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Sidelines: Doubles Engagement and Increases Revenue for Content Sites


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Sidelines doubles the time spent on content sites and increases their revenue by creating and delivering high-quality discussions about the articles on these sites. Sidelines' discussions  (called posts) are distributed through top sports content publishers such as Fansided (Sports Illustrated's blog network) to 2.5M readers weekly, growing 22% MoM. In the process, Sidelines increases the time spent on these publisher's articles by 2.1x. Sidelines is starting off with sports, but will expand to other content verticals such as Fashion, Gaming, and Politics.
The founders of Sidelines have CS degrees from MIT / Berkeley, and each has over 5 years of experience at Microsoft. In addition, Dave Nemetz, the founder of Bleacher Report (acquired by Turner Broadcasting), is working closely with Sidelines as an advisor and has also invested in the company.

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Sidelines: Doubles Engagement and Increases Revenue for Content Sites

  1. 1. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om DOUBLEs TIME SPENT + GROWS REVENUE FOR CONTENT SITES
  2. 2. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om CREATES & DELIVERS HIGH-QUALITY DISCUSSIONS ABOUT ARTICLES 2.1x Increase 10M+
  3. 3. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om ONLINE SPORTS ARTICLE READERS (US) 140M+ 15% YoY
  4. 4. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om Quality of LINKS AND COMMENTS IS poor “LOL, you’re dumb.Commenter, - Top ”
  5. 5. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om powered by OUR COMMUNITY of sports CONTRIBUTORS Contributor Post @ Sidelines Website Publisher Website
  6. 6. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om ORIGINAL ARTICLE SIDELINES POST
  7. 7. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om 2.5 2.5M + Readers / week 22% 2 MoM 1.5 1 START at 500 0.5 0 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
  8. 8. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om BRANDS PUBLISHERS SIDELINES % $ $ $ % %
  9. 9. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om POTENTIAL YEARLY REVENUE UNIT ECONOMICS 25c 7c $300M+ Value Cost 72% 72% Margin Margin Sports All Content $1B+
  10. 10. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om MARIOS ASSIOTIS, CTO ARKA RAY, CEO B.S. in Computer Science (MIT) B.S. in Computer Science (UC Berkeley) Senior Developer (Microsoft, 5.5 years) PM / Biz Dev Lead (Microsoft, 5 years) DAVE NEMETZ, ADVISOR AND INVESTOR Founder, Bleacher Report
  11. 11. DY ( 1 + 1/N )N dX
  12. 12. m arka@sidelinesapp.c om