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Partender: Bar Inventory In 15 Minutes On Your iPhone. #500Strong


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Partender reduces the time it takes owners and managers to do bar inventory from a frustrating 6-24 hours to just 15 minutes.

We do this by digitizing this crazy, archaic, paper-pen-clipboard process into a few taps & swipes on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

And our customers save between $1,200-$5,000 / month on labor, inventory loss, and more.

Instantly generate your Purchase Orders in Excel, forward them to your distributors, and be done with inventory AND ordering in 15 mins.

Partender. Bringing the bar industry out of the 18th century and into the 21st.

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Partender: Bar Inventory In 15 Minutes On Your iPhone. #500Strong

  1. 1. @partenderapp
  2. 2. @partenderapp
  3. 3. “The Best Thing Since The Lift of Prohibition”
  4. 4. @partenderapp
  5. 5. @partenderapp Partender Monthly Subscription Plans Do Inventory In 15 Mins $99 - $299 w/ Premium Accounting Analytics $399 - $899
  6. 6. @partenderapp Establishments like:
  7. 7. @partenderapp Why ? Bar inventory is PAINFUL
 (paper & pen, takes 6-24 hours) So no one counts their liquid cash This causes bars to lose 23% inventory
 (or $28 billion in the U.S.)
  8. 8. @partenderapp ’s 15 minute solution “My Virtual Bar” Tap where the liquor level is. 
 Swipe to the next bottle on your shelf.
 Done. No change in behavior.
  9. 9. @partenderapp And instantly generate your Purchase Orders.
  10. 10. @partenderapp
  11. 11. @partenderapp Executive Team Nik Kundra Founder & CEO
 Barback + Brian Sunter CTO, iOS Amazon Anjali Kundra VP Ops + BD RoomSync
 6 Yrs Hospitality Spencer Ellinor
 CIO, Backend ParkSmooth Ishan Kulkarni VP Support Data Scientist 100+ Inventories
  12. 12. Thank You ! @partenderapp