Digital Marketing. Do little, achieve more


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Digital Marketing. Do little, achieve more.
A thinking process and proven techniques to drive and optimize digital brand engagement.
Presented in the Internet Show - Abu Dhabi 2011 By Bassam Alhakim, Digital Strategist at Ethos Interactive.

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Digital Marketing. Do little, achieve more

  1. 1. Do Little, achieve a lot!Bassam AlhakimSeptember 26, 2011
  2. 2. Do Little in•  Digital Strategy•  User Experience•  Design•  Engagement•  Mobile•  Web Copy•  Technology•  Hosting•  CMS•  Games•  Media•  Search
  3. 3. Digital Strategy Do Little -  Focus on your main Goal -  Utilize the most prevailing digital trend -  Take advantage of the fastest growing market trend
  4. 4. Client Goals Build Brand Drive Sales Up-Sell Current Customers Get Noticed Listen & LearnLets come up with astrategic direction Market Trends Young Audience Women s Position Growth: GDP Internet Penetration Digital Trends Internet Mobile Penetration Location Based Services Social Media in uence Tablet usage
  5. 5. Client Goals Build Drive Convert Get Listen &Market Brand Sales Leads Noticed Learn DigitalTrends Trends Internet Mobile PenetrationYoung Audience Tablet usageWomen s Position Location Based ServicesGrowth:GDP Group buyingInternet Penetration Social Media in uence
  6. 6. Client Goals BuildMarket Brand DigitalTrends TrendsYoung Audience Tablet usage Medium: IPAD App Type: Game
  7. 7. User Experience Do Little Keep it simple.
  8. 8. DesignDo Little- Grid- Everyone needs an design.Just because they did little, little details.
  9. 9. EngagementDo Little-  Don’t Complicate it-  Start with a short time engagement, learn from it and then extend it.-  Margin of error is lower if the engagement is simple-  No one have time to understand the rules of engagement
  10. 10. MobileDo Little-  Don’t develop an application for each device-  Use multi-platform development tools-  Use HTML5/ CSS3, it works on all browsers
  11. 11. TechnologyDo Little-  Start on small scale-  Measure on small scale, get your metrics in place, then take it main stream.-  Social portals and games have the intensity to grow viral, and you end up with a slow response application.
  12. 12. HostingDo Little-  Do cloud hosting-  Don’t become an ISP by providing Hosting, security, high availability, scalability, and managed services.-  Use CDNs
  13. 13. CMSDo Little-  For quick engagements, there is NO need for big investments, a little investment in open source CMS could do the job.Use these free CMS platforms:•  Drupal•  Joomla•  Wordpress•  DotnetNuke
  14. 14. Web CopyDo Little-  On the web, users don’t read, they scan-  Less Copy, more bullet points-  Compact informative paragraph headers-  If you have a lot of content, try to use a video or an interactive presentation.-  If you need to add complicated text use an infographic
  15. 15. MediaDo Little-  Don’t spend all your budget on direct traf c.-  Spend a little on engagements and viral concepts.
  16. 16. GamesDo Little-  You don’t really need to develop a game to reach your audience-  Use In-game ads-  Use branded virtual goods
  17. 17. SearchDo Little-  Don’t predict keywords, let the Engine get you the local volume of traf c-  Use SERPs to monitor progress (look for top 20 moving keywords)
  18. 18. Thank you @bassamalhakim