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Little Red Riding Hood


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Little Red Riding Hood

  1. 1. Once upon a time in the middle of a thick forest stood a small cottage, the home of a pretty little girl.
  2. 2. She was known to everyone as Little Red Riding Hood.
  3. 3. She changed her clothes and quickly waved her mother goodbye at the garden gate, saying: "Grandma is ill, I need to hurry up.”
  4. 4.   Full of good intentions, the little girl made her way through the wood, but she was soon to forget her mother's wise words.
  5. 5. The wood became thicker and thicker. Suddenly she saw a wolf!
  6. 6. The wolf thought to himself, "What a tender young creature. What a nice plump mouthful, she must become my friend”.
  7. 7. …………………… ..and they lived happily ever after.