BRAND                                          BATTLE                                          2011The strongest brands in...
OVER                                    800,000    51   COUNTRIES                                     CONSUMERS           ...
INTRODUCTION                                                                                                              ...
1         METHODOLOGY                          THE STRENGTH OF THE BRANDS ON THE BASIS OF THE                             ...
Differentiation	and	relevance	show	us	                                           picture	 of	 how	 brands	 gain	 and	 lose...
‘The Top 100 showsTOP 100                                                                                                 ...
3                                    TOP 25 MOST                                     DIFFERENTIATED                       ...
TOP 25 MOST                                                                                      DIFFERENTIATED BRANDS    ...
MEDIA  TOP 10               BRAND                BRANDASSET SCORE                                                     % RA...
BRAND BATTLERTL 4 VS. SBS 6Whereas	 in	 2010	 SBS	 6	 was	 stronger	       2011	 is	 the	 first	 year	 in	 which	 RTL	 4	 ...
CONSUMER PROFILE                                   HYVES                                                                  ...
RETAILTOP 10                  BRAND                  BRANDASSET SCORE                                                     ...
BRAND BATTLEDE BIJENKORFVS. V&DDe	Bijenkorf	beats	V&D	by	a	whisker.	De	Bijenkorf	has	a	Brand-Asset	 Score	 of	 94.7%,	 whi...
CONSUMER PROFILE                   ALBERT HEIJN                                                                           ...
FMCGTOP 10 STRONGEST FMCG BRANDSThe	Fast	Moving	Consumer	Goods	category	reflects	the	trend	of	Dutch	origins	and	authentici...
BRAND BATTLENESPRESSO VS. SENSEOWith	 a	 BrandAsset	 Score	 of	 98.0%,	 more	and	more	people	are	becoming	                ...
CONSUMER PROFILE                                        AXE                                                               ...
TECHTRONICS                TOP 10                  BRAND                      BRANDASSET SCORE                            ...
VS N TL D   CA T NNI . O E             With	 a	 BrandAsset	 Score	 of	 70.2%	 Canon	 beats	     BA A  KO N             Nik...
CONSUMER PROFILE                                iPHONE                                                                    ...
FINANCIALS TOP 10               BRAND               BRANDASSET SCORE                                                     %...
FINANCIALSThe	 strongest	 insurer	 in	 the	 Top	 10	 also	 demonstrates	 that	 confi-dence	is	crucial	in	claiming	a	distin...
BRAND BATTLEABN AMRO VS. RABOBANK With	a	BrandAsset	Score	of	96.2%,	Rabo-          Fortis	and	the	controversy	surrounding	...
CONSUMER PROFILE                          ASN BANK                                                                        ...
CREDITSAuthorsBas	Velthuis	   Head	of	Strategy	   Y&RJeffrey	Kruk	   Brand	Consultant	   BrandAsset	ConsultKim	Dekker	    ...
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Brand Battle 2011 - The strongest brands in the Netherlands


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The strongest brands in the Netherlands

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Brand Battle 2011 - The strongest brands in the Netherlands

  1. 1. BRAND BATTLE 2011The strongest brands in the Netherlands
  2. 2. OVER 800,000 51 COUNTRIES CONSUMERS CONTENTS NETHERLANDS: 265 STUDIES 1. METHODOLOGY ± 1,000 BRANDS, 2. TOP 100 STRONGEST BRANDS IN THE NETHERLANDS 1,500 RESPONDENTS 3. TOP 25 MOST DIFFERENTIATED BRANDS IN THE NETHERLANDS 4. CATEGORIESCONTINUOUS 1993, 1997, 2000, MEDIAVALIDATION 2003, 2005, 2007, • Top 10 2008, 2009, 2010, • Brand Battle: RTL 4 vs. SBS 6 2011 • Consumer Profile: Facebook vs. Hyves RETAIL • Top 10 BRANDSCAPE • Brand Battle: De Bijenkorf vs. V&D • Consumer Profile: Albert Heijn vs. Lidl CONSISTENT THEORY FMCG METHODOLOGY • Top 10 • Brand Battle: Nespresso vs. Senseo • Consumer Profile: Axe vs. Rexona 18 TECHTRONICS 45,000+ • Top 10 YEARS • Brand Battle: Canon vs. Nikon • Consumer Profile: iPhone vs. Nokia BRANDS FINANCIALS • Top 10 • Brand Battle: ABN AMRO vs. Rabobank 72 DIFFERENT BRAND VARIABLES • Consumer Profile: ASN Bank vs. Van Lanschot
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION ‘The question is whether iPhone will manage to hold on to its strong position this year.’ BRAND BATTLE SYMBOLISES THE STRUGGLE WAGED BY ALL BRANDS FOR THE BEST POSITION IN THE MIND OF Scan the QR code with your mobile THE CONSUMER. THIS POSITION IS EXPRESSED IN A phone or go to: UNIQUE BRANDASSET SCORE, WHICH IS THE SUM OF THE FOUR MAIN PILLARS OF A BRAND: DIFFERENTIATION, RELEVANCE, ESTEEM AND KNOWLEDGE. THE HIGHER THE SCORE, THE STRONGER THE BRAND.   This publication on the strongest then Google has been able to call itself iPhone as notable examples. Now that In this publication we deal with these brands in the Netherlands is based on the strongest brand in the Netherlands. the Dutch consumer is more often and many other developments within the world’s largest brand research tool: Nevertheless, major changes have been choosing telephones with an Android the Dutch brand landscape. If after BrandAsset™ Valuator. We have been visible just below the top positions in operating system, the question is reading it you are interested to know tracing the Dutch brand landscape in a recent years, such as the growth of whether iPhone will manage to hold whether your brand is beating your consistent way using BAV since 1993. e-commerce brands. on to its strong position this year. competitors, take on the fight at Every year we investigate around 1,000 (the ‘Dutch eBay’) forced its way into and see how strong brands on more than 70 variables. That the Top 10 in 2009, for example, and Fuelled by falling confidence in the your brand really is.leads, among other results, to a rank- can also now count itself economy, we saw a clear trend in the ing of the strongest brands in the among the 10 strongest brands. research towards ‘conscious living’ last Netherlands. year, but whether this trend has truly The constant growth of the digital had a lasting influence on consumers’ In recent years Google has dominated world could be clearly seen in recent brand choices remains to be seen.the rankings, after having knocked IKEA years in the breakthrough of the smart-from the throne in 2007. Ever since phone brands, with BlackBerry and
  4. 4. 1 METHODOLOGY THE STRENGTH OF THE BRANDS ON THE BASIS OF THE 4 pillars of brand strength RESULTS FROM BRANDASSET™ VALUATOR IS EXPRESSED IN A UNIQUE BRANDASSET SCORE. THIS IS THE SUM OF Rituals Google Motorola THE SCORES ON THE FOUR MAIN PILLARS OF A BRAND: DIFFERENTIATION, RELEVANCE, ESTEEM AND KNOW­ LEDGE. EACH PILLAR IS IMPORTANT IN ITS OWN RIGHT, BUT ONLY POWER BRANDS SUCCEED IN CLAIMING THE HIGH GROUND ON ALL OF THEM. SO THE HIGHER THE BRANDASSET SCORE, THE STRONGER THE BRAND. DIFFERENTIATION RELEVANCE ESTEEM KNOWLEDGE to its promises, and so it has a strong ferentiation and growing relevance, Building a strong brand is like building experiences (‘it’s really different…’) relationship with the brand’s perform- but still low knowledge. An example of a relationship. It begins when you see then you have a problem as a brand, ance. Esteem is the third element of a a strongly upcoming brand is Rituals.each other for the first time. There is because it is then still unclear how it strong brand.something that strikes you. Something fits into consumers’ lives, and the brand Brands that occupy an extremely strong special and distinctive. Think of Apple, evidently does not solve any problems Finally, if a brand fits in with consumers’ position with the average Dutch con-for example. Differentiation is the key for them. That is why relevance is the daily lives they get to know the brand sumer have succeeded in building up to success, because a brand that is second essential element of brand better and better, and a certain know- high differentiation, relevance, esteem not unique has less raison d’être. So dif- strength that we measure. ledge with the brand develops. BAV and knowledge. Google and IKEA are ferentiation is also the first element of measures that with the fourth element: examples of true Power Brands.brand strength that we measure with Some (but by no means all) brands that knowledge. The brand has become an BAV. have existed for a long time and are icon of the total brand landscape. There are also brands that were once well established have built up their strong but have lost their uniqueness Of course a high level of differentiation esteem among the general public. So a brand is built on four pillars. In this over the years. All that a weakened is good news for a new brand. But if Esteem is related to the feeling that a model new, up-and-coming brands brand like Motorola has left is its that is the only thing the consumer brand offers good quality and lives up display the following profile: high dif- knowledge.
  5. 5. Differentiation and relevance show us picture of how brands gain and lose the direction that a brand is developing power. Brands have the tendency to in. That is why we combine these two develop in a clockwise direction on the elements into the leading indicator of PowerGrid. a brand’s growth potential: its vitality. The power of a brand according to the Esteem and knowledge give a feeling BAV shows a clear link with an organisa- of a brand’s current position, and tion’s financial performance. Research in  which direction this position is by Stern Stewart & Co. has shown that develop ng. That is why we combine i these two elements into the indicator a Power Brand is worth up to 2.3 times its current turnover. It also turns out ‘Research has of a brand’s stature. that a high level of brand vitality has shown that a If we plot brand vitality against brand more effect on turnover than the brand stature: 1.7 times vs. 0.6 times Power Brand is stature (PowerGrid™) we get a clear the turnover. worth up to 2.3 times its current turnover.’ The PowerGrid Financial performance POWER BRAND PROMISING / NICHE 2.3x DIFFERENTIATION & RELEVANCE DIFFERENTIATION & RELEVANCE D R E K 1.7x D R E K 1.3xVITALITY VITALITY D R E K FALLING D R E K NEW D R E K 0.9x 0.6x WEAKENED D R E K LACKING FOCUS BRAND STATURE BRAND STATURE ESTEEM & KNOWLEDGE ESTEEM & KNOWLEDGE
  6. 6. 2 TOP 100 STRONGEST BRANDS IN THE NETHERLANDSTOP BRAND BRANDASSET VAR TOP BRAND BRANDASSET VAR TOP BRAND BRANDASSET VAR TOP BRAND BRANDASSET VAR100 SCORE 2010 100 SCORE 2010 100 SCORE 2010 100 SCORE 2010 % RANK % RANK % RANK % RANK 1 Google 100 0.0 26 Dutch Consumers’ Association 97.3 +6.4 51 The Olympics 94.6 -0.3 76 Unicef 91.8 -3.5 2 IKEA 99.9 0.0 27 Tefal 97.2 +2.0 52 Kika 94.5 +6.3 77 RTL 4 91.7 +10.9 3 Coca-Cola 99.8 +0.5 28 Schiphol 97.1 +0.4 53 Pringles 94.3 +4.9 78 Disneyland Paris 91.6 -4.7 4 Douwe Egberts 99.7 +0.7 29 ANWB 97.0 -0.9 54 Mona 94.2 +3.2 79 Dutch Heart Foundation 91.5 +3.0 5 Efteling 99.6 -0.1 30 Unox 96.8 -0.8 55 Duyvis 94.1 +0.7 80 Lay’s 91.4 +4.3 6 Albert Heijn 99.5 +0.3 31 Dutch Cancer Society 96.7 +2.3 56 Côte d’Or 94.0 +1.4 81 Hak 91.3 +1.7 7 99.3 -0.1 32 Xenos 96.6 +4.8 57 Oral-B 93.9 -1.8 82 Spa 91.2 -2.7 8 Philips 99.2 +0.9 33 Maggi 96.5 +8.2 58 Pink Ribbon 93.8 +2.1 83 Aldi 91.1 +0.8 9 99.1 -0.2 34 Apple 96.4 +6.2 59 V&D 93.7 +6.9 84 Mars 91.0 -3.010 Microsoft 99.0 -0.8 35 Magnum 96.3 -2.3 60 Chocomel 93.6 -2.1 85 Bose 90.9 +13.411 LEGO 98.9 +0.8 36 Rabobank 96.2 +4.7 61 Nokia 93.5 -1.9 86 Campina 90.8 -0.412 HEMA 98.8 +0.3 37 Cup-a-Soup 96.1 +0.2 62 Bolletje 93.4 -1.4 87 Bang & Olufsen 90.7 +25.013 YouTube 98.7 +2.0 38 CliniClowns 96.0 -2.0 63 M & M’s 93.3 -0.1 88 VARA 90.5 +18.514 Calvé 98.6 +0.5 39 TomTom 95.9 -0.1 64 Postbus 51 93.2 +13.4 89 Venz 90.4 +5.715 Discovery Channel 98.5 -0.4 40 Verkade 95.8 +3.1 65 Sony 93.0 -3.8 90 Autodrop 90.3 +3.016 Amsterdam 98.4 +1.0 41 Dreft 95.7 -0.8 66 Smiths 92.9 +2.3 91 Wii 90.2 -5.917 National Geographic 98.3 +0.8 42 Wegenwacht 95.5 +0.9 67 Zwitsal 92.8 -3.4 92 AH Excellent 90.1 +1.918 Pickwick 98.2 -0.5 43 Heinz 95.4 +1.6 68 KLM 92.7 +3.9 93 Roosvicee 90.0 +13.319 Senseo 98.0 -0.8 44 Disney 95.3 -2.0 69 Conimex 92.6 -3.9 94 Greenpeace 89.9 +4.120 NOS 97.9 -1.6 45 Nederland 1 95.2 -1.8 70 Kruidvat 92.5 +0.2 95 McDonald’s 89.8 +2.921 Miele 97.8 -0.4 46 Lidl 95.1 +5.2 71 Appelsientje 92.4 +3.4 96 The Hague 89.7 +10.322 Wikipedia 97.7 +0.8 47 Gazelle 95.0 +4.5 72 Honig 92.3 +0.1 97 United Nations 89.6 +13.023 Red Cross 97.6 -0.1 48 De Ruijter 94.9 +2.4 73 Merci 92.2 +2.1 98 Peijnenburg 89.5 +10.424 WWF 97.5 +2.0 49 Becel 94.8 +2.4 74 Max Havelaar 92.1 +2.5 99 Nivea 89.3 4.2 50 Bijenkorf 94.7 +5.3 75 Windows Live Messenger 92.0 _ 100 iPhone 89.2 +13.725 Duracell 97.4 +0.2
  7. 7. ‘The Top 100 showsTOP 100 the rise of the socially critical citizen and theSTRONGEST BRANDS IN THE NETHERLANDS Another striking feature of the Top 100 conscious consumer.’ is that many brands of Dutch origin are extremely strong, and are even growing. Douwe Egberts, Efteling, Albert Heijn,, Philips, HEMA, Calvé and Pickwick are all brands that are consumers can mainly be seen in the anchored in Dutch culture. They have steep rise of the brands Postbus 51, become an element of daily life. These The Hague and the United Nations. THIS YEAR, JUST AS LAST YEAR, GOOGLE IS THE successes of Dutch brands are linked More than last year, people indicate STRONGEST BRAND IN THE NETHERLANDS AND with the higher esteem of authentic that they think our political system has IKEA IS THE RUNNER UP. BOTH BRANDS STILL brands. More than last year, consumers improved, and they are more interest- SUCCEED IN COMBINING THEIR BRAND STATURE prefer established brands that offer ed in politics. Finally, the rise of the WITH HIGH DIFFERENTIATION AND RELEVANCE. trusted quality. We therefore see other Dutch Consumers’ Association brand typical authentic brands in the Top 100, clearly reflects the importance of the such as Gazelle, De Ruijter, Becel, ‘conscious consumer’: people want to Appelsientje, Venz and Peijnenburg. make the right, well-considered deci-Google is the ultimate guide through the online world and its associated demand The BrandAsset Scores of all these sions. Comparison websites like for information. It has achieved ‘prototype status’: the brand is a symbol for its own brands have gone up, and in almost all and also category. Its mission: ‘we make the world’s information universally accessible and cases their brand preference rating has benefit from this.useful’ is maintained with new brand innovations. Google has recently made big also risen. And for many years it has advances with its Chrome browser, its Android mobile operating system continues been impossible to imagine Dutch The fact that the average Dutch con-to grow in popularity, and with Google+ it has entered the fray with Facebook and culture without Maggi, which is sumer is increasingly critical and makes the ‘Dutch Facebook’ Hyves. Nevertheless, the first slight signs of a decline can be wrongly perceived as typically Dutch. more conscious choices does not seen in Google’s brand differentiation. The Google corporate brand is threatened detract from the fact that Dutch peo-with losing its sharp definition with its many, ever broader brand innovations. The Top 100 also shows the rise of the ple still have a great deal of interest in Dutch consumers therefore see the brand as less unique than they have in recent ‘socially critical citizen’ and the ‘con- innovation and technology. We see years. This could easily mean that the top position will be filled by a different brand scious consumer’. Firstly, charities are brands like Apple, iPhone, Bose and next year. still well represented in the Top 100, Bang & Olufsen rising steeply because and a number of them, such as WWF, they are becoming ever more relevant For example by the current number 2: IKEA. The Swedish furniture giant does not the Dutch Cancer Society, Kika, Pink and familiar to a mass audience. The have the everyday relevance of Google, but like Google it has claimed its own Ribbon, the Dutch Heart Foundation consumer is evidently making more of a category, in IKEA’s case on the basis of distinctive design and self-assembly. In this and Greenpeace, continue to grow still conscious choice for a particular value, way IKEA differentiates itself in terms of both design and price. further. But the social engagement of rather than simply the lowest price.
  8. 8. 3 TOP 25 MOST DIFFERENTIATED BRANDS DIFFERENTIATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR WITHIN In 2011 the Efteling theme park is the most differ- Harley-Davidson is another hugely unique brand, MARKETING. IN MARKETS WHERE THE IMPORTANCE OF entiated brand in Holland for the first time. The and it has even become a lifestyle to some DIFFERENTIATION IS FORGOTTEN, A CLUTTER OF BRANDS brand is based on a unique fantasy world that is people: the ultimate form of involvement. ARISES, ALL OF THEM OFFERING THE SAME THINGS, MAKING friendly and accessible, but also constantly sur- THE SAME APPEALS AND DOING THE SAME THINGS. THESE prising. It has been viewed as ‘innovative’ and ‘up MARKETS ARE USUALLY CHARACTERISED BY WEAK BRANDS, to date’ for years. In addition, the Efteling benefits AND THE MARGINS ARE OFTEN LOW. IN THE POWERGRID™ from its enormously strong brand experience, THESE BRANDS CAN BE FOUND IN THE SO­CALLED ‘CLONE which makes the brand relevant and especially ZONE’. valued. Differentiation leads directly to im- proved financial performance. Research PowerGrid with Clone Zone ‘Differentiation by Brand sset™ Consult in partnership A is the most with Nyenrode Business University and important Erasmus University Rotterdam has shown factor within DIFFERENTIATION & RELEVANCE that differentiation determines up to 40% of the return on investment. marketing.’VITALITY D R E K BRAND STATURE ESTEEM & KNOWLEDGE
  9. 9. TOP 25 MOST DIFFERENTIATED BRANDS TOP BRAND DIFFERENTIATION 25 SCOREApple can also be found at the top of the rankings. And the Apple brand % RANKhas also become a way of life for some people. The Dutch consumer sees 1 Efteling 100the brand as something special: one of a kind. The fact that Apple is 2 Bang & Olufsen 99.9doing well is shown by the high positions of its subsidiaries: iPhone and 3 Harley-Davidson 99.8iPad are also among the most differentiated brands in the Netherlands. 4 Apple 99.7 5 IKEA 99.6The Top 25 can be roughly divided into two groups. One group of brands 6 Porsche 99.5 7 Coca-Cola 99.3owes its raison d’être to differentiation and the creation of a unique niche. 8 Ferrari 99.2So we can identify luxury brands like Bang & Olufsen, Ferrari and Rolex 9 Wikipedia 99.1that quite simply do not want to be relevant to the average Dutch con- 10 Rolex 99.0sumer. A second group of brands links a high degree of differentiation 11 Bose 98.9with great relevance: IKEA, LEGO and Discovery Channel have carved 12 Amsterdam 98.8out their own categories for themselves, and are both unique and enor- 13 LEGO 98.7mously relevant within them. 14 Discovery Channel 98.6 15 Cartier 98.5 16 iPhone 98.4 17 iPad 98.3 18 Disneyland Paris 98.2 Discovery Channel 2011 19 National Geographic 98.0 20 Rolls Royce 97.9 21 Audi 97.8 22 Jaguar 97.7 23 Rivella 97.6 24 CliniClowns 97.5 25 Ben & Jerry`s 97.4 DIFFERENTIATION RELEVANCE ESTEEM KNOWLEDGE
  10. 10. 4 CATEGORIES ONLY ONE BRAND CAN BE THE UNDISPUTED WINNER, BUT THE TOP BRANDS IN THE BRAND LANDSCAPE ARE VERY CLOSE TOGETHER, AND THERE ARE SEVERAL BRANDS THAT HAVE GAINED AN EXTREMELY STRONG POSITION. TO DO GREATER JUSTICE TO THE STRENGTH OF THESE BRANDS WE ZOOM IN ON FIVE CATEGORIES: MEDIA, RETAIL, FMCG, TECHTRONICS AND FINANCIALS. WHAT ARE THE STRONGEST BRANDS WITHIN THESE CATEGORIES? WHAT ARE THE STRIKING TRENDS? The categories are also the playing field of some fascinating Brand Battles, for example RTL 4 vs. SBS 6 and Nespresso vs. Senseo. On the following pages we reveal the winners of these battles, and explain the reasons for their success. But the research goes even deeper, because for each type of brand there is also a type of consumer. What are the differ- ences between the consumers of two competitors? What other products and brands do they buy? BAV investigates the consumer’s motivations, demands, lifestyle and brand preferences, and so makes it possible to draw up a detailed Consumer Profile.
  11. 11. MEDIA TOP 10 BRAND BRANDASSET SCORE % RANK 1 Google 100 2 YouTube 98.7 3 Discovery Channel 98.5 4 National Geographic 98.3 5 NOS 97.9 6 Wikipedia 97.7 7 Nederland 1 95.2 8 RTL 4 91.7 9 VARA 90.5 10 BBC 89.1 TOP 10 STRONGEST MEDIA BRANDSThe media brands category clearly Although the average Dutch consumer shows the crucial importance of the has a growing demand for knowledge online environment: the internet is the and information, the paper information place to find out everything you want media continue to decline. The first to know about the world around you, newspaper we see in the list is De Tele-including what your friends are up to. graaf (with a BrandAsset Score of 70.4%), And the continued growth of online but for this major newspaper too a advertising shows that advertisers are decline can be seen in relation to last also increasingly embracing the power year. In the dynamic media landscape, of the medium. Google and YouTube these newspapers are not ‘up to date’ head up the list of strongest media enough in the opinion of the Dutch brands, but the well-known social me- consumer. A multimedia approach dia are also taking a more and more seems to be the only way forward for important place among the strongest the established media brands.brands. Although the ‘Dutch Facebook’ Hyves has declined in brand strength in comparison with last year, it still remains well ahead of Facebook itself. The ques- Hyvestion is how long this will last, because 2010 2011Facebook’s visitor numbers have now overtaken those of Hyves. DIFFERENTIATION RELEVANCE ESTEEM KNOWLEDGE
  12. 12. BRAND BATTLERTL 4 VS. SBS 6Whereas in 2010 SBS 6 was stronger 2011 is the first year in which RTL 4 is than RTL 4, the roles are now reversed. more differentiated than SBS 6. Look-With a BrandAsset Score of 92.1%, RTL 4 ing back at last year, the comparison of beats SBS 6, which has a score of 85.0%. RTL 4’s The Voice of Holland with SBS 6’s RTL 4 has experienced a striking rise in Popstars says it all: in October 2010 brand strength (+10.5) and that is an RTL  4 achieved the highest market especially remarkable achievement in share – at 21.5% – of the last ten years view of the fact that most TV channels within the 20-49 age group (Zenith have shown a falling trend for years. Optimedia). Alongside The Voice of Hol-So it is also noteworthy that RTL 4 has land, programmes such as Ik Hou Vantaken its biggest leap in differentiation: Holland have also played a part in this. Differentiation RTL 4 vs. SBS 6 2010 2011 RTL 4 SBS 6 DIFFERENTIATION
  13. 13. CONSUMER PROFILE HYVES FACEBOOK THE HYVES USER: THE FACEBOOK USER: finds emotion more important than logic enjoys an intellectual discussion is ‘average’ doesn’t want to be ‘average’ is reserved is career oriented and innovative MAGAZINES Margriet Elsevier COFFEE TABLE Privé HP/De Tijd OPINION MAGAZINES Libelle Intermediair SHOES Schoenenreus Man eld SLIPPERS Van Haren Van Dalen SMART SHOES Scapino HOMEWARE STORE Action IKEA HOUSEHOLD GOODS Marskramer DIY DESIGN Leen Bakker DAIRY PRODUCTS Mona Breaker DESSERTS Friesche Vlag Yakult DAIRY SHOTS Almhof ActimelNB: results are based on a comparison of both groups in relation to each other and sorted by the greatest differences in preference.
  14. 14. RETAILTOP 10 BRAND BRANDASSET SCORE % RANK 1 IKEA 99.9 2 Albert Heijn 99.5 3 99.3 4 99.1 5 HEMA 98.8 6 Xenos 96.6 7 Lidl 95.1 8 Bijenkorf 94.7 9 V&D 93.7 10 Kruidvat 92.5 TOP 10 STRONGEST RETAIL BRANDSIn the light of the digital revolution it services such as iDeal and PayPal are should come as no surprise that Markt- making a major contribution to this and are such strong trend: consumers make their payments retailers. Because to stay ahead of the within the familiar environment of their competition as a retailer it is also essen- own banks.tial to keep pace with the development of e-commerce. Many players in the Top  10 of strongest retail brands are Online Consumer Purchases € 8.2doing this already. At you can do Turnover in billions of euros € 7.4 € 6.3your shopping from the comfort of € 5.0your own home, and at, bi- € 3.6 € and you can buy every-thing that is available in the physical 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010store. Albert Heijn, De Bijenkorf and Source: Home Shopping Market Monitor 2010HEMA are also seen as more ‘progres-sive’ than they were last year.Whereas in recent years making pay- A sharply focused multichannel strategy ments online was seen by many con- will be even more important in the sumers as a considerable hurdle to be coming years. After all, consumer beha-overcome, this barrier is slowly being vi ur is increasingly multichannel: an obroken down. The number of online inviting challenge for all retailers. But a shoppers is fast approaching € 10 mil- bigger and even more crucial challenge lion, and online purchases will soon is to keep the essence of the brand amount to over € 8 billion. Payment clear and consistent in all channels.
  15. 15. BRAND BATTLEDE BIJENKORFVS. V&DDe Bijenkorf beats V&D by a whisker. De Bijenkorf has a Brand-Asset Score of 94.7%, while V&D scores 93.7%. In previous years the difference between the two department store brands was greater, but V&D has experienced a bigger rise over the past year (+6.9 as against +5.3 for De Bijenkorf) so the dis-tance between the brands has decreased. The consumer thinks that V&D is ‘rising in popularity’ more than De Bijenkorf, and that holds out a lot of promise for the coming years.However, De Bijenkorf is still much more differentiated than V&D. It has the image of a luxury fashion brand rather than a mere retailer. But V&D has also made great advances in this regard this year. The brand has acquired a more trendy image, and it is perceived as a store offering variety. What is more, V&D has always been stronger than De Bijenkorf in terms of relevance, esteem and knowledge, although De Bijenkorf has also taken steps in the right direction on these pillars. In short: it will be an exciting battle for the top spot next year.
  16. 16. CONSUMER PROFILE ALBERT HEIJN LIDL THE ALBERT HEIJN SHOPPER: THE LIDL SHOPPER: prefers A-brands is a price-conscious shopper is exuberant is reserved likes new things/ideas is more sceptical about new things RADIO ‘THE NEWS BNR Nieuwsradio Sky Radio Radio 1 Radio 5 Nostalgia ‘HAVE A NICE DAY’ FROM ALL SIDES’ Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Radio 538 FASHION McGregor Zeeman LOOKING GOOD THE LATEST FASHION Jack & Jones C&A DOESN’T HAVE The Sting Miss Etam TO COST A LOT DRINKS Appelsientje Taksi FRUIT DRINK PURE FRUIT Cool Best Roosvicee CONCENTRATE Innocent Karvan Cevitam PERSONAL CARE ICI PARIS XL Trekpleister DAILY PERFUME Parfumerie Douglas Schlecker The Body Shop Kruidvat GROOMINGNB: results are based on a comparison of both groups in relation to each other and sorted by the greatest differences in preference.
  17. 17. FMCGTOP 10 STRONGEST FMCG BRANDSThe Fast Moving Consumer Goods category reflects the trend of Dutch origins and authenticity. The Top 10 is characterised by brands that have been a feature of Dutch culture for many years, and will probably remain that way. They are truehousehold brands that can be found in any kitchen cabinet: level-headed brand leaders with a high knowledge level. Duracell and Unox are good examples.So the presence of the relatively young brands Senseo, Magnum and Duracell & UnoxCup-a-Soup in this list is also striking. Duracell UnoxThe presence of these three brands cannot be explained by the fact that they have already existed for a hundred years, and so automatically form a part of the consumer’s consideration DIFFERENTIATION RELEVANCE ESTEEM KNOWLEDGEset. Senseo, Magnum and Cup-a-Soup have all claimed their places by giving their products a highly individual and unique image. Magnum has presented the ice cream in a totally different way, for example. It stands for seduction and sensuality rather than quenching thirst or fun for kids. Cup-a-Soup has even claimed its own time with its ‘four o’clock Cup-a-Soup’ campaign, and Senseo has invented a whole new way of making coffee.For that matter, with the arrival TOP 10 BRAND BRANDASSET SCOREof more and more alternatives % RANKfor ‘ordinary’ coffee it is quite 1 Coca-Cola 99.8an achievement that the tried 2 Douwe Egberts 99.7 and trusted Douwe Egberts 3 Calvé 98.6 brand has nevertheless expe- 4 Pickwick 98.2 rienced another slight growth 5 Senseo 98.0 6 Duracell 97.4 in its brand strength. 7 Unox 96.8 8 Maggi 96.5 9 Magnum 96.3 10 Cup-a-Soup 96.1
  18. 18. BRAND BATTLENESPRESSO VS. SENSEOWith a BrandAsset Score of 98.0%, more and more people are becoming Senseo – one of the Top 20 strongest familiar with drinking high quality coffee brands in the Netherlands – beats com- at any time of day. This trend reflects p itor Nespresso (88.3%). Nespres o’s the development that Nespresso has et shigh score is not enough to gain victory gone through among its consumers. over a strongly established brand like From a brand for innovators and early Senseo. Everyone knows Senseo, but adopters, Nespresso has grown into a the brand is still seen as innovative brand that is also enjoyed by the mid-by the Dutch consumer. It repeatedly dle majority. The innovative groups expands its range with new flavours, have shown that they value the brand, and also appeals to younger target so now the mass audience can ‘safely’ groups by casting singers Alain Clark follow, by buying high quality coffee and Jacqueline Govaert in its latest ‘on the go’, but also being able to enjoy campaign. In this way the brand has it at home. Due to this trend Nespresso been retaining its relevance for various has become more relevant to a larger target groups for years. group of consumers. This is illustrated by the fact that within five years eight But Nespresso is becoming a more seri- Nespresso Boutiques have been ous competitor for Senseo. In principle opened in De Bijenkorf stores.Nespresso, with its exclusive approach, has always had the image of a coffee for the elite, but the brand has also clearly made progress among average Adoption curveDutch consumers. There are more and more coffee bars on the high street, so TIME INNOVATORS EARLY MIDDLE LAGGARDS ADOPTERS MAJORITY
  19. 19. CONSUMER PROFILE AXE REXONA THE AXE USER: THE REXONA USER: is conservatively minded buys organic products more often does what he wants is fashion-conscious and likes to stand out from the crowd has a nonchalant attitude to money is careful with money MAGAZINES Kampioen Linda. MEN’S MAGAZINES Revu Elle WOMEN’S MAGAZINES Panorama VIVA SODA SODA FOR Sisi Crystal Clear BEGINNERS Dr. Pepper Spa MATURE SODA 7UP Royal Club BEER Dommelsch Hoegaarden FAMILIAR TASTE Jupiler Carlsberg FRESH AND DIFFERENT Grolsch Corona SPORT Cycle racing Ice skating ROBERT GESINK Premier League Horseback-riding SVEN KRAMER Formula 1 RunningNB: results are based on a comparison of both groups in relation to each other and sorted by the greatest differences in preference.
  20. 20. TECHTRONICS TOP 10 BRAND BRANDASSET SCORE % RANK ics 1 Philips 99,2 2 Microsoft 99,0 on 3 Senseo 98,0 4 Miele 97,8 htr 5 Tefal 97,2 6 Apple 96,4 7 TomTom 95,9 tec 8 Nokia 93,5 9 Sony 93,0 10 Bose 90,9 TOP 10 STRONGEST TECHTRONICS The techtronics category shows that The techtronics category also makes Philips still leads the way in this field. it very clear that the rise of mobile The old familiar Dutch brand can rely internet smartphone brands like on the support of the Dutch consumer. iPhone, BlackBerry and HTC have won With its brand promise of ‘sense and territory from more traditional, esta- simplicity’, Philips allows people to blished com uter and telephony p benefit from innovations that are both brands, including Microsoft and Nokia. advanced and user-friendly, and are These two brands have joined forces designed with a view to users’ demands. to arm themselves against this Such as the Wake-Up Light for exam- competi ion. However, the question t ple, which was successfully tested in remains whether they will grow in line 2010 in the northernmost town in the with the ‘Mobile Mania’ trend (Y&R). world in a big social media campaign. BRAND BRANDASSET SCORE VAR % RANK 2010 iPhone 89.2 +13.7 HTC 47.4 +36.8 Nokia 93.5 -1.9
  21. 21. VS N TL D CA T NNI . O E With a BrandAsset Score of 70.2% Canon beats BA A KO N Nikon (62.9%), but the brands seem to be growing BR closer together. Canon will have to keep a sharp eye on Nikon. The Canon brand has been stronger N than Nikon for years, but particularly because of a fall in differentiation it has once again declined in brand strength (-2.3). On the other hand, Nikon is shifting from being a semi-professional brand to a camera with broader relevance. That can be clearly seen in the current ‘I AM Nikon’ campaign, as a response to Canon’s ‘You Can’ brand platform, which has been successful for years. The idea that you can show who you are with your camera is catching on, and it is not only making Nikon more relevant among a larger target group, but also more highly esteemed. Canon will still be able to benefit from the breadth of the brand, which includes various products, for some time. As the market leader in Digital Imaging, the brand has more than enough potential to grow further. Nikon has a narrower portfolio, so it has the power of focus. The future winner will be the brand that succeeds in getting most closely involved with the consumer and capitalising on modern-day developments. Canon promises ‘creativity for all’, while Nikon inspires consumers to share an image of themselves with friends: self-publishing. The battle will be a close call, but it may well be that Nikon’s more social proposition will be the deciding factor. Canon 2009 2011 DIFFERENTIATION RELEVANCE ESTEEM KNOWLEDGE
  22. 22. CONSUMER PROFILE iPHONE NOKIA THE iPHONE USER: THE NOKIA USER: has great self-confidence is not the nightlife type likes fun, excitement and risk plays safe is innovative and fashion-conscious is conservatively minded TELEVISION BNN EO YOUTH CHANNEL MTV TROS FAMILY CHANNEL Discovery Channel AVRO FASHION The Sting M&S Mode TRENDY FASHION ZARA Vögele BASIC FASHION WE C&A SUPERMARKET Jumbo Lidl SERVICE Albert Heijn C1000 PRICE Plus Dirk van den Broek CAR Volvo Volkswagen STYLISH DESIGN Peugeot Fiat FAMILIAR SIMPLICITY BMW RenaultNB: results are based on a comparison of both groups in relation to each other and sorted by the greatest differences in preference.
  23. 23. FINANCIALS TOP 10 BRAND BRANDASSET SCORE % RANK 1 Rabobank 96.2 2 ING Bank 84.6 3 MasterCard 72.8 4 ABN AMRO 64.7 5 Univé 56.7 6 Centraal Beheer Achmea 51.6 7 Visa 48.8 8 Nationale Nederlanden 47.1 9 Achmea 41.6 10 Interpolis 32.7 TOP 10 STRONGEST FINANCIALSThe financials category shows that banks and insurers are gener-ally no strong brands. The average financial services provider has difficulty in claiming a distinctive position in the perception of the consumer. Apart from Rabobank and a number of specialists, all the brands in this category score low on differentiation. Because of this there are fairly large differences between the top brands.Rabobank is the undisputed leader, and only has the ING Bank as a serious competitor. Following its integration with the Postbank this brand continues to grow. The level of confidence in the finan-cial services providers shows that the category as a whole is pick-ing up. Although consumer confidence in the financial services providers has fallen further and further since 1997, last year this confidence rose again for the first time. Development of trust in financials 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 1993 1997 2000 2003 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  24. 24. FINANCIALSThe strongest insurer in the Top 10 also demonstrates that confi-dence is crucial in claiming a distinctive position for yourself within the category. Univé – a non-profit cooperative association – is seen as more ‘trustworthy’ in relation to the average insurer, and can rely on more sympathy from the consumer.Finally, the category shows that the strength of credit cards is benefit-ing from the maturity of the e-commerce market. Since 2007 in particular the relevance, esteem and knowledge of both MasterCard and Visa have risen considerably. MasterCard vs. Visa 1993 2011 MasterCard Visa MasterCard Visa RELEVANCE KNOWLEDGE
  25. 25. BRAND BATTLEABN AMRO VS. RABOBANK With a BrandAsset Score of 96.2%, Rabo- Fortis and the controversy surrounding bank easily beats ABN AMRO, which has bonuses. Its positioning as ‘The Bank’ a BrandAsset Score of ‘only’ 64.7%. was therefore no longer credible. Rabo ank has stood at the summit of b the banking landscape for years, and Therefore its rise this year is very impres- this position has only grown stronger sive. With its new positioning as ‘Today’s since the financial crisis. Rabobank has Bank’, ABN AMRO is once again gaining emerged from the crisis unscathed, in esteem. Not vague ideas for the fu- which has further strengthened its ture, but concrete solutions for today are knowledge and esteem ratings. evidently the right response to the past. ABN AMRO is less strong, but it has ex- perienced a very strong rise in the past PowerGrid ABN AMRO vs. Rabobank year (+25.8). ABN AMRO had shown a Rabobank 2011 downward trend for years, and last year it sank to a deep point. The brand that DIFFERENTIATION & RELEVANCE for years called itself ‘The Bank’ has been through some turbulent times, with ABN AMRO 2011 VITALITY the  state takeover, the merger with 2010 BRAND STATURE ESTEEM & KNOWLEDGE
  26. 26. CONSUMER PROFILE ASN BANK VAN LANSCHOT THE ASN BANK CUSTOMER: THE VAN LANSCHOT CUSTOMER: is open to alternative medicine has enormous self-confidence buys organic products enjoys an intellectual discussion is highly critical, and a conscious shopper is career-oriented POLITICS PVDA PVV LEFT WING D66 LIBERAL VVD FASHION Human Nature Ralph Lauren ZIP-OFF TROUSERS Mexx McGregor POLO SHIRT Desigual Tommy Hil ger COFFEE TRADITIONAL Perla Senseo Kanis & Gunnink Nespresso CUPS & PADS FILTER COFFEE Max Havelaar Starbucks CHARITIES Greenpeace Kika SAVE THE PLANET Amnesty International Pink Ribbon MEDICAL CARE Natuurmonumenten CliniClownsNB: results are based on a comparison of both groups in relation to each other and sorted by the greatest differences in preference.
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