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Van Ons at WordCamp Antwerp: WordPress, Just Another Interface


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Bas van der Lans at WordCamp Antwerp (4th of June 2016): WordPress, Just Another Interface

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Van Ons at WordCamp Antwerp: WordPress, Just Another Interface

  1. 1. Hi WordCamp Antwerp Bas van der Lans, 4 juni 2016
  2. 2. Bas van der Lans Van Ons Van Ons, @delans
  3. 3. “Lanching rockets from a farm.” Rijke weboplossingen zo duidelijk als een koe. Rich web solutions as clear as a cow.
  4. 4. 2 Cases with Rich Connections. WordPress, Just Another Interface
  5. 5. Plaatje lelijk blog. Bas van der Lans, 9 maart 2016
  6. 6. Plaatje mooie site. Bas van der Lans, 9 maart 2016
  7. 7. Tesla with WordPress as an Interface?
  8. 8. 2006 to 2013: Focus on Websites. Make them fast. SEO. Strong call-to-actions. Responsive as f*ck.
  9. 9. Wildgroei of tools • Website with WordPress • Administratie with Exact Online • CRM with Salesforce • Mailings with Mailchimp • Business processes SAP of AFAS
  10. 10. Shift from promotional to business processes. From WordPress (of alternatives) to SAP, Exact Online, Salesforce.
  11. 11. Everything integrated. One holistische experience for everyone. Businesses, Departments, People, Tools.
  12. 12. From promotional to business processes • Other targets • Other people and business units involved • In real life those departments are in total war.
  13. 13. The Perfect Wedding. Het mariage between WordPress, ERP- and CRM- solutions.
  14. 14. Two WordPress Cases with Connections The mariage between WordPress, ERP- and CRM- solutions.
  15. 15. Case 1: Dinalog Schiphol 9.000 Logistic Superheroes Connected.
  16. 16. Assignment • Platform for 9.000 users • 1 Fte for user management and Salesforce content manager • 11 content categories
  17. 17. Content Authorization Subscription to Events Users Profile info Events
  18. 18. Resultaat • No FTe’s for website management. • No FTe’s for CRM management. • Everybody in the organisatie is active as a Business Consultant (Sales was already in charge of CRM processes).
  19. 19. Case 2: Van Mokum Beautiful design brands in 3 WooCommerce shops, feeded from one Exact Online Instance!
  20. 20. Customers Orders Products Products
  21. 21. Customers Orders Products Products
  22. 22. Van Mokum • Q2 2015: Store voor B2B orders in Nederland • Q4 2015: Store voor B2B orders in Duitsland • Q1 2016: Store voor B2C orders in Nederland
  23. 23. Producten Voorraad
  24. 24. Workflow • Products based on Classifications in Exact Online • Stock positions from Exact Online • Syncing Images between WooCommerce instances. • Unlimited amount of shops, maande from one ERP instance. Platform independent.
  25. 25. “Nowadays 60% of the orders are placed online.” This saves 20 minuten per order. Time they can invest in acquisition and support in stead of time-consuming data-entry.
  26. 26. “New sites launched in no-time.” Saves 70% in costs per site.
  27. 27. “Grow your Business by Connecting WordPress. Capitalize your dataset! Example: Brand Stores, leasen aan partners and suppliers. …
  28. 28. Learnings • Grow in our business and business of our customers is in making perfect connections. • Different tools used by different people. • Working with Middleware makes you less dependent of platform and infrastructure quality. • Keep-it-Simple: always try to make simplex connections. Triangles are killing.
  29. 29. From Promotion to Business Processes • Webshops - f.e. white-label - filled from your ERP. • Let your users keep CRM-data up-to-date. • Let your users subscribe to events. • Less FTe’s needed for data-entry. • Keep Content up-to-date from business processes and workflows that are already there.
  30. 30. Thanks! Let’s connect? Van Ons, @delans