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A new deal for Tanzania


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Ready for a new deal?

Development here means development there!

Published in: Business, Education
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A new deal for Tanzania

  1. 1. Doing business, while … … empowering young people in Tanzania to make their own living!
  2. 2. People are the most valuable asset in your company if they perform top class. Investing in them to perform outstanding is worth your money. Sowing leads to harvesting! How would you feel if 25% of every investment in your self could find it’s way to young people in Tanzania to get the best out of them too? Read more about the Jobortunity project…
  3. 3. Jobortunity’s goal is to empower people to make their own living, by offering them a personal training in knowledge, skills and attitude, to become top class employees in the hospitality branche. Why choose for Jobortunity? It’s new way of training. As a coach you cannot be in more than one place; that is why we need to be creative to help as many people as possible because education means development a chance for a better life! Entrepreneurship and a will to work are plenty available in Tanzania. What these people need is a start up, a helping hand by means of a professional education. You can help with that by: Sponsoring directly (contact Kim Groeneweg; +31-6-20871048; Doing business with HAns Bassing (+31-6-28484999;
  4. 4. The world economy has drastically changed. The world leadership has drastically changed. If there ever was a time that was suited for a drastical world awareness change, … that time would be NOW! Join the new way of doing business! To invest here is to invest there! HAns Bassing +31-6-28484999;;