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Buzzstarter 500 startups demo day-slideshare


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Buzzstarter is the world's first emerging channel marketing platform.

We create ad units via a double-sided exchange. This exchange provides advertisers with access to relevant mobile and web channels where the overwhelming majority of consumers are.

By creating ad units where there are no ad units, Buzzstarter is opening an entirely new category.

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Buzzstarter 500 startups demo day-slideshare

  1. 1. Emerging Channel Marketing
  2. 2. Emerging channels on mobile and web! Frustrating experience.
  3. 3. Channel Emerging Channels Overtake Established Channels Percentage Change
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  6. 6. Give Us More video views Access to mobile channels Higher ROI
  7. 7. v v Two-sided Exchange Platform Degree Video v v v v
  8. 8. Team Ken Zi Wang Alex Gold Alex Gold Alexi Ned Investors Mehershad Dahmubed