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Discover Islam CD


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A variety of well picked materials (Audios,Videos, Books ..etc) in English Language suited for non-Muslims. Gathered in a CD/DVD user-friendly application which can be easily burned for distribution purposes.
Just Select all the RAR files (as shown in figure 1) and extract them to a folder using WinRAR. Then all you have to do is burn these files to a CD or DVD

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Discover Islam CD

  1. 5. part 1 95.8 MB part 2 95.8 MB part 3 95.8 MB part 4 95.8 MB part 5 95.8 MB part 6 95.8 MB part 7 70.5 MB Or you Can Download Attachments of the Item ( 7 ) from here لا تحرمونا من دعائكم baspren