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New Zealand presentation


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This slide shares you all about studying in New Zealand as an international students. It is useful to education providers, agents, and students and parents.

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New Zealand presentation

  1. 1. New Zealand What Careers?
  2. 2. NMIT Campus Building
  3. 3. Growing Economy
  4. 4. Climate in Nelson
  5. 5. Gigatown Nelson
  6. 6. Work? Find it!
  7. 7. What Courses to Study in New Zealand? In Practical New Zealand, Everything is ‘APPLIED’ Study Applied Courses • Applied Technology • Applied Management • Applied Business • Applied Accounting • Cookery • Hospitality
  8. 8. Which Course Where in NZ? Normally, IT in Wellington Engineering in Christchurch Hospitality/HM in Queenstown Health/Nursing in Rotoroua Auckland: Jack of All, Nelson- Anything with Internships included course
  9. 9. 1 year work visa on graduation University Bachelor = min 3 years Master = 1-2 years NZ$24,000 per year Foundation Studies NZ$18,000 University vs Polytechnic/College 1 year work visa on graduation 1 year to complete Bachelor Degree NZ$24,000 1 year work visa on graduation 2 year Diploma NZ$18,500 per year Nepali students cannot start university in NZ until completing A-Levels. However you can start at BOPP directly from O-Levels At NZ university, you will not get your first full time work visa until you complete your degree. At any NZ PTEs under the supervision of NZQA you will get your first full time work visa after completing just 2 years of study! A bachelor student at university in NZ you can only get one work visa. At BOPP, you will be eligible for two work visas! Tuition fees for the first years of your bachelor degree are significantly lower at BOPP. While studying for your degree at BOPP, you will gain multiple qualifications at the same time, for no extra cost. By the time you graduate, you may already have 2 or 3 qualifications, and work experience.
  10. 10. • 3 weeks no work • 10 weeks 5 hours per week = $688 • 10 weeks 10 hours per week = $1,375 • 23 weeks 15 hours per week = $4,744 • 3 weeks vacation • 9 weeks 40 hours per week = 4,950 • Earnings of $11,757 (minimum wage) • - 19.5% • Possible earnings of NZ$10,640 Part time work. What you might earn…
  11. 11. Tuition Fees  Tuition Fees May Vary According to the Institutions:  NZ $ 14000 – 18000 per year for diploma courses (3-4 yrs )  NZ$ 16,000 - 21000 per year for Graduate Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma Courses (1-2yrs)
  12. 12. Living Expenses  Depends Upon the Island you choose  For Auckland:  Housing NZ$90 –NZ$120/week on shared apartment or unit  Food Expenses: NZD55/wk  Internet: NZ$25 (on shared basis)  Total NZ$200/week (only if you know how to be economical)  Other personal expenses are dependent on individual circumstances