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  • Welcome to Startup Weekend!Who has been to Startup Weekend before?How many: designer? Developers? Women?Who here has an idea they want to pitch?Twitter /Wifi info
  • Congratulations for now being a part of this massive and awesome network.
  • Hashtag Battle – fun for connecting with other cities, and group competition brings the energy up - - To Encourage reaching out and meeting people from other events through social streamsReach out to your Regional Contact at SW HQ for a complete list of events during the weekend! (Use the GPS marker to place on each city)
  • We hear a lot that people: love making stuff / Infusion of energy / find out if their idea have potential / is ready for a startup – here to HAVE FUNMost important is TEAM. Idea will inevitably change, it's all about finding people you connect well with. *elaborate*On presentation day, go back over these first few slides to Sunday only attendees, but ask the questions “who here loves making stuff? Was more productive in these 3 days than quite a while? etc… That’s why you’re here!”----Longer version:Some of you are here to take away an infusion of creative energy, being able to be surrounded by people that are here because they love making stuff. Others are here to meet people and expand your network? And some of you may want to actually start a new life as an entrepreneur, and you're here to find that team to do so.In my opinion, the single most important piece of what will make this weekend a success is finding the right people to work with. The ideas that you pitch, and build around are the least important. If there is actually a business and opportunity to be the ones to make it happen, your idea will go through dozens of iterations, and probably look completely different by the time it is what it's meant to be. What is most important is making sure you find people you click so well with, that it doesn't matter what becomes of the idea, you're the ones that are going to stick together to deliver. We'll go over more the people soon.We have some fun stuff in store, and I want to quickly get through the talking, and get to the meeting and making.
  • Give a brief overview as to why you’re the person standing in front of them, either startup experience or Startup Weekend experience
  • FACILITATOR - talk through each service and their offering or support.Aside from local sponsors, as a non profit Startup Weekend relies on global sponsorships and grants to be sustainable and expand globally. A lot of these global sponsors offer resources to each of the attendees with products and service they will find valuable over the next 54 hours. If you have not already, please pick up a Global Sponsor one pager that list out all of these resources you can use over the weekend:.COis proud to support Startup Weekend by providing all participants with the opportunity for a free 12-month registration. Don%27t settle for a lame name with dashes or missing vowels -- get a short, memorable, seo-friendly domain name to launch your startup this weekend! Use the promo code provided by your organizer to to get your .CO at www.go.costartupweekendMicrosoft BizSpark:Is a global program designed to help accelerate the success of early stage startups, providing Software, Support and Visibility. Request your enrollment code at Kauffman Foundation: is the world’s largest foundation dedicated to entrepreneurship. In September 2010 Startup Weekend received a grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which empowers us to continue to scale globally and to study the unpredictable science of successful entrepreneurship. To learn more about the Kauffman Foundation, check them out at Momentum: A mentorship driven startup accelerator and a great next step to consider after Startup Weekend. I encourage you all to learn more about them and other startup accelerators because they are the perfect next step to startup success after this weekend.SendGrid makes it easy for developers to integrate email functionality into web applications. Integration is simple and flexible via SMTP and/or a suite of APIs. Sign up for 200 emails/day for free (no coupon needed) from, Heroku Add-ons sites, Cloudbees Ecosystem or the AppHarbor Add-ons sites. Hosting your app with Rackspace, Softlayer or Windows Azure? Get 40k, 25k or 25k emails/month respectively - free of charge (no coupon needed). After the weekend: Get the Bronze plan for free for 3 months by using coupon code \\"sendgridandswFTW\\" while signing up for a new account or upgrading from a free account.CloudMine provides a better backend for your mobile apps. Spend time building your app, not building the server-side platform required to run it. See your event Facilitator to obtain your $50 promotion code (that’s 100,000 API calls) to be used during signup or on your billing page at help? Reach out to us at is teaming up with Startup Weekend to help developers and entrepreneurs launch new startups by working with Startup Weekend to launch a series of pre-event Bootcamps! For more info and to find a bootcamp near you visit http://
  • Speaker slide – introduce the local speaker
  • Re-energize before going into pitchfireSlide is only used as an obvious break from the slide deck.
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Pitch / Vote / Form / Braindump / MVPRoman votingSaturday breakfast, then X am meeting – workshops on lean methodology, business model canvas, market validation, etcSunday breakfast, then X am meeting – workshop on building kickass presentation---- Longer versionWe are going to pitch ideas, vote, form teams then get on your way.When you get into teams, everyone on your team is going to braindump every feature they can think of, just get it all out. Then you'll spend a few minutes cutting them all away as you prioritize and refine until you hone on your weekend MVP - minimum viable product. What you can actually deliver this weekend. If your team starts to argue, and they will, work out a voting process (thumb up / thumb down, majority wins). Don't spend more than a few moments getting perspectives and MOVE ON. For the love of God, do not spend more than 10 minutes figuring out a name. It's ok if it changes later.The goal is to build enough to be able to tell your story. Tomorrow doors open at X am for breakfast, and at X am will go through getting the most out of Saturday. There is some great information here, do not miss it.Same goes for Sunday, we will meet together at 10am and go over how to best deliver your presentation.Let's get to pitching!
  • Sponsor slide with their logo if they want to talk
  • Maybe talk through this slide? So much text..
  • Customer ValidationGet out of the building, talk to real people, listen for quality feedback, learn from it and have it affect what you’re building.Business ModelHave you identified any competition?What makes you different?How do you plan to get it in front of people?How will this build a business?Execution– the weekend is about experience and education. Learning and growing.How much did you challenge yourself?What did you learn?How solid was the demo/prototype, technologically, simple user experience, polished interface, brand thought through?And BeyondIs the team made up of people that are fit to continue forward?**Did this team come together this weekend and start from scratch?? Previous products/businesses/teams are welcome to build, but not eligible for winning**
  • 60 seconds cut offGreat energy, have fun, stand outTake notes. Find ideas and people that resonated, spend no more than a couple mins per person, talk to EVERYONE. Come back to people you click with, find complimentary skillsets (business, creative, technical)----Pitches are a first vital step to finding and building your team for the weekend. You're going to come up here, say who you are, THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY/PRODUCT, the problem you are solving, how you are going to solve it, what you're good at, and who you are looking for.You each get 60 seconds to pitch, which we have atimer. As soon as the time is up, I'll start clapping. You'll grab a piece of paper with your company name on it and go back to your seat until the end of pitches. Remember people are here to have a great time, so have plenty of energy, make it fun, and stand out amongst your peers.If you're listening to ideas, take notes on the people and ideas that jump out at you. You will have a chance to find out more after pitches are done.Now that pitches are over. You get 45 minutes to meet everyone in this room. Start with the ideas and people that resonated with you and find out more. Most importantly, see who you mesh well with, and try to have a well balanced team with complimentary skills. A balanced team includes people that can build product, people that can think through the user's experience, who can help put together a kick ass presentation and story, people who can validate the product and business, and people who have a great energy that works well with each other.
  • Welcome to Startup Weekend!Who has been to Startup Weekend before?How many: designer? Developers? Women?Who here has an idea they want to pitch?Twitter /Wifi info
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