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Lithuanian geography and history


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Lithuanian geography and history

  2. 2. GEOGRAPHYGEOGRAPHYLithuania is a small country. Its onlyLithuania is a small country. Its onlyabout 300about 300 km across, so we can drivekm across, so we can drivefrom side to side in under 5 hours.from side to side in under 5 hours.
  3. 3. The temperature in Lithuania goesThe temperature in Lithuania goesfrom -30 to +30 during the year, so it isntfrom -30 to +30 during the year, so it isntvery steady. Here in Lithuaniavery steady. Here in Lithuaniasometimes it gets quite rainy, but most ofsometimes it gets quite rainy, but most ofthe time its sunny and warm. Thethe time its sunny and warm. Thehighest elevation of Lithuania is 297highest elevation of Lithuania is 297meters above sea level, thats not high,meters above sea level, thats not high,but Lithuania is full of small hills.but Lithuania is full of small hills.
  4. 4. OurOurneighboursneighboursareareLatvia,Latvia,Russia,Russia,Belarus andBelarus andPoland.Poland.
  5. 5. BALTIC STATESBALTIC STATESWe can beWe can beproud of that ourproud of that ourcountry is a centercountry is a centerofof EuropeEurope and it isand it isbigger than all ofbigger than all ofthe Baltic states bythe Baltic states byit’s size andit’s size andpopulation.population.
  6. 6. POPULATIONPOPULATIONLithuania has already reached theLithuania has already reached thepopulation of 3.5 million people. Butpopulation of 3.5 million people. Butotherwise the population is decreasing, itotherwise the population is decreasing, itnow has alreadynow has already reached -reached - 9730 per9730 peryearyear..
  7. 7. Country isCountry isdistributed into fourdistributed into fourregions:regions: ŽŽemaitija,emaitija,Suvalkija, DzSuvalkija, Dzūūkijakijaand Aukand Aukšštaitija.taitija.Regions areRegions aredistributed into 10distributed into 10districts and thendistricts and thenthe districts arethe districts aredistributed intodistributed intosmaller regions.smaller regions.
  8. 8. HISTORYHISTORYThe history of Lithuania dates back to atThe history of Lithuania dates back to atleast 1009, the first recorded written useleast 1009, the first recorded written useof the term. Lithuanians - a branch ofof the term. Lithuanians - a branch ofthe Baltic people.the Baltic people.
  9. 9. The Grand DuchyThe Grand Duchywas a successfulwas a successfuland lasting warriorand lasting warriorstate. The Duchystate. The Duchyremained fiercelyremained fiercelyindependent andindependent andwas one of the lastwas one of the lastareas of Europe toareas of Europe toadopt Christianity.adopt Christianity.
  10. 10. In the 15th century, The GrandIn the 15th century, The GrandDuchy, a formidable power,Duchy, a formidable power,formed in 1385 a dynastic unionformed in 1385 a dynastic unionwith Poland and becamewith Poland and becameChristianized, merging into theChristianized, merging into thePolishPolish –– LithuanianLithuanianCommonwealth in 1569.Commonwealth in 1569.
  11. 11. In 1795, the Grand Duchy ofIn 1795, the Grand Duchy ofLithuania was erased from theLithuania was erased from thepolitical map with the Partitionspolitical map with the Partitionsof the Commonwealth.of the Commonwealth.Afterwards the Lithuanians livedAfterwards the Lithuanians livedunder the rule of the Russianunder the rule of the RussianEmpire until the 20th century.Empire until the 20th century.
  12. 12. On February 16, 1918, Lithuania wasOn February 16, 1918, Lithuania wasreestablished into a democratic state.reestablished into a democratic state.It remained independent until theIt remained independent until theoutset of World War II, when it wasoutset of World War II, when it wasoccupied by the Soviet Union underoccupied by the Soviet Union underthe terms of the Molotovthe terms of the Molotov –– RibbentropRibbentropPact.Pact.
  13. 13. In the early 1990 11In the early 1990 11ththof March ,of March ,Lithuania restored its sovereignty and inLithuania restored its sovereignty and in2004 became integrated into the2004 became integrated into theEuropean Union.European Union.
  14. 14. Thank you for yourThank you for yourattention!attention! 