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Mtvf panel on piracy and copyright mr final


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Mtvf panel on piracy and copyright mr final

  1. 1. Intellectual Property Rights vs Piracy Moderated by Lkhagva Erdene & Michel Rodrigue Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  2. 2. Copyright in Television What is the law? • The Federal Copyright Act (USA) governs the use of copyrighted material, especially how that material is used publicly. • It is illegal to publicly display movies and other copyrighted materials without permission (in the form of a license) from the copyright owners, who are usually the Movie Studios, the Producers and Broadcasters.
  3. 3. Why should we care about Copyright? Copyright laws protect the rights of people who create movies, TV shows, artwork and other products by providing the creator with exclusive rights to sell, license or otherwise use his or her creative work. In the case of movies and television, these laws help safeguard the jobs of millions of film & television workers around the world. (MPAA)
  4. 4. Why should we care about Copyright? • For our creative industry to continue to create jobs and contribute to the economic health of film and television production communities around the world, it is important that these markets are open, non-discriminatory and secure. • The World Trade Organization works to ensure that trade between its member countries moves freely and predictably. The WTO establishes rules that govern trade in goods and services and also establishes a minimum level of protection for intellectual property rights pursuant to the TRIPS Agreement. (MPAA)
  5. 5. 10 Most Pirated Shows in 2013 (All U.S.A. originals) 1. Game of Thrones 2. Breaking Bad 3. The Walking Dead 4. The Big Bang Theory 5. Dexter 6. How I Met Your Mother 7. Suits 8. Homeland 9. Vikings 10.Arrow
  6. 6. Current TV Situation in Mongolia • Piracy is a fundamental problem • 90% of broadcasting in Mongolia is done illegally • Most Hollywood movies you watch on TV and foreign programming is all illegal • In order for the industry to develop we need to control these piracy issues • Buying DVD’s translating them and broadcasting them is not television • It damages the whole industry --Ben Moyle C1 Mongolia--
  7. 7. Current TV Situation in Mongolia “Piracy is the only reason that Mongolia has so many Television Stations” Ben Moyle Director of Channel One