are provided suitable work equipment. They can access to education and medical care. The Rainforest Alliance seal assures with the aim of experinced inspectors wich give guarantee that farms have really social and environmental standars and truly they are on the path towards true sustainability.</strong><br /><strong></strong><br /><strong>THE COFFEE OF HUILA<br />The coffee of Huila has all the characteristics of the best coffee in the world: The Colombian.<br />Coocentral with the pride that produces a land privileged by nature, of artisanal coffee tradition, introduces to the world market its new line of special coffee grown in Huila. </strong><br /><strong><br />STARBUCKS COFFEE<br />It is the main and largest chain of coffee shops in the world, with more than 15,000 locations in 44countries. Since1971, in Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, United States, were stablished very clear priorities in order to do its basic promise of sale " offer in its product, higher quality coffee in the worl" .<br />Starbucks, faithful to his promises quality and perfection was transformed into a responsible company, compromised to contributing positively in the coffee-growing communities and the environment where they crops are developed. Minimizing the ecological footprint, working with the suppliers and farmers to help to create a sustainable world, this gives guarantee quality of grain's production, after that it produces satisfaction into demanding palates around the world.<br />In the way to get the best coffee in the world to their drinks, you have to choose Cafe Guadalupe. Coocentral brand, as one of you best suppliers, through the Colombian marketing figure; Expocafe. Actually, Guadalupe Coffee has a current availability of 65,000 bags.<br />Coocentral as a provider always guarantees certificates grain, with international quality, enviromentally sustainable and totally traceable.</strong><br /><strong></strong><br /><strong>SPECIAL COFFEE (Suaza)</strong><br /><strong>The municipality of Suaza is considered as the valley of the orchids. The people have a talent for handicraft and agriculture, as can be seen in the manufacture of the " suaceño hat" that is a national symbol. (Produced with the palm heart of the iraca, from which are drawn the fibers that are manually processe into a " suaceño hat" ).</strong><br /><strong>The coffee crop in this area is located in the altitudes between 1,300 and 1,700 meters, on a hillyterrain, for the many slopes of the western Cordillera Oriental. In the last years the dedication and vocation of the " suaceña" people have managed to position their coffee as one of the best and most expensive coffees in Colombia and in the whole world; proof are the quality certificates UTZ and Rainforest Alliance that were granted to Suaza, ensuring the quality of each bean, its traceability and the respect for the surrounding environment.</strong><br /><strong>The love, patience and respect for nature of farmers in the area, the excellent climate and the altitude create a perfect, vivid coffee with an expressive and sweet aroma, a balanced, lemony acidity and long final taste.</strong><br /><strong></strong><br /><strong>SPECIAL COFFEE (Quituro)</strong><br /><strong>The inspection Quituro is located south of Huila Department, under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Tarqui. The coffee crop in this area grows over 287 hectares between 1,400 and 1,800 meters above sea level, represented by about 150 coffee makers.</strong><br /><strong>The coffee certificates UTZ and Rainforest Alliance guarantee its unique quality and traceability anywhere in the world.</strong><br /><strong>Cultivated by families of artisanal coffee tradition, where the profit is used wet and dry naturally. This makes it one of the most representative coffees of Huila. with an intense floral fragrance and aroma, a delicious flavor that combines the citric and the chocolaty and us brightly acid.</strong><br />