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Ulaanbaatar unversity


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Ulaanbaatar unversity

  1. 1. ULAANBAATAR UNVERSITY ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Subject: Country Study The teacher of English D.Batsaikhan 1
  2. 2. CONTENTS Subject Country Study Index CS 302 Credit 2 Hours 32 hours /2 credit – lec / Class Term Sophomore class of English Teacher and English Translator IV 2
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE OF THE SUBJECT Gain basic knowledge on their chosen country through the use of the Internet, videos, and text.  Learn how to contact a student from their chosen country through the use of  Gain visual knowledge of a landmark in their chosen country through the use of distance learning technology.  Know how time zones effect our world  Improve letter writing skills, and typing skills  Be able to present this knowledge to their classmates orally.  Learn to be attentive and responsive listeners.  Work collaboratively with peers o 3
  4. 4. SELF STUDY OF THE COUNTRY STUDY Class management Week Scores Work in groups 29 / II of the USA Present about the states of the USA 10 scores Introduction of the UK Write the paper about the UK Individually 30/III 10 scores Holidays of the USA & UK Show how to celebrate the holidays of the USA & the UK Work in groups 25/ IV 10 scores Topic 1 2 3 Activities 4