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Renolit duraplex ep 0 0


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Renolit duraplex ep 0 0

  1. 1. Product Information Whilst theinformation and figures given here aretypical of current production and conform to specification, minor variations may occur. No warranty expressed or implied isgiven concerningthe accuracy of theinformation or thesuitability of the products. Subject to amendments. FUCHS LUBRICANTS PTE TD RENOLIT_10_03/03/09 13ATECHPARKCRESCENT TEL:+65-65588133 TUAS TECHPARK FAX: +65-68630603 SINGAPORE637843 Contact: CompanyReg. No. 198701816N 1 RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP 00 Description RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP 00 is a semi-fluid grease based on lithium complex soap for high demands on wear protection and heavy duty qualities. RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP 00 stands out due to its good thermal stability, its very high dropping point, its easy pumpability and its excellent low temperature flow behaviour. Application RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP 00 is used in lubricating systems for the industry and for utility vehicles. Characteristics Properties Unit Value Test Method Classification GP00/000 N-40 DIN 51 502 ISO L-X-DDHB 00/000 Colour Green Thickener Lithium Complex soap Dropping Point °C > 180 IP 396 Base Oil Viscosity at 40°C mm 2 /s 31 DIN 51 562-1 at 100 o C 4.7 NLGI Grade 00/000 DIN 51 818 Penetration worked (Pw 60) 0.1 mm 420-450 DIN ISO 2137 Corrosion Protection (Emcor method) Degree of corr. 0 - 0 DIN 51 802 Copper Corrosion Degree of corr 1 – 100 DIN 51 811 Flow Pressure at -40 o C hPa <1400 DIN 51 805 Oxidation Resistance 100h/100 o C hPa < 500 DIN 51 808 Temperature Range o C -40 to 140 DIN 51 826