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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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  1. 1. Barbara E. Jarmula HW 420-02
  2. 2. Introduction The importance of mental fitness or mental well being is an essential component of physical wellness and psycho spiritual well being. A healthy mind in healthy body is an ancient but currently relevant tenet of positive health outcomes. Since the mind bestows upon us consciousness, the mind is the primary factor that needs to be trained and stabilized in order for the individual to reach optimal health through unity of consciousness. As Descartes said “I think, therefore I am”. Evidently since the mind is the cause of all things we need to focus on its well being in order to build a strong foundation of our well being. Thus the challenge of the century becomes: how do we train the mind in order to achieve complete psycho spiritual somatic well being? Love, wisdom, prayer, forgiveness, gratitude meditation and physical fitness are some ways that one can achieve positive health outcomes.
  3. 3. Love Never Fails! Love Never Ends! Love is one of the most powerful emotions that generates feelings which can have tremendous effect upon ones health. Research findings according to Dr. Dean Ornish reflect that emotional stress is a primary factor that causes heart disease. Mother Teresa the ultimate altruist understood that the greatest power in heaven and earth. Jeff Levin has also studied the relationship between love and health outcomes. He postulated that love has immense positive outcomes it strengthens the immune system , creates cardiac coherence and it gives one a state of deep peace and harmony.  Thus, cultivation of love , moreover its transmission as a salutogenic agent can have a tremendous influence on mental stability and well being. Supreme love is the answer to all psychological and social ills. As demonstrated by Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul and the currently l4th Dalai Lama.
  4. 4. Knowledge Is Power! The cultivation of wisdom is the ultimate factor that will achieve mental stability and will give one the ability to intentionally make the correct choices. Therefore empowering one to be constantly on the right side of things. God has total wisdoms and total awareness. This the is reason God is only good. We can partake in this divine experience only though the gate of wisdom. Roger Walsh essay on the cultivation of wisdom and spirituality is essential in achieving happiness and understanding of the world surrounding us. Ultimately, wisdom is the portal to enlightenment and unity of consciousness.
  5. 5. Prayer Is Calling God! Divine intervention and connection through prayer works as following: prayer is us calling us, whereas intuition is God responding to us. Empirical research is documenting the influence that prayer has upon healing and well being. According to Jeff Levin‘s theosomatic medicine religion has a significant impact in healing and well being. Larry Dossey has also postulated that prayer and religious devotion are associated with positive health outcomes. Indeed transcending all religions Dossey has concluded that prayer is the communication with “the Absolute.” Thus through prayer and our mind we have the ultimate power to connect and communicate with the ultimate being and achieve unity of consciousness.
  6. 6. Mentality Is Destiny As my favorite doctor, Dr. Pert says: “the mind is the body and the body is the mind.” I definitely concur we are a reflection of our thoughts, our physiognomy as well as our physical structure. One way of achieving the mental stability and tranquility necessary for integral health is through meditation like the subtle mind exercise and my favorite visual imagery.
  7. 7. The Subtle Mind: Taming a Busy Mind According to Dacher psycho spiritual development can be achieved only through contemplative practice. To achieve stillness of mind or calm abiding one needs to breathe correctly. This exercise is to be done 15 to 30 minutes daily. Through calm abiding wisdom replaces confusion and there fore unity of consciousness is achieved. This eliminates mental distresses and ensures mental harmony and well being.
  8. 8. Imagination Is Transformation If you can see it , you can achieve it. This is one of my personal mottos. I am trying hard to use mental imagery in conjunction with meditation to achieve ultimate tranquility and positive health as well as wealth outcomes. Following the research of Jeanne Achtenberg, I came to the conclusion that preverbal imagery has a profound effect on altering the physiological well being. For example, I am always try to instill in the psyche and subconscious through the conscious mind the image of health, beauty and wealth. Impress the subconsciousness with imagery is my ultimate goal. If I can achieve this I will be in total control of my mind and thoughts. Thoughts that will ultimately manifest as I have envisioned them.
  9. 9. Conclusion Ultimately, it is clear and evident that we cannot achieve integral health without controlling the mind and enforcing upon the mind an inner perception of reality that reflects are true nature of divine cosmic creatures. Wisdom and total awareness are the only paths to spiritual enlightenment and freedom from mental and external stimuli slavery. Thus training our mind through the cultivation of wisdom, love, forgiveness and gratitude is a solid path to achieving unity of consciousness and universal wisdom. Thus my new motto is : “In God We Trust, In Mind We Trust.”
  10. 10. References Dacher, E. S. (2006). Integral health: The path to human flourishing. Laguna Beach, CA: Basic Health Publications. Schlitz, M., Amorok, T., Micozzi, M. S., (2005). Consciousness & healing. St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier Churchill Livingstone.