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Islam middleagesquiz


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Islam middleagesquiz

  1. 1. Art of Islam and the Middle Ages Quiz Study Slides
  2. 2. Hypostyle Hall in Cordoba
  3. 3. Mihrab from the Great Mosque at Cordoba, Spain
  4. 4. QuiblaMihrab Maqsura Sahn Minaret
  5. 5. Tughra of Sultan Sulaiman the Magnificent, 16th century; Ottoman period(c.1280-1924)Attributed to Istanbul, Turkey
  6. 6. The Night Journey of Muhammad on HisSteed, Buraq; leaf from a copy of theBustan of Sacdi, dated 1514. FromBukhara, Uzbekistan. In TheMetropolitan Museum of Art.
  7. 7. The Ardabil Carpet, 1539-40
  8. 8. Palatine Chapel at Aachenc. 795 CE
  9. 9. Comparison of the Plans of San Vitale in Ravenna to the Palace Chapel in Aix-la-Chapelle.
  10. 10. Abbey Church Pilgrim’s Hostel Cloister Infirmary School BreweryThe Plan of Saint Gall is a famous medievalarchitectural drawing of a monastic compounddating from the early 9th century. It is preservedin the Stiftsbibliothek Sankt Gallen, Ms 1092.It is the only surviving major architecturaldrawing from the roughly 700-year periodbetween the fall of the Roman Empire and the13th century
  11. 11. St. Matthew, the Coronation Gospels, St. Matthewthe Ebbo Gospels, c. 816 c. 800
  12. 12. Chi-Rho page from the Book ofKellsc. 800 CE
  13. 13. Chi – Rho formed bysuperimposing the first two(capital) letters chi and rho (ΧΡ)of the Greek word "ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ"=Christin such a way to produce themonogram ☧. Although nottechnically a cross, the Chi Rhoinvokes the crucifixion of Jesusas well as symbolizing his statusas the Christ.
  14. 14. Cross Page from theLindisfarne Gospelsc. 700 CE
  15. 15. The Book of LindisfarneVellum sheets arranged so that the spine ridge of the animal runs across the pagehorizontally at the same place, minimizing movement of the page when the skin triesto return to the shape of the animal, causing the paint to flake
  16. 16. Lindau Gospelsc. 870-880
  17. 17. Early Medieval ArtSutton Hoo Purse Lid• Geometric interlace designs• Symmetry of forms• Animals and humans interact• Repetition of patterns• Used as a purse cover for a disintegrated purse found in a ship burial in England Purse Cover, Sutton Hoo ship burial, c. 655
  18. 18. “Adam and Eve Reproached by the Lord,” bronze panel from the doors ofBishop Bernward at the cathedral, Hildesheim, West Germany, 1015. Panel58.6 cm ´ 196 cm.