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The Green Story - Singapore


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Singapore is an anomaly compared with the other countries we researched in that the government seems to be the most proactive voice in protecting the environment. Its 2012 Green Plan underscores a long term vision in sustainability. Its citizens however need to be more instep with government ambitions in order for the plan to be truly effective it seems.

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The Green Story - Singapore

  1. 1. INSIGHTS FROM A GARDEN CITY<br />Bates 141 Singapore<br />5 August 2011<br />#ycagogreen<br />
  2. 2. A CONSCIOUS GOVERNMENT<br />Since the 1970s, the Singapore government has initiated numerous programmes to ensure a ‘green’ Singapore. <br />Interestingly, the government made it plain that their motivation was economic gains and less driven by a green conscience.<br />In the 1970s, trees were planted along roads and water ways cleaned up to beautify the environment. This was to entice visitors to the country. Presently, funding and a strong push for clean energy are part of the plan to build a clean energy industry worth over $17bil by 2015. <br />
  3. 3. A CONSCIOUS NATION<br />Singaporeans are keen to be green, always stepping forward to participate in a green activity .<br />However, beyond these green activities, environmentally conscious habits have not become a way of life.<br />For example, in 2008, all the supermarkets chain came together to launch ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ day – one day in a week when consumers not use plastic bags to store their groceries. The campaign has not met its intended objectives and will end this year.<br />
  4. 4. EFFORTS DOES NOT EQUATE TO IMPACT<br />Data on carbon emission and waste management is inconclusive. World bodies report much higher values than local authorities. <br />One thing for sure, replacing pockets of green by planting trees along newly built roads is inadequate. The amount of carbon released into the atmosphere because of our habits, the fuel we use daily, all take a long while to replace. The harm inflicted on nature calls for a long term, concerted effort to put it right again.<br />The Singapore government and business owners are becoming more vocal about the importance green efforts recently. This needs to trickle down to the masses, who can genuinely advocate change, else, forever be paying lip service or fulfilling a vague term known as ‘corporate social responsibility’.<br />
  5. 5. Thank you.<br />CheangYit Shan<br />JavelynnHaryono<br />Singapore <br />