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Bravura design ppt_website

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Bravura design ppt_website

  1. 1. The StoryThere are people that live in houses and sing notes.
  2. 2. The StoryDifferent houses are for different chords or note function. The higher the person, the higher the note they sing.
  3. 3. The StoryA train picks up the people, and when they’re picked up, they sing their note.
  4. 4. LevelsUsers draw lines that thetrain will follow, creating amelody.The buildings are alignedinto chord progressions.People on clouds are non-chord tones.Pitch is the Y-axis, time isthe X-axis.
  5. 5. Levels
  6. 6. Free Play The free play mode will allow users to input their own melodies, and place buildings to build chord progressions. They can draw their melody with their finger, or sing it.
  7. 7. Features The user can pick the style of the accompaniment. They will be able to see their melody as sheet music under the train. The user will be able to sing melodies into the free play mode.