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IGNITE OpenSocial 2.0 - Viva La OpenAppRevolution!


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Slides of my IGNITE talk about OpenSocial 2.0 from the Google Developer Day 2011 in Berlin

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IGNITE OpenSocial 2.0 - Viva La OpenAppRevolution!

  1. 1. OpenSocial 2.0Viva la Open App Revolution Bastian Hofmann
  2. 2.
  3. 3. I. A set of APIs to access the social graph of users
  4. 4. II. A specification for including 3rd party applications (gadgets) into social services
  5. 5. Container HTTP GET Gadget xml=....
  6. 6. Container HTML Page with OpenSocial Gadget JavaScript API
  7. 7. Container Ajax Requests to API Gadget
  8. 8. Gadget Gadget Backend Ajax
  9. 9. Same Origin Policy
  10. 10. Container Ajax Gadget Gadget Backend
  11. 11. Container Ajax HTTP Owner ID Viewer ID Gadget OAuth Signature Gadget Backend
  12. 12. h"p://twi""ps://"p://"p://