XXII ISPIM Conference, Hamburg


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"Beyond Clustering: Open Innovation in Constructions through Collective Intelligence"

The Cluster Constructions of the TIS innovation park is a network of about 170 companies based in the Italian region of South Tyrol with the mission to generate continuous innovation processes.

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XXII ISPIM Conference, Hamburg

  1. 1. Building Value C us e Constructions Cluster Co s uc o s @ TIS Innovation Park S o a o a Beyond Clustering: Open Innovation in Constructions through Collective Intelligence By Carlo Battisti and Gabriele Paglialonga2011 © Cluster Constructions TIS 12.06.2011
  2. 2. Innovation: quo vadis?Our whole work starts from theconsideration whether it i id ti h th ispossible to generate continuousinnovation processes within acluster of micro, small andmedium-sized companies.Is fi llI it finally possible t go ibl tobeyond a cluster, and create anetwork solely based oninnovation performances? 2011 © Cluster Constructions TIS
  3. 3. According to the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, “cluster” is defined as a“group of at least 30 independent companies […] aiming at optimizing theireconomical potential through development of projects and enterprises in thefield of co-operation, technological transfer, innovation in products, services andprocesses as well as research and development in a wide conception […]”.
  4. 4. Cluster Constructions1. Established in 2002 according to The Cluster Constructions at „Cluster Al i N t Cl t Alpine Network“ initiative k“ i iti ti TIS Innovation Park is the I ti P k i th of the Province of Bolzano network of innovation-oriented South-Tyrolean firms belonging2.2 Start up year: 2003 to the construction industry.3. Inclusion of the cluster within TIS Vision: South Tyrol as the most in July 2006 y competitive region worldwide in4. Gained 170 members the field of constructions. The best ideas, technologies, talents5. Members are all among the value must be M d i S th T l t b Made in South Tyrol. chain (architecture, engineering, plants, installations, material Mission: enhance local SME‘s producers and suppliers ) suppliers…) competitiveness through the creation of value, innovation6. No membership fee required and sustainable growth. 2011 © Cluster Constructions TIS
  5. 5. Clustering vs. Open innovationOur inspiration starts from Henry Chesbrough’s “open innovation” and goesto Eugene Fitzgerald’s “real innovation”. Inside real innovation (Fitzgerald, 2010) Open innovation (Chesbrough, 2003) 2011 © Cluster Constructions TIS
  6. 6. How to make innovation real
  7. 7. Inspiration through collective intelligenceInnovation only becomes real when cognitive inputs get multipliedover titime. Thi i th part of th th This is the t f the theory of Pi f Pierre L Levy about collective b t ll tiintelligence.In a network society ideas get shared by an increasing number of society,unbound people, and this could be of advantage of those recipientswho can translate those unrelated ideas into a final product.If we take the cluster networks as anexample of neuronal connections we can connections,consider collective intelligence as aniterative source of sharing and producinginformation that is not too different from theone existing in IT systems. 2011 © Cluster Constructions TIS
  8. 8. A new strategy for the cluster constructionsThe Cluster Constructions applies the three models to help firmsbecome more innovative and adds the fundamental role of theinsiders t it which can have several advantages for the growth of ai id to it, hi h h l d t f th th fcluster: Project 3 Knowledge Cross-pollination C lli ti generation Cluster Risk-reduction feeling 2011 © Cluster Constructions TIS
  9. 9. Examples WIN-TECH High performance glasswall g p gACTIVE HOUSESmart metering energy systems. LISA “Barrier free” living concepts Barrier free low-cost housing 2011 © Cluster Constructions TIS
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention!Conclusions: our mission to generate innovation let us decide to focusour work on processes, i k investing our resources i th t ti in the transfer of most f f trenowned theoretical models in our daily job.This was done with the consideration that despite all barriers a correct that, barriers,use of open innovation, stuffed with the role of the insiders, can make atortuous process a little more efficient, predictable, and likely tosucceed.succeed Carlo Battisti Gabriele Paglialonga C l B tti ti & G b i l P li l Alpine Technologies Area Cluster Constructions Via Siemens 19, 39100 Bolzano, Italy +39 0471 068144 - 068152 2011 © Cluster Constructions TIS http://edilizia.tis.bz.it