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Aniversary Party Slideshow


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This is the slideshow we played at our Anniversary Party, for the full effect the soundtrack is:
Want To by Sugarland
This is Us by Keisha Cole
Seasons of Love by Rent

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Aniversary Party Slideshow

  1. 1. This is the story of us…. We met five years ago by chance… … and we haven’t stopped since!!!
  2. 2. “ When I first met you, I fell in love so fast, I knew right then, You were the one and only one for me; I'd never have to look for love again.”
  3. 4. So one night after Chris and I had first met, he called me and asked me to go out with him…we went to dinner and then went driving around in his yellow mustang convertible, and this is where he took me, and this is where we kissed for the first time…it was the most perfect night of my life. -Dustin
  4. 7. Chris drove me and one of my best friends to senior prom…
  5. 9. Our families sitting down to dinner together at our house…
  6. 11. Our Trip to Chicago
  7. 12. Our trip to Florida.
  8. 13. Every year we go all out for Halloween
  9. 14. The Beach
  10. 15. Our families at Christmas…
  11. 16. Turning 21 When I turned 21 Chris, my parents, and I spent the weekend partying in downtown Charleston…what a birthday!!!- Dustin
  12. 17. 2007
  13. 18. We could not have asked for more…for two of the most loving and supportive sets of parents…Thank You…We Love You
  14. 19. A friend is someone we turn to When our spirits need a lift, A friend is someone we treasure For our friendship is a gift, A friend is someone who fills our lives With Beauty, Joy, and Grace And makes the world we live in A Better and Happier Place. This is for our friends…Who have loved and supported us for the past five years…Thank You and We Love You
  15. 20. Our FABULOUS trip to Las Vegas…my 21 st Birthday gift from my FABULOUS parents!! -Dustin
  16. 21. 2008 HELLO NORTH CAROLINA!!! Goodbye WV!!!
  17. 22. Already making memories in 2009…
  18. 23. I love you more today than yesterday; but not as much as tomorrow. Five years have come and gone and it seems like only yesterday we met…but no matter where this crazy ride we call life takes us, we know we will have each other….and who knows what the future might bring for us… The End… of Chapter 1…