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Example presentation Bas van den Beld


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This is an example of what you can expect from presentations from Bas van den Beld.

I do a lot of talks around the world about online marketing. The focus lies on consumer behavior. Because my talks are very much story telling and I am using a lot of images it doesn't make sense to upload each presentation.

This deck however gives you some insights into how I build up my decks and stories and what you can expect.

Off course the best way of getting an idea is still to actually see one of my presentations.

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Example presentation Bas van den Beld

  1. 1. Example of a Presentation Bas  van  den  Beld @basvandenbeld - @stateofdigital - -
  2. 2. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital What  is  this  slide  deck  about? 2
  3. 3. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital This  slide  deck  is  to  give  an  idea  of   how  I (Bas  van  den  Beld)  do  my   presentaAons 3
  4. 4. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital Who  am  I  again? 4
  5. 5. @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 Speaker Trainer Strategy  Consultant 5 I am a professional speaker and trainer and strategy consultant on online marketing related topics. My talks have a big emphasis on the human behavior of people online. I also founded and run the website
  6. 6. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  always  try  to  put  in  a  personal   touch 6
  7. 7. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 7 I will introduce myself by introducing a personal element, to take things to a ‘human level’
  8. 8. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  use  videos  that  show  the  thoughts   behind  what  I  say,  there  is  always  a   message  in  there 8
  9. 9. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 9 This is a video which shows how our own mind is fooling us
  10. 10. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  use  slides  which  support  the  story,   not  make  the  story 10
  11. 11. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 11 This image supports that I am talking about how people trust what they see and hear
  12. 12. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital Many  marketers  just  copy  what   others  do,  I  like  to  point  out  you   should  look  further 12
  13. 13. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 13
  14. 14. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 14 I explain that as a marketer you have to put yourself in the shoes of those you are targeting
  15. 15. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital You  need  to  understand  your  target   audience  so  you  have  to  step  into   the  shoes  of  those  you  are   targeAng 15
  16. 16. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I very much look at how the human brain works and how we can use this as marketers.
  17. 17. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  use  quotes  to  make  a  point.  I’ve   done  my  research! 17
  18. 18. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 95%  of  our  thoughts,  emoAons,  and   learning  occur  without  our  conscious   awareness Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Professor This is an example of a quote I use in my presentations.
  19. 19. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  studied  history  so  will  take  things   back  to  show  the  perspecAve 19
  20. 20. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 20 This is writing on the wall when we were cave men. Now we write on Facebook walls. The essence is the same: we are trying to communicate and get a message across.
  21. 21. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  try  to  put  humor  in 21
  22. 22. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 22 People like to follow each other, just like animals
  23. 23. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 23 And there are always front runners
  24. 24. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  tell  stories 24
  25. 25. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 25 This is a story about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a theme park in the US. The marketing manager found 7 influentials and spread the message through them.
  26. 26. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  advice  on  books  which  will  help   people  forward  in  their  work  and   make  them  understand 26
  27. 27. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital Source: “Grouped” by Paul Adams 27 This is a screenshot from a book from Paul Adams, ‘Grouped’, which explains part of the theories I am using.
  28. 28. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  give  stats  which  emphasize  what  I   talk  about
  29. 29. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 80  percent  of  our  phone  calls  are  to   the  same  four  people. One example stat I am using to show how ‘small’ our direct influence network is
  30. 30. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  show  what  the  big  brands  are   doing
  31. 31. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital Google is making connections between people, I will show that
  32. 32. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 I  give  out  movie  Aps @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital
  33. 33. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 33 The movie “The Joneses” really shows how people are influenced by each other
  34. 34. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  will  share  personal  experiences   both  private  and  examples  of   campaigns  I  was  involved  in
  35. 35. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 35 This is the wall of my son’s room, he collects Panini stickers. There are marketeers who have smartly used these stickers to create effective campaigns based on influence from kids towards their parents.
  36. 36. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital And  will  Ae  that  into  how  it  can  be   used  or  seen  online
  37. 37. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 37
  38. 38. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital I  give  strategy  Aps  at  the  end:  what   can  you  do  with  it?
  39. 39. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 39
  40. 40. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital My  goal  is  to  make  people  think  in   a  different  direcAon
  41. 41. Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital 41
  42. 42. @basvandenbeld  @stateofdigital Bas  van  den  Beld  –  2013 Thank you! Have Bas speak or train at your event or company or consult? Get in touch!