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Case study harley_davidson

  1. 1. Case Study - Harley DavidsonProducts & ServicesSince 1903, Harley-Davidson has produced the most enduring and recognizable motorcyclesin the world. No other motorcycle has the look, the sound and the feel of our two-wheeledpieces of art. The motorcycle defines Harley-Davidson, but a wide range of other productsand services is available to increase the enjoyment of the experience or give newcomers ataste of our world.A complete line of Genuine Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, apparel and brandedmerchandise offers our riders thousands of custom, personalized options for their bikes andthemselves. Buell Motorcycle Company produces a line of sport motorcycles for riders whoget their kicks from cornering and pushing their skills to the limit. And Harley-DavidsonFinancial Services offers a variety of financing and insurance options to help make the dreamof owning a motorcycle a reality.Building the world’s best motorcycles is possible only because so many Harley-Davidsonemployees are both enthusiasts and customers. Their passion for our products creates theideal working environment, where employees care about what they design, build and sell.We find that riders have their own ideas about what makes a Harley® motorcycle great.That’s why we offer thousands of attractive accessories to customize every model and whyyou rarely see two Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that are exactly alike. Likewise,expressing individuality is why we offer a full line of quality riding apparel as part of ourMotorClothes™ apparel line.MissionIt takes more than just building and selling motorcycles to fulfil the dreams of ourcustomers. It takes unforgettable experiences. The experiences can vary. They can be assimple as Saturday morning coffee and conversations at the local Harley-Davidsondealership, as familiar as a twilight ride with local Harley Owners Group® (H.O.G.®)members or as ambitious as a ride across a continent.If there’s one secret to our enduring brand and the passion it ignites in our riders, it’s thatwe deliver these experiences, rather than merely a collection of products and services. Andwe’re dedicated to creating experiences and developing relationships with all of ourstakeholders – customers, employees, investors, suppliers, governments and society. That’swhat sets Harley-Davidson apart from the crowd and why our brand strength is legendary.The FamilyFrom the moment a person is first drawn to Harley-Davidson, to their purchase andpersonalization of their motorcycle, and ultimately to the exhilaration of riding and sharingtheir dream with fellow riders, they are joining a large family. It’s a family that includes thepeople who design our products and build the motorcycles, those employees and supplierswho help make it all happen behind the scenes, and our dealers. We all understand thatfulfilling the dreams of our customers is a tall order – one that we all strive to deliver on.Harley-Davidson and Buell dealers also know that fulfilling dreams is more than merelyselling motorcycles. They know it’s about a relationship built on trust and dependability,good service and meaningful advice. Building and maintaining relationships with theircustomers is one of the things Harley-Davidson dealers do best.
  2. 2. There are more than 1,300 Harley-Davidson dealerships in 60 countries worldwide, and eachis more than just a place to buy our motorcycles. They are starting points and destinations, aplace to talk to friends and meet other riders. Of course, full-service Harley-Davidsondealerships offer all the new motorcycles, parts and accessories, MotorClothes products,other merchandise and service. In addition, satellite stores located in shopping malls andother high-traffic locations offer added convenience to anyone in search of Harley-Davidsongear and collectibles.No one understands the family of Harley-Davidson riders better than the people whocomprise the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) and the Buell Riders Adventure Group(BRAG®). With nearly 900,000 members worldwide, H.O.G. is the foundation of an extendedfamily of riders and, like BRAG, gives enthusiasts loads of reasons to ride. These groups offermembers a wide array of events, rides and member benefits that increase their enjoyment ofriding. This is the Harley-Davidson family. Everyone is welcome.Our Values • Tell the Truth. • Be Fair. • Keep Your Promises. • Respect the Individual. • Encourage Intellectual Curiosity.These are our values. They are the heart of how we run our business. They guide ouractions and serve as the framework for the decisions and contributions our employees makeat every level of the Company.More than just a list of “feel good” buzzwords, our values define the character of Harley-Davidson just as much as the motorcycles that bear the Harley-Davidson name. They reflecthow we relate to each other and to all of our stakeholders, including our customers, dealersand suppliers.The company fosters these values by actively communicating their importance andencouraging employee involvement and development. We believe that our business will bemost successful if we tap the contributions of each of our people.We live and work in a world where people have differing perspectives and uniquebackgrounds. The better we can reflect that diversity in our employees and in our planningand implementation, the more successful we will be as individuals and as a company. Thefuture growth and viability of Harley-Davidson depends on our ability to value bothdifferences and similarities among our employees. This is why we go to such great lengths tofoster diversity.Harley-Davidson would not be where it is today without the passion of all those who workfor the Company and their desire to make a difference in our business, while expanding theirown horizons. Employees are the engine of our performance and the foundation of theCompany’s success.Employee Involvement
  3. 3. One of the things that sets Harley-Davidson’s culture apart from other businesses isemployee involvement. The participation of our employees in the business has been anessential component of our success. In fact, at Harley-Davidson, we consider our employeesto be our greatest competitive advantage.In order to maximize employee involvement, traditional hierarchy and layers of managementhave been minimized, and an “open door” policy extends throughout the Company, all theway to the C.E.O.’s office. Easy access to senior management speaks volumes about ourbelief that every employee is expected to communicate and contribute his or her thoughts.Employees aren’t allowed to check their brains at the door or avoid responsibility oraccountability. In fact they are expected to take the initiative to identify problems and solvethem.In the late 1980s we created the Harley-Davidson Business Process with the goal of betteraligning employees’ contributions with the Company’s goals. The idea is for the Company toshare its vision so that all of our people can put their efforts into working in the samedirection.To make that possible, salaried and unionized employees are full participants in many keybusiness decisions at Harley-Davidson. Through our unique Partnering Agreement, importantstudies are conducted and decisions are determined jointly between company managementand leaders of our two unions, the International Association of Machinists (IAM) and thePaper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers (PACE.) We believe Partnering is oneof the ways we can benefit from the thinking of all our employees, and we know thatemployee involvement has been an enabler of our success. We also recognize thecontributions of our employees in a number of ways, including a bonus plan tied to theCompany’s performance.
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