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Final overview img mongolia v2

  1. 1. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG1 An Overview of IMG February 2014 – Mongolia Television Forum
  2. 2. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG2 50 Years of Leadership and Innovation 1960 today
  3. 3. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG3 Key Facts of IMG » The world’s leading independent producer and distributor of sports & entertainment media – each year IMG produces over 8000 hours and distributes over 27,000 hours of media programming across 240 sports and all genres of entertainment » A leading positions in world sports: golf, tennis, football, US college sports, endurance sports, rugby, cricket, and other key global sports » Own, manage and represent over 600 global sports, fashion and lifestyle events » Representation ~1,200 famous athletes, models and celebrities » IMG Academies form the world’s largest and most prestigious, multi-sport training academies » IMG Licensing is the world’s leading independent licensing agency » Nearly 3,000 employees in over 60 countries
  4. 4. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG4 A Truly Global Company AMERICAS 30 offices/ ~1,200 employees New York London Hong Kong EUROPE/MIDDLE EAST 33 offices/ ~1,500 employees ASIA-PACIFIC 15 offices/ 300 employees
  5. 5. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG5 IMG Corporate Structure » For the past 50 years IMG Clients has been the global leader in representation across different divisions of IMG. IMG SPORTS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ENTERTAINMENT IMG GOLF IMG CLIENTS IMG COLLEGE IMG SPORTS MEDIA Sports Programming & Distribution IMG TENNIS IMG CONSULTING IMG MOTOSPORTS IMG LICENSING IMG EVENTS & FEDERATION IMG ACADEMIES IMG ENTERTAINMENT (Media) Entertainment Programming Entertainment Distribution IMG FASHION
  6. 6. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG6 IMG Events and Representations
  7. 7. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG7 IMG Media Overview IMG MEDIA SALES & DISTRIBUTION FIXED MEIDA & CLOSED CIRCUIT SPONSORSHIP & ADVERTISING ARCHIVEDIGITAL MEDIA Creates, manages and delivers sports TV and entertainment marketing solutions for clients, federations and sponsors on a global basis » Long history of working with leading governing bodies » Track record of significantly increasing rights revenues for clients » Provider of new programming blocks, such as Golfing World, Adrenaline and Football 24 » Development and execution of TV and new media-based marketing solutions - Advertiser Funded Programming - Branded Content » Strategic guidance to rights holders and brands across commercial and marketing solutions in sport » Sale of digital content rights across web, mobile and IPTV » The world’s largest sports library with more than 25,000 hours of footage covering 60 federations and events, including the Olympic Archive » Commercial expertise in management of licensing, sales and distribution process » Market leader in supplying programming to private networks such as in-flight, in-ship and close circuit television » Working with top global federations to produce and license official programming - Wimbledon - The Open - Ryder Cup
  8. 8. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG8 IMG Media: Clients » IMG Media has over 30 years of experience in producing and/or distributing programming on behalf of the corporate community
  9. 9. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG9 IMG Media - Production The World’s leading independent producer of sports programming, creating over 8,000 hours of broadcast programming annually » Production ad filming of global events, such as serving as host broadcaster for the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games and as part of the host broadcaster operation. » Extensive production portfolio of top golf and tennis events, such as Wimbledon, The European Tour events including HSBC Championship in Asia and The Open Championship. » Production partner for English Premier League football, covering every game since 1998 » Own or produce iconic weekly magazine shows, such as Golfing World, FIFA Futbol Mundial, Transworld Sport. » Major production facilities in London, New York, Singapore, Sydney.
  10. 10. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG10 IMG Media – Opportunity IMG Media continues to explore new markets and new ideas internationally in the areas of : » Media distribution including programming, channel and digital development » Production » Sponsorship » Events and Management » Local sports development » Consulting
  11. 11. Presentation Title Date 2008 IMG11