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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. <ul><li>Planning </li></ul>
  2. 2. Locations We chose to set our film in a domestic setting because the normal houses and roads signify normality of life and therefore the audience can relate to it and may get more scared.
  3. 3. Locations The kitchen scene also contains many signifiers of day to day life. The kettle and pan anchor the realism of normal life.
  4. 4. Locations Also, in the bedroom scene we chose to use everyday objects such as beds, table lamps and story books to set the mood and also to signify the normal daily routine that the characters endure.
  5. 5. Costume The characters in our film are dressed in everyday clothes (school uniform for little girl and work clothes for the mother). This signifies normality and their daily routine.
  6. 6. Scheduling We aim to complete our production within this schedule. We have deliberately chosen early deadlines to allow us time for pickups and re-shoots.
  7. 7. Our storyboards have been drawn so that we can follow them when on set for filming. This will help us be more organised and we wont forget to include certain parts of the plot. Storyboards
  8. 13. This is our shot list and this will be our guideline when out on location filming. This also includes the diegetic sounds that will be in our film and the script.