Rivers and coasts revision


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Some GCSE Geography revision

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Rivers and coasts revision

  1. 1. Rivers and Coasts RevisionL.O by the end of todays lesson you should all be….If you are a really good geek there is a geography sticker for you at the end of the lesson!
  2. 2. Quick quiz… What do you alreadyknow or remember?
  3. 3. The hydrological cycle
  4. 4. Processes…Erosion Transportation Deposition
  5. 5. Erosional LandformsV ShapeValleysInterlockingSpursWaterfalls
  6. 6. Meanders
  7. 7. Depositional LandformsDeltasLevees
  8. 8. Storm hydrogaphs
  9. 9. Flooding Case StudiesLEDC Case Study MEDC Case StudyBangladesh 1998 Gloucester Floods 2007
  10. 10. River ManagementDam construction Dams are often built along the course of a river in order to control the amount ofdischarge. Water is held back by the dam and released in a controlled way. Thiscontrols flooding.Water is usually stored in a reservoir behind the dam. This water can then be used togenerate hydroelectric power or for recreation purposes.Building a dam can be very expensive.Sediment is often trapped behind the wall of the dam, leading to erosion furtherdownstream.Settlements and agricultural land may be lost when the river valley is flooded to forma reservoir.RiverengineeringThe river channel may be widened or deepened allowing it to carry more water. A riverchannel may be straightened so that water can travel faster along the course. Thechannel course of the river can also be altered, diverting floodwaters away fromsettlements.Altering the river channel may lead to a greater risk of flooding downstream, as thewater is carried there faster.Afforestation Trees are planted near to the river. This means greater interception of rainwater andlower river discharge. This is a relatively low cost option, which enhances theenvironmental quality of the drainage basin.Managed flooding(also called ecologicalflooding)The river is allowed to flood naturally in places, to prevent flooding in other areas -for example, near settlements.Planning Local authorities and the national government introduce policies to control urbandevelopment close to or on the floodplain. This reduces the chance of flooding andthe risk of damage to property.There can be resistance to development restrictions in areas where there is ashortage of housing. Enforcing planning regulations and controls may be harder inLEDCs.
  11. 11. Test your knowledge…Go back and do the quiz!!!•What have youlearnt?•What do youneed to spendtime on revising?
  12. 12. Wave Formation
  13. 13. Erosional Landforms
  14. 14. Long Shore Drift
  15. 15. Depositional Landforms
  16. 16. Case Study – The Holderness
  17. 17. Coastal Management
  18. 18. Revision Resources…• Your task is tomake yourself arevision resource,for coasts…• There are variousresourcesavailable to you,such as paper,pictures, textbooks, scissors,glue, colouringpencils• You could use anyof the following itis up to you…– Mind map– Cards– Notes– Voice Recording