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This is the presentation about the banking system developed at Thapathali Engineering Campus. The project is based on C/C++ programming language.

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  1. 1. Ashok Basnet 062/DCT/407Ishwor Pd.Rijal 062/DCT/416Kabindra Kaji Bajrachraya 062/DCT/419 Raju PandeyKiran Karki 062/DCT/420
  2. 2. Objectives:- To implement C++ langauage. To help the Bank in its efficient management. To store the databases of the accounts. To give loans using the system. To store the staff’s information. To secure the internal database of bank To have a faster, easier and efficient banking service.
  3. 3. Introduction Use for saving the databases of clients and staffs of bank. Accounts are saved with their own particular id. Accounts can be searched with their detail information. Transactions can also be saved and view effectively whenever needed. Provides effective interest calculation for the deposited money of client and automatically added into total amount in daily balance.
  4. 4. Investigation Feasibility Technical feasibility Economical feasibilitySite visitSource collection
  5. 5. Software requirement Hardware requirement Windows xp PCTurbo c++ printer
  6. 6. Project Scheduling GANTT CHART
  7. 7. DESIGN1.DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Level O DFD of Banking systm (context diagram) Level 1 DFD of Banking system (overview diagram)2.ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM
  8. 8. Easing the banking facility
  9. 9. Request Retrieve BAN K Reply StoreDATABAS E WORKING OF THE Clien SYSTEM t
  11. 11.  New Account => Creates a new account. Edit Account => Edits an existing account. Transactions => Deals with deposit and withdraw. Search A/Cs => Searches the A/Cs with A/C no. View A/Cs => View the accounts in the Bank Close Account => Deletes the accounts Interest Calc. => Calculates the interest. (Done as a daily balance interest calculation)
  12. 12.  New Loan => Gives the loans to client. Edit Loan => Edits the wrong info. Of loan. Search Loan => Searches the laon with loan id. View all Loans => View all the loans provided by Bank. Close Loans => Close loan after the money is paid.
  13. 13.  Add Staff => Adds a staff to the Bank. Edit Staff => Edits existing staff. Search Staff => Searches the Staff. View all Staffs=> View all the staffs working in Bank. Remove staffs => Removes staffs from the Bank.
  14. 14. Limitations Networking is not done so can be used in a single machine. Deals with only Saving Account. Not supported by Latest Versions of XP.
  15. 15. Total Cost Effort Cost = Rs.4000 Software requirements =Rs.1000 Hardware Requirements =Rs.500 Internet Surfing = Rs.2000 Reference materials bought =Rs.5000 Transportation Cost =Rs.250 Communication Cost =Rs.200 Total= Rs. 12000/-
  16. 16.  To our project Supervisor Mr. Raju Pandey  The Department of Computer and Electronics All the Supporting Teachers in our Project