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Chap 7 presentation


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The Respiratoray System

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Chap 7 presentation

  2. 2. Ventolin Ventolin also known as Albuterol is used to prevent and treat wheezing, difficulty breathing and chest tightness cause by lung diseases as Asthma. Is classified under Bronchodilators. Benefit It helps patient by relaxing and opening their air passages to the lungs in order to make breathing easier.
  3. 3.  This medication comes in form of tablet or syrup. It may help control symptoms but will not cure the condition i.e. Asthma It may be prescribed for other uses beside Asthma.
  4. 4. Side Effects of VentolinNervousness; shakiness; dizziness; headache;uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body; musclecramps; excessive motion or activity; sudden changein mood; nosebleed; nausea; increased or decreasedappetite; difficulty falling asleep or staying asleepand pale skin.
  5. 5. Serious Side Effects Call the doctor right away if these are experience: Fast, pounding, or irregular heartbeat Chest Pain Fever Blisters or Rash Hives Itching Swelling of the face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs Increased difficulty breathing Difficulty swallowing Hoarseness.
  6. 6. Storage Keep in original container, close tightly and keep out of reach of children. Store in room temperature (not in bathroom), away from excess heat and moisture.
  7. 7. Flonase Flonase also known as Fluticasone Nasal Spray is categorized under Corticosteroids. It is used to treat seasonal allergic rhinitis or year round nonallergic rhinitis. Benefit It prevents and decreases inflammation in the nose.Symptoms include: sneezing and stuffy, runny, or itchy nose.
  8. 8.  This medication comes in form of liquid to spray in the nose. It controls the symptoms but does not cure the condition. Symptoms will not improve until 12 hours after first usage. It may take several days or longer to feel the full benefit of the medication. Each bottle is to provide 120 sprays and after this has been reached the bottle should be throw away
  9. 9. Side Effects of FlonaseHeadache; nosebleed; burning or irritation in thenose; runny nose; bloody mucus in the nose; cough;nausea; vomiting; stomach pain; diarrhea anddizziness.
  10. 10. Serious Side Effects Call the doctor right away if you experience these: Painful white patches in nose or throat Flu-like symptoms Sore throat Vision problems Injury to nose New or increased acne Easy bruising Enlarged face and neck Extreme tiredness Muscle weakness Irregular menstruation Hives Rash Itching Swelling of the face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs Hoarseness Difficulty breathing or swallowing Wheezing
  11. 11. Robitussin Also known as Guaifenesin is classified under Expectorant. It is used to relieve chest congestion Benefit: It works by thinning the mucus in the air passages to make it easier to cough up and clear the airways.
  12. 12.  This medicine may help control symptoms but does not treat or speed recovery. It comes in form of tablet, capsule, dissolving granules, and syrup. It also comes alone and in combination with antihistamine, cough suppressants, and decongestants. Follow directions on package carefully. Currently, there is a FDA warning on this medication.
  13. 13. Side Effects Headache Nausea Vomiting Storage: Keep in the original container and close tightly. Store in room temperature away from excess heat and moisture (not in the bathroom).
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