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Shortcut: Voice Automation for the Internet of Things


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Shortcut is the Voice Layer of the Internet.

Shortcut lets you use your voice to interact with your favorite services and devices. Say something like "turn the light on", "set the temperature to 70 degrees", "pay my rent", or "order pepperoni pizza". Not only Shortcut understands what you say, it will get it done for you.

Shortcut is available on iPhone, Android, and Google Glass.

Sign up for early access at

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Shortcut: Voice Automation for the Internet of Things

  1. 1. Shortcut The Voice Layer of the Internet
  2. 2. Already integrated with these devices & more
  3. 3. set the temperature to 72 degrees
  4. 4. turn the light on
  5. 5. Already integrated with these services & more
  6. 6. pay my rent buy 5 bitcoin order pepperoni pizza
  7. 7. New York City Duy @Fujitsu, Web Services Integration @IBM, Component-Based Architecture Binh CTO Phuong Engineer Yee Lee Advisor
  8. 8.